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It seemed like a good idea at the time; I was somewhat dead for one thing. She was offering... that was another thing.

Now I'm stuck with her for as long as we're in this thing together... until my task is complete and until she claims my soul for good.

I've still to work out whether that is still a good idea or not... considering who she is.

Author's Notes: Welcome to a new thing. I totally did not rip the general idea from Black Butler... honest. Except that it'll (hopefully) be done better in this... which isn't going to be hard honestly.

As long as I finish it anyway...

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Promise of a New Day

Story three of Savage Skies:
All sorts of things are brewing in the pegasus city of Cloudsdale, which is a problem for Ponyville as the one thing that isn't is a rainstorm. As the drought continues to drag on, Rainbow Dash must confront her hometown and its history, as well as her own history. But she won't do it alone, which is good, because she'll need all the help she can get.

Series starts with Foal of the Forest.
Now with a TV Tropes page.

Chapters (22)

Dawn is a girl who lived (and died, who knows) in the world of K̡̘̱̰͓̣̮̣ïͬ̇͛̔͛̌҉̭̲͈m͔͍̣̖̝̏͋y̶̎̃ͮ̈́ō̋ṅ̹ͮ̎̈͊̊͠a̙͕̣̺͎̹͓ͬ̊̿ͩ̚ ͈̽̋̈́ṃ̶̣͕̺̹ͬͭa̡͇͔ͪ̒ͨ̂hͥͣͩ̔ͣ͘ṓ̯̹̭̣͒ͨ.

When for some unknown reason, she gets tossed into the world of Equestria, where she is only 'increasingly above average' in terms of magic, when she held a monoply on the title of strongest. AND, what's worst is the fact that chai tea is not a THING here.
Pretty sure she hates her life now.
....Do you think anyone will notice if she causes a little chaos?

A great sage gone rouge. A fateful encounter with her assassin. And a purple pony.
Two of them, to be exact.
What could go wrong?

Teen rating for mild violence and speech.

Kimyōna mahō, (奇妙な魔法), is Japanese for 'Strange Magic from Another' I felt it was fitting.

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A Displaced story.

How would you feel, I wonder, if your reality was torn out from under you, to have your life stripped away in the strangest of circumstances, and thrust into a world you have no understanding of, with no way to get home. Now living the life of a star spirit, who without starlight, you simply cease to exist until the next night brings you back.

How would you cope, if you were only ten years old at the time?

For our young heroine, the answer was simple. She didn't.

Her name is now Mare, and she wants to be left alone.

The character Mare is from the Visual Novel Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star, But is unlikely to contain any elements from there apart from the appearance, abilities and some mannerisms of the character Mare, so prior knowledge is unnecessary, and even mildly discouraged, as I will not be entirely faithful to the source material, and most things will be explained in the story.

To save time, rather than putting this on individual chapters, I'll just say that This story has been edited by m2pt5, and probably will be for the foreseeable future, and is much better off for it.

Chapters (17)

Edwin Shell is a human come to Equestria after his violent, early demise. He wakes up in a strange land in an even stranger body, finding colorful creatures that call themselves "ponies". He soon finds himself in a centuries standing power struggle between the Numbereds, the ancient race that has guarded Equestria since time immemorial, and the Angelics, who are countless and seek total annihilation of civilized life. Can Edwin find a way into this strange world, or will he be killed before he has a chance?

Chapters (66)

The Doctor's eleventh regeneration has given him a new persona and pegasus wings. As his TARDIS lands in a panicked Ponyville, The Doctor must help Twilight Sparkle and her friends investigate why the sky is falling over equestria.

The first episode of an entire season of Doctor Whooves. Episodes will be posted in four chapter segments with a link to the next episode at the end of the fourth chapter.

(Do to changes in the up coming chapters the Dark and gore tags have been removed)

Chapters (5)

The Doctor and his companions go on an adventure to the far future to the distant Lunar Republic. but the longer they stay the more things are not as they seem. from a dying apple orchard to an old foe that refuses to act the way it should.

It's a grand mystery down in Luna's republic, and something is very wrong. Can the Doctor and the mane six save the city before time runs out, or will this mystery be the death of them of all?

Episode 1: The Hour Of Twilight.

Chapters (6)

When a young Scootaloo is foal-napped from her home, the last thing she expect was for her captors to offer her a free education. More unexpected were the subjects being taught. The 'High Educator of Rogue Dignitaries' was hardly a regular school after all. But despite her predisposition for causing chaos, Scootaloo isn't exactly happy about having the life of a villain forced upon her. She is even more unhappy about not being able to leave for the next 6 years. Luckily breaking the rules is one of her specialities.

Crossover AU based on the H.I.V.E. series by Mark Walden.

Chapters (6)

A young thestral mare called Flicker (or Fliffy by her closest friends) ran away into a nearby forest trying to get away from the town bullies. Her friends manage to track her towards a ruined temple. Her and her friends find some interesting items in the rubble of the "temple." Soon afterwords a mysterious figure arrives in their town asking for them. What could this figure want? What are these items? And why don't they come off?

Chapters (6)