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Years before six brave mares faced off against a returned Nightmare Moon, a young mare by the name of Sauer Kraut lived on her family’s farm in the Mysterious South at the foot of Macintosh Hills.

Her biggest issues in life were the constant search for new challenges and projects as well as her family's unenthused reactions to them. But was it really her fault that nopony got the brilliance behind her ideas?

However, her entire life got turned upside down the day a patrol of the Southern Equestrian Legion shot down a mysterious creature flying right overhead.

Big thank you to Recon777, Alcatraz, Civviq Writer, Silver Lighnen, Turning Gears,
Iryerris and last but not least KeyframeProductions for advise, brainstorming and proof reading!

Chapters (2)

Celestia: a filly of twelve. A cynical, hungry pauper, with a young sister to protect and feed.

But the food has run out. Winter has gripped the land for too long, and now the pair face starvation.

The cynic in Celestia knows she can't move the sun. But the child in her wonders... and so she tries.

(Inspired by the Donovan song of the same name.)

(Now with a dramatic reading here, by Crafty Arts, and here, by KeyframeProductions.)

(Now with a Spanish translation here.)

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash can't wait to start the awesome day she has planned for her and Applejack. She's so eager she's already parked herself right outside the Acres, bright and early.

But geeze, what's taking AJ so long?

Chapters (1)

Set in the 'Youngverse'

King Terra and Queen Aeterna hire a new nanny for their daughters Luna and Celestia after the lastest nanny angrily humbly quits her position after a series of pranks by the two siblings. (Once again being instigated by Celestia).

When they meet her, Luna instantly takes a liking to her. However, Celestia isn't so keen on the idea... and tries to deter the new nanny away from her post.

... with backfiring results.

Big thanks to DVAN56 and bocaj518 for pre-reading.

Cover art taken from this fantastic comic by the awesome greviousfan, go give her some love!

Chapters (1)
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