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I'm an irritating fangirl who also writes. A lot of my stuff is sad. I am sometimes overly sex-positive, so if you are sex-negative, I might have called you an elitist taint jockey. Sorry about that.

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Scootaloo and Rumble head out from town one night, and head north. To the north, there are hills nopony every goes to. They'll be alone, in the dark stretch of land no one bothered to explore.

An attempt in minimalism.

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Cranky had a plan to make Matilda's Hearts and Hooves Day the best day of her life. Instead, he's in jail for (allegedly) running over Pinkie Pie with his cart.

This is his story.

A last minute entry for the Outside/Insight Equestria Daily Contest.... in which it placed 7th!

Edited by Dash the Stampede

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Twilight, Applejack, and Rarity have a sleepover. Certain uncomfortable secrets come to light.

Thanks to Einhander and Exuno for their help.

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After a recent cluster of calamities cursing her farm, Applejack's livelihood stands on the brink of financial ruin. Desperate, she asks Twilight Sparkle for a loan to keep Sweet Apple Acres running.

But when Twilight's unexpected answer inadvertently causes the two mares to butt heads, the stalemate threatens not only Ponyville's food supply but also their friendship.

With the two obstinate mares sticking to their principles come Tartarus or tidal surges, can Pinkie Pie bridge their ideological gap and save Applejack's farm?

Chapters (2)

When Rainbow Dash receives a package from her grandfather, she discovers an artifact of immense power and potential. An artifact that holds dominion over the very destiny of each and every pony's threads of fate. In the wrong hooves, it could be dangerous, catastrophic even.

Naturally, she abuses it.

Edited by Garnot, Between Lines, Cooopercrisp, Seether00, Don't Look At My Name Bro, and MerlosTheMad.

Preread by Skeeter The Lurker.

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Applejack has been thinking long and hard about Twilight. It's gotten to the point that she feels there could be something more to her thoughts. Eventually, she tries her luck and asks her out.

What she wasn't prepared for, however, was the whirlwind of events that would take place afterwards. Both for better and for worse.

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Life isn't fair when you're a teenage pony. Your sister forces you to host a sleepover for your most hated enemy. Your father browbeats you into trying to 'make friends' with the bully that makes your life hell.

At least Diamond Tiara has Silver Spoon, for support. And Sweetie Belle has friends like Apple Bloom and Scootaloo. They bring support, both moral and alcoholic.

The punch is spiked. Tongues are being held. Ponies are on edge. All this sleepover needs is a spark to break the fragile truce between two fillies who will never, ever be friends.

Never ever . . .

(notes and minor spoilers further down)

(Written and developed in the same 'Universe' as Einhander's story, Royals. Story takes place after the events of Royals. Reading previous story recommended, not required. Original idea developed from FrostMane.

Marked sex for teenage sexual content. Marked teen for teenage content. Teen teen teenage teen. It's a coming-of-age story with a first kiss and some underage alcohol. Diamond is from this picture, with some small alterations. The whole pic is a composite of Google images, so I didn't add all the source URLs. If I used your art, and you want a credit, I'll add one.)

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A traitorous spy who can freeze time. An amoral archaeologist with a dangerous past. A cloudheaded Wonderbolt who wants to be a hero. A secretary in way over her head. Leading them all into the depths of the changeling hive is Princess Luna. Their mission: to capture Queen Chrysalis and bring her to justice. There will be no support, and no going back. And none of them are prepared for what they'll find.

The changelings have a past deeper and darker than anypony imagined. And so does Chrysalis.

Reviewed by Seattle's Angels June 10th, 2014.

This story was created with the help of Einhander, Auramane, Benny, Cola_Bubble_Gum, and Guy_Incognito.

Credit for the lovely cover art goes, of course, to 2315D.

This story takes place between the Changeling Invasion of Canterlot and the reappearance of the Crystal Empire. It takes basically no cues from the IDW comics. If you consider those canon, this should be considered AU. (Update: for obvious reasons, the canon has moved on from where it was when this story started, so the point is moot.)

Chapters (13)

Princess Twilight is overwhelmed. Too much to do, not enough time. And on top of everything else, she's started to dream of a strange creature. The settings change, as do the outfits he wears. But it's always the same smooth voiced 'human', whatever that is. He has some good advice on life and finding happiness, if you can get past the smirk.

And he says his name is George Clooney.

Non mature FB 4/14-4/15

(Happy One Year anniversary, Fimfic. This is the weirdest thing I've ever written. Also, the only HiE story I will ever write. Good luck.)

(Also, note: rated 'everyone' but again, it's PG. Contains Alcohol and Adult Conversations).
(Pre-read in parts by Cola Bubble Gum, passed the Skeeter the Lurker 'pfft' test.)

Chapters (3)

Every week, Cadance and Celestia used to have tea and discuss everything. Now that Cadance has become Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, ruler of the Crystal Empire, those weekly tea sessions have gone away. So Celestia decides to visit the Empire, unannounced. Why?

Because, as Cadance is about to learn, when you are a Princess, making a pot of tea is more than just making a pot of tea...

Set in S4, before the events of Three's a Crowd.

Non-mature FB on 3/22/14. Mature FB on 3/23/14.

Added to Twilight's Library on 3/23/14.

NOTE: Rated E for everyone, but if this was a movie, I'd rate it PG for Adult Situations. These ponies have a serious talk about life and s--t.

Prompt suggested by Skeeter the Lurker. ("Cadance and Celestia have tea.")

Pre-read and edited by Cola Bubble Gum and Sharp Spark.

I don't know who made this amazing picture. If you know who, or are that person, PM me for credit. ARTIST FOUND!

Thanks, Xeadin!

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