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This story is a sequel to They're... ON HOLIDAY?

Ayyyy, featured despite the sequel curse on 16.10.2023! Can we keep the last spot in the box? What's in the box? Why is the box?
EDIT: Added a character cheat sheet on the bottom.

Updates: Weekly-ish

Six years have passed since the Canterlot invasion. While the relationship between the Changeling Hive and Equestria is warmer than ever, the relationship between the deadly tunnels under the Badlands and the small, mostly defenseless changeling drones who live there isn't.
However, thanks to the knowledge granted in the recent years by a mysterious "smart box", and the guidance of drone veterans who survived under the "old rules", the post-Canterlot "new rules", and the terrifying "shippy time", fewer and fewer drones perish daily while mining materials for the hive's day to day operations.
Fewer, though, still means far from zero, and there are those among the drones who are doing all they can to finally transform the underground from fatal threat to something the drones deserve - not just a place to hide, but a true home. With copious amounts of goop, unstoppable curiosity, copyrighted board game, and a blessing from High Score, there's no way they'll fail, or at least not for long.
Drones know that everything is a trade and life is just a price. Unfortunately, sometimes there are near-invisible asterisks.


--High Ranks--
Chrysalis - no need to explain.
99 - a classless changeling. You figure out her rank on your own.
156 - current highest rank infiltrator. She and 387 might be an item.
387 - current highest rank warrior. There's nothing special about him.
2119, 3012 - unlucky top floor guards
10000/10k - drone leader
20100 - a drone supposedly out on a mission for the hive. Painter, the worst nightmare of casinos
57999 - the closest Ds have to a doctor, grows plants in a greenhouse
65536 - a drone living in Canterlot, a Nightguard. Sort of Luna's adopted kid.
99380 - hive mind manipulation specialist, that might be a curse.
99111 - mechanist, tinkerer. Engineer would be too... successful.
99856 - alchemist
99200 - explorer/survivalist
99012, 99066, 99971 - quicktrotters
99911, 99158, 99112 - drone crisis response team
99999 - a drone.
Smiley - a Silent who surived long enough to gain some mental capacity. Can't talk.
Gloom, Night Hunter - Canterlot Nightguards

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This story is a sequel to Eclipse

Page needs a vacation.

He's not getting a vacation.

What he does get, is... how do they put it? Brand new exciting opportunities.
He never wanted to be a Prince, nor to rule. But he's stuck with the job, which means having ponies relying on him.
So he's doing his best.
Which would be fine, except ponies seem happy to keep finding brand new ways to make it harder for him.

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This story is a sequel to A Pony Displaced: Another Path

Many years ago, Magic Barrier lost countless ponies that he held dear to Sombra's madness and his dark powers. Some years later, he lost the few ponies he still had to hold dear when Princess Luna fell to her inner darkness, Nightmare Moon and was banished for one-thousand years... taking him with her.

Now, a thousand years later, Nightmare Moon has been defeated and Barrier returned to Equestria a thousand years out of place. To top that off, Sombra was eventually defeated as well and with his defeat returned both the Crystal Empire and some of the most important ponies in Barrier's life. Ponies that Barrier had long since written off as lost.

Now, with their Captain guiding them, the recently returned group has to try and find their place in the madness that is modern Equestria, overcome what was lost, and hopefully find a new way that will help cement to them that they're not as displaced as they seem.

I imagine some of you have waited long and hard for this sequel to release. There are some of you who may have been there since the beginning of my stint as a fanfiction author, where I promised -and failed- to deliver a sequel to my first story, A Pony Displaced.

I am saddened to say that I have failed you once again with this sequel... but someone has risen to pick up after me, for the sake of those waiting for this sequel, and my own.

Those of you who follow my blog already know this, but Alticron, my co-writer/editor/proofreader/idea wall/friend is going to try and see the story to completion, after I suffered another writing burnout due in part to personal problems.

As I stated in my blog, I have the utmost faith in him and his abilities to see this story through to the end, and hope you will all enjoy his writing as much as I do.

