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Peter Collins. Full-time copy clerk; part-time competitive shooter and sketch artist. Not the most glorious life, but for an independent 26-year-old looking to make his way up the corporate ladder, it's not a bad start.

But the thing about one-in-a-million chances is that somebody has to be that one. And Pete has just found himself the winner of a bizarre cosmic lottery, giving him a free one-way trip into a land of magic and wonder: Equestria.

Unfortunately, the locals are skittish, distrustful of anything not their own, and outright terrified of whatever might be threatening to them. And with no way to speak to or understand them, what might have been a trip through paradise becomes a journey through a living hell, where the simplest of misunderstandings can bring the most dire of consequences. Alone, confused and desperate, Peter wages a one-man battle to escape a land seemingly out to get him, searching for a way back home, while the forces that protect this magical nation- ignorant of his goals and terrified that he may be a threat- do all they can to capture him.

How far can fear push us apart, what can it push us to do, when communication is impossible?


Partial rewrite finished. See this blog post for details.


Rated Teen for language and violence. This story was inspired in part by A Voice Among the Strangers by Tystarr, as well as Over the Edge and Through the Wood by JarOfHearts. Cover art graciously provided by the talented Sonson-Sensei! Also look here for the original cover art provided by Armalite.

Now with its own TV Tropes page due to the heroic efforts of redandready45.

Chapters (35)

Ace was a street magician with a lucky streak. His luck was legendary among casino owners and fellow magicians. Any risky trick would succeed flawlessly and any gamble would pay off for him.

After performing his greatest and final trick he is brought face to face with the entity responsible for his incredible luck. The goddess of fortune herself. Lady Luck.

She offers him a deal. To become her champion, her Wild Card, and go to Equestria to spread luck among those who need it the most. So he finds himself in a magical land, in a new form, and ready for anything that comes at him. To a reasonable degree.

(Part of the Chess Game of the Gods universe created by Rust and BlackWing)
(Cover art by Grusborg on deviantART)

Chapters (61)

This story is a sequel to Principal Noses and Ancient Roses

Baked Bean, fresh off his victory over the sirens at Canterlot High, is now eagerly preparing for the arrival of his first child with his beloved Princess Celestia while still attempting to perform his royal duties.

But old foes still lurk in the shadows, and Celestia's pregnancy may offer a few unique challenges as well. It will take everything Baked Bean can give to endure the coming storm...

Or maybe he just needs to provide Celestia with a deep-fried pickle covered in chocolate sauce and smothered in sauerkraut.

Zen and Ponies

Cover Art:
Bean In the Oven by Sipioc

Chapters (15)

Spike shows up on Fluttershy's doorstep at the crack of dawn, professing heartbreak and asking for a shoulder to cry on. Fluttershy does as every pony should: she makes him a pot of tea, and sends him off to bed.

This is the story of where that takes them.

Updates are gonna be weird, I blame meds.

Updates slightly more regular, hopefully it keeps up.

Cover art gratefully borrowed from Airy, over on Tumblr. Give a peek for more cuties :twilightsmile:

Featured briefly on 12/22/16! Thanks all, for the wonderful Christmas gift!
Featured briefly every time I actually update! You guys have no idea how happy that makes me, thank you so much! :twilightblush: :yay:

Chapters (33)

Displeased with her tutelage under the princess of the sun, Sunset Shimmer leaves through a mirror deep within the vaults of Canterlot. With her trusty companion Philomena by her side, Sunset steps into a new world. But not the one the book said it would be. A small calibration error will leave two worlds of magic irrevocably changed.

A crossover with the Harry Potter books and a Sunset in Hogwarts story.

Now with editing courtesy of Rainbow Sparkle

Chapters (73)

What if Discord had not been turned to stone by the Mane 6? What if he had escaped?
It is three years later and the Mane 6 have moved on with their lives, all except Fluttershy, who cannot get the draconequus out of her mind. The others are happy in their new and comfortable lives, until their enemy returns and will only relieve Equestria of his havoc in exchange for a bride.

This has been adapted into an audio series.

Also, here's a dramatic reading by Pablo Didonna, and one by 666HellGirl1

Cover Art by Nstone53

French: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Une-Mariee-pour-Discord-La-fuite-440318295
Spanish: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10203187/1/La-Novia-de-Discord

*Bronyland Pony Awards Nominee 2013

Chapters (18)

After a run in with a spell gone wrong that involved Twilight Sparkle, vampire fruit bats, a lot of staring, and then resulted in an unfortunate apple massacre, Fluttershy thought her life had returned to normal after Twilight successfully removed the spell’s effects.

That was until she started waking up in the middle of the night with the odd cravings for apples.

What started as just mild attacks of the midnight munchies soon became frequent late night excursions to the Apple family orchards, with only hazy memories and the lingering taste of apples left when Fluttershy awoke to find herself near or sometimes even in the branches of an apple tree.

Unless she can find a way to control the unwelcome urge to gorge herself on the ripe, red fruits, one of her best kept secrets is bound to be discovered.

PaulAsaran was kind enough to do a review for my story.

Chapters (4)

Luna is invited to visit Sweet Apple Acres by Big McIntosh. As they tour the newly created bat sanctuary, the subject of a mysterious new animal visiting the orchard comes up. Luna decides she would like to see the creature for herself. Luna sends one of her guards to look for the creature on his own while she and McIntosh search another part of the grove. The guard finds the creature, but it turns out to be anything but what he was expecting.

Written as part of Equestria Daily's Writers Training Grounds event.

Chapters (10)

Twilight wakes up after a failed experiment and quickly discovers just what that failure did to her.

Will she be able to function in her new form long enough to find the counter spell, or will she go crazy before she gets the opportunity?

Can she handle being a carnivore in a town of herbivores?

What happens when a pack of Timberwolves comes, driving her to an ultimate decision?

5/11/2014 -Featured!

Chapters (30)

Following the return of the Crystal Empire, Twilight begins some intensive research into the history of the Empire and its late king. Modern historians know next to nothing about the enigmatic dark mage. Who was he? Did he have family? Loved ones?

The answers to those questions changes everything the Element of Magic knows about herself, and in doing so catches the attention of a shadow that yet clings to the frailty of life...

Cover art made by Skijarama!
Reading can be found here.
Edited by RC2101_Copey.
Featured on 20/10/2018.

Chapters (31)
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