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Sweetie Belle burst into the Carousel Boutique in tears because one of her best friends is moving to a foster home in Baltimare. Surely there has to be a pony in Ponyville who can be her foster parent, right?

I'm lucky to have two of my favorite, (and also way underrated authors) on this site pre-reading for me, HMXTaylorLee and DemonBrightSpirit. Their work is seriously excellent and unappreciated so go check them out.

My super awesome cover art was done by hugsforpenguin and commissioned by the aforementioned HMXTaylorLee, so another thanks to him.

This story takes place in an Alternate Universe where Quills and Sofas sells more than two things.

Chapters (28)

The Princesses find an alien creature barely clinging to life at the scene of a terrifying crash. Can the Combined Power of the Elements of Harmony save it, or more importantly, should they save it? Will the arrival of this strange creature tear Equestria apart?

TV Tropes

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A griffon with a Cutie Mark? This does not bode well for Equestria. If the Cutie Mark Crusaders have achieved what was previously considered unachievable... it could have tremendous consequences for the future of Equestria.

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Daniel Habbuck, UN ambassador to Equestria, hates his job.

Sure it pays well, but it's hardly worth having to put up with flank-kissing politicians and the stomach twisting anxiety of knowing that he represents all of humanity.
One night, after a particularly tense meeting leaves him wound up, Daniel is desperate