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The Titan's Orb is a magical stone created by the Titans of Harmony to protect Equestria from other worlds.
Due to an unexpected event, the orb is lost, and is transported to the human world, Planet Earth, where it shatters into six shards upon entry and is scattered across the world.
The Mane Six are ordered by Princess Celestia to retrieve it at once, as not only Equestria, but all of Equus, is in grave danger without it.

Meanwhile, on Earth, there lives a boy named Callum, who lives an unfortunate life with his abusive family.
One day, he notices a strange blue object in the clouds, and as the day goes on he starts finding more strange goings on around his house.
He is soon to find that the beloved characters from his favourite T.V show, are not as fictional as he thought.
He is soon to go on the greatest adventure on Earth, along with his new found friends, he embarks on a quest, a quest to find The Titan's Orb.

Chapters (32)