As always, I cannot state how thankful I -and Alticron- are to Chaos Phantasm, DE_K,ChasingResonance and CanadianPony for being the editors, proofreaders, and idea-walls who made this story what it is.

If you wish to see the Dramatis Personae, click here.

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This story is a sequel to Left Behind

After defeating the Broken Pony, Nightmare Moon is finally free to begin her plans to retake Equestria and restore it to its former glory. However, she is haunted by the ill portents she had been given and searches for signs of her sisters' fragments or the coming of any new alicorns.

On top of this, the king impedes the alicorn's work at every turn and tries to be rid of her just as frequently. So many things happening all at once and spiraling towards the doom the 'leftover tool' warned her about, but Nightmare Moon is determined. No creature will stop her goal, not even the dregs of Equestria's destroyers from so long ago.

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This story is a sequel to Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 5

Now that the time travel shenanigans are finally over... maybe. Twilight, Rahs, and Spike can get on with their day to day and break in their new roomies properly, while keeping Starlight and Tempest from killing each other.
Or keep everyone from making bets about it.

Still this years not going to be any less annoying, with newborns, changes in dragon lord leadership, cutie mark crusades, Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie, Discord, of course, Fluttershy's brother, the battle for Rahs heating up between the six, Ogres and Oubliettes games gone mad, a massive prank war, the return of Daring Doo, added on top of the prophecy not having happened yet, and the Sparkles will again find themselves in the middle of everything.

As usual the lewd warning goes here cause of some situations and Cadence. I don't want to use the sex tag cause there isn't any and people might get confused by the current cover art.

Coverart by Marking

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A well-led life runs into an end. If that was it, it would have been fine, but the forces of the universe were not content, finding another purpose, or perhaps reward, for this being in another world entirely. May she shine gently.

Key words: Human in Equestria, Human to Pony(but it's basically the start point), Transgender

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In the year 2221 on January 10th, Celestia has come to Luna with a mission package, one she believes is necessary to keep the country safe. Opposing forces have been building up new technology and Celestia worries that they finally may have come to the point where new technology can match the power of the ancient alicorns. However, the relationship between Celestia and her family members has been rocky as of late. She only hopes that their differences can be put aside for the sake of the nation.

An entry in Imposing Sovereigns IV, using the prompt Celestia / Strength.

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This story is a sequel to Beginning Anew

Prince Mark Wells' interdimensional business with Earth is expanding into new locations, and those require managers with knowledge of the existence of the magical nation of Equestria. Several men and women are selected and introduced to the new world and each must learn how to cope in their own ways with the culture shock.

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This story is a sequel to Closing the Barn Door

Two vaults with two experiments. One set the ponies out on their own, forming a tribal group. One kept them close, creating a vault-dweller herd of ponies. But there's still one more to be seen. How were they treated and what did they form?

Let's bring this story to a close(?) with the ongoing adventures of our mane character, Buttercup, the robotic companion horse designed to serve at a child's side, even in the wasteland.

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"Sweetie, Are ya okay? Ah took a medical kit if ya need help?" Apple Bloom said as Sweetie kept totally still, the pair in front of her making no move to enter the small cave.

"Please do not harm this unit." The voice was distorted, damage to the vocal box giving a metallic tang to the request. Both Bloom and subject 2 jumped back from the entrance, their eyes wide at the distorted voice.

"S-Sweetie?" Apple Bloom stammered, reaching for the shotgun strapped to her barrel. Sweetie pressed herself a little deeper into her hiding place.

>Updating survival odds: 37%

"Please do not harm this unit." Sweetie tried again, various subsystems starting to simulate the most optimal way to fight in her current state.

"H-Hey Sweetie, t-that's you, right?" subject two asked, sounding even more terrified than Apple Bloom.


A small Sweetie Bot story I had in the back of my mind and have occasionally dotted down things for for the last 9 months. Hopefully a fun read!

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Now with physical book print!

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