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Sunset Shimmer has decided: she's done.

A too-close encounter with the magic residing in herself and her companions has convinced her that it's possible to embrace too much, and she's no longer willing to accept the risks—be it for knowledge, heroics... or her friendship with the other girls.

As always, desperate times call for Rainbow Dash.

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For better or worse, Show and Tell is an educational opportunity for fillies and colts. They find things that interest them or have a good story attached and present them to the class. They answer questions about them . . . and when Nursery Rhyme brings in a trichobezoar, there are lots of questions from the class and a few from Cheerilee, as well.

Still, it’s a learning opportunity for all involved.

Now with a reading by StraightToThePointStudio!

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It's a just a simple favor. Surely Starlight is more than capable of doing it. Especially if she's rewarded with Great and Powerful Cuddles.

Cover art by SketchMCreations

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Starlight be long. But WHY?

I figured, why are we limiting the meme to just artwork? This is probably the stupidest thing I've ever written, honestly. Coverart by Searchlight Mid. The meme originates from LBRCloud. I was introduced to the madness by Round Trip's video. Maniacs, all of them.

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Sugarcoat's life plan demands academic success, something which her recent results are threatening to derail.

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This story is a sequel to How to Save a Life

Twelve years ago, Rainbow married the woman of her dreams. Seven years ago, that same woman walked out on her. Now she comes home to find Rarity waiting outside her condo's door.

It might be the most frightening thing that's ever happened to her.

Last story in the Breakup Trilogy. Loosely inspired by Smith & Thell's Forgive Me, Friend.

Cover art commissioned from NekoJackun.

Other stories inspired by music:
Ordinary World
Bed of Roses
How to Save a Life
Bulletproof Heart
Drops of Jupiter

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In over a thousand years of life, a lot of things can happen, especially when you're busy dealing with things happening to you in the present day.

So many stories left behind, so many details lost to time, and so little time to depict them all.

These are short stories that help flesh out the lore and characterization of the story in Aria's Archives, focusing on the past of the Sirens. The lives they lived, the kids they had, the good times, the bad times, and more.

All of these events are canon to the events in Aria's Archives but are not required to enjoy the blog, though reading the blog will help with the enjoyment of these stories. You can read the blog from the beginning here!

(Tags and Ratings may change as content is added to the story, but I will try to keep everything at least relatively SFW)

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If bureaucracy is the wheels of a nation, then proper scheduling is the grease and oil.
When it is ignored, things either grind to a halt... or someone gets chewed up in the gears.
Tirek never thought it would happen to him.

Winner of the 8th GapJaxie's "Quills and Sofas" Speedwriting competition (19/9/19)!

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When Pinkie Pie discovers she doesn't know Sunset's birthday, and none of her other friends know either, she sets out to get some answers. Those answers are very confusing.

Featured on 10/9/2019. Thanks!

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