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Warning: Philosophically dark.

A lot has happened since Celestia and Luna disappeared nine hundred years ago. There are no wars, no diseases, no pain, no death. Princess Twilight, Discord, and Spike do everything to ensure that the utopia continues.

But even the most ideal paradises have ponies that wish it wasn't so.

Story inspired by Mister Saugrenu’s artwork 1000 Years in the Future.

Reading by Scribbler Productions

Edited by Soge.
French translation by Anima Draconis.

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After the birth of Princess Cadance's fourth child, an adorable little pegasus filly, Princess Flurry Heart wants to know why none of her brothers and sisters are alicorns.

Her parents claim not to know why she's different.

They're lying.

There is now a Spanish translation of this story, courtesy of Spaniard Kiwi

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After her little magic trick at the Fall Formal, Sunset Shimmer is not having the best night, and it's about to get worse: Principal Celestia just found out that Sunset has been living in the school clock tower. Now she has nowhere to live, and who's going to take in a teenager with personal issues that include recent demonic possession? No one normal, obviously.

But... maybe someone with a mohawk, a house full of creepy masks, and blue eyes that seem to see more than words -- or rhymes-- can say.

Winner of the Writeoff Association's February WriteOff, "Look, I Can Explain."

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This story is a side story to Crystal's Wishes

Being the pony everypony should know comes at a cost, but Au is willing to pay that price. She'll pay any price to stay in the spotlight.

If only the spotlight weren't so fickle.

Chapters (3)

A certain baby princess doesn't want to go to bed, even though it's past her bedtime and she's super sleepy. With Cadance already ready to just hit the sack, it's Shining Armour's turn to put Flurry Heart to bed. He should have picked a bedtime story first....

A quick and cute one-shot, coming from a dad who learned this one the hard way.

Edited by Harmony Pie.
Cover image is Proud Parents by dm29 on D.A. Used with written permission.

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A head full of romance is what many Canterlot ponies would call a frivolous waste of time. Everypony was meant to play by the rules of high society: keep your nose in the air, laugh at important ponies' jokes, and attend all of the right parties. Upper Crust and Jet Set had been diligent in raising their daughter Crystal Wishes to be a pony everypony would know, but she wanted more out of life than that. She hoped she would someday meet a handsome prince and fall in love, just like in the stories she wrote.

Crystal knew life wasn't as easy as a foal's tale, but that didn't stop her from dreaming. All of the wishes, hopes, and dreams inside her heart escaped into her precious notebook as she wrote about princesses in power and dashing knights. So long as nopony found out her secret, she could continue to play the part of a dutiful daughter while waiting for her own love story to begin.

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Space sucked. Rainbow Dash hated space. There was nothing to do there but sit and wonder how the heck she got there in the first place.

However, it was also the last place she’d ever expect to see her future, and be given a choice to change it.

This story is mostly a drama, with minor comedy and romance elements.

A finalist for the November 2015 write-off event, with the prompt “Out of Time”.

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Pinkamena Diane Pie, long-time server of Equestria's military, has spent years awaiting the day that Sombra would be defeated. Time after time she watched him, avoiding their attacks and never gaining a scratch.

In the midst of battle, she decides to leave one for him to remember her by.

Proofread and edited by: Note Sketch
Art by: konik006(derpibooru)(deviantart)

Again, special thanks for Note Sketch and Azure_Shadow for pre-reading this fic and helping me get it done~

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This story is a sequel to Memoirs of a Royal Guard

From the outside looking in, life has never been better for Silent Knight. He is the first pony in a long line of Royal Guard ancestry to earn a commission, he has a loving mare by his side, and he bears the kingdom’s highest honor for bravely risking it all to protect Princess Luna. The future shines bright with potential, but the shadows of the past lurk at every twist and turn that lies ahead.

Guilt, anger, and regret are constantly at war in the depths of Silent Knight’s mind. Despite his best efforts to enjoy the life he has, he finds himself trapped in the past, reliving the moment when his unit was ambushed and his ponies were killed. He refuses to show any weakness, instead hiding everything behind a tough face to protect himself and those he loves. But his true feelings—and what he plans to do with them—shackle everything he holds dear with chains forged in secret.

Secrets of a Royal Guard is a comedy series with romantic, dramatic, and adventure elements. It features an original character cast and their interactions with the princesses they protect. It is recommended that readers be familiar with Memoirs of a Royal Guard.

Quill & Blade Universe

Chapters (56)

This story is a sequel to Iron Wing and the Demolition Crew

Everyone knows the story of the Iron Wing. They all know how fiercely she fought at the battle of Rainbow Falls. Soldiers measure their worth by where they were when she routed Sombra at the gates of Canterlot. Even now, there's a pilgrimage some take that follows her entire campaign.

And anyone who knows anything about the Iron Wing knows about the Demolition Crew. The story of the Crystal Collapse is one fraught with thrills and chills for fillies of all ages, and the closing of the Ghastly Gorge continues to inspire and terrify all who hear of it.

But legends seldom begin as the titans they become. Heroes are not born, but made, through fire and pain and loss. There isn't a pony alive who doesn't know the story of the heroes, but the story of the soldiers who became those heroes is one known only to them.

This is not the story of Iron Wing and the Demolition Crew. This is the story of Rainbow Dash and the Pie sisters.

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