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A human, having suffered due to the mysterious means of his transmission from one world to another, is stuck in bed recovering from his injures. While a little alarmed to find that the one looking after him is not human herself, he can't do much about it.

It helps that - as he finds - she's also rather good company.

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When he was ten years old, Peter Falwell was found by Princess Celestia and her newest student, Twilight Sparkle. Without a home to turn to, Peter was taken in by the princess and looked after him like her child. Over the year that Peter spent in the land of Equestria, he and Twilight became close friends.

Upon returning to his home world, inspired by the culinary experts that prepared the best foods for Celestia and Peter, he sets forth on a dream to become a chef and open his own restaurant.

As a young adult, Peter saves enough for a down payment to develop his own restaurant in New York City. However, as he travels up to the Big Apple, fate pulls its strings and returns Peter back to Equestria. Upon reuniting with him, Twilight and Celestia do all that they can to help Peter continue his dream and open a restaurant in Twilight's hometown of Ponyville.


My next shot at a slice-of-lifey story. Set in a time where Twilight has not yet (and probably won't) become an alicorn. I'm also writing this when I'm not writing my Attack on Titan crossover, so if updates seem slow, I apologize in advance. Inspired by the song My Dearest by Supercell

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The gods must have a strange sense of humor. Without even bothering to consult me, they sent me from Earth to Equestria, and changed me into a Spirit with no identity of my own. In order to find out who, and what I am, I'll have to meet with a cast of crazy ponies, but will end up finding my place in the multiverse.
(In later chapters will contain light M/M shipping, so if you don't like that kind of thing, don't read it.)

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It has been said that everyone deserves a second chance. It could be a decision made, a choice to make, or even to live again. Usually the last one is literal in the sense of having only one life to live. Unless you're one of the rare, lucky people who get a chance to live another life. I happened to be one of those few lucky people to be reborn again. Oddly enough, it happened on a Tuesday, a day that was going to be a normal, boring day. As to why I was picked... well, you just have to sit back and listen as I tell you my story of being born into a different life from the one before. Ah, before I get to far, I wish to thank daughterdragon for letting me use their pic as a cover for my story. You're awesome like that.

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This story is a sequel to Lessons From Ponyville Elementary

A spin off/sequel to 'My Family and Other Equestrians'

Having being turned into a pegasus, courtesy of Discord, Lizzie now has her first real job in Equestria as a Patrol Officer in Ponyville's local Weather Patrol under Rainbow Dash. Follow her and her fellow squad mates, as well as a colourful cast of friends and enemies as she deals with rain, sleet, snow, dead of night, and even the occasional love interest. Not to mention balancing it all with a small zoo's worth of animals at home and one very overprotective older brother.

Set during Season 6. Takes place after 'Tales From Day Court' and 'Lessons From Ponyville Elementary'

Updated every Friday.

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This story is a sequel to Stranger in the Forest

It is winter in Equestria, and Hearth's Warming is just around the corner. But this year it will be different, as Ponyville's unique visitor has his own plans to liven up the holidays.


A non canon one shot for the holidays that didn't quite make it for Christmas. Enjoy. :twilightsmile:
Cover image from here: https://yy6242.deviantart.com/art/Santa-Reinhardt-648405846

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Discord hasn't been feeling himself lately. Rarity thinks that it might be a good idea to get his mind off of things by having him assist her with upcoming work for the Summer Sun Celebration. Being the good sport that he is, Big Mac helps Discord out.

As it turns out, the project is surprisingly fun.
It's also more than a little painful.

Rated "Highly Recommended" by Present Perfect.

Now featured on Equestria Daily!

Now part of the Royal Canterlot Library (11/24/17)

Thanks to Door Belle, Garnot, Solocitizen and GeneralLiberator for their help.

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This story is a sequel to Tales From Day Court

A spin off/sequel to 'My Family and Other Equestrians'.

Living in Equestria with the rest of her family, Margaret has taken up a job at Ponyville's schoolhouse. Working alongside Cheerilee, she returns to the familiar life of maths lessons, spelling tests, exams, lovable students, and dealing with insufferable helicopter parents. But this is Equestria, and that means more than the odd spanner in the works from time to time. Join this semi-retired teacher, pulled back into the work she loves, as she gets to grips with cutie marks, magic lessons, and the general chaos that is the life of an Equestrian schoolteacher.

Set during Season 5 and runs parallel to 'Tales From Day Court'.

Updated every Friday

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This story is a sequel to Consequences

Flying is a lot like life. Keep beating your wings and hope not to hit something at terminal velocity. Being an Alicorn doesn’t make it any easier.

Especially when you are trying your best to keep it hidden.

Since the defeat of Tirek, Blank Page has been trying his best to keep his sudden case of Alicorn hidden from the general public.

Because honestly, who would want that much responsibility?

Coverart by Sipioc

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This story is a sequel to Rise of the Elements Part I: The Lost Element

Ancient beings of long since past are returning, but for good or ill? Where once the world made sense and peace flourished, will it all fall apart? Against the very tide of existence itself, who can stand against it? Perhaps when the powers that be assemble, peace will prevail...or it will fall forever.

A/N: A note to my readers: this is technically a harem fic, but there will be NO lemons in it. The story will instead focus on the connections the characters share, as well as some other things later that I will leave to you to discover.

Rated T for violence, language, use of alcohol, and some mild suggestive references.

Featured 04/26/2015!

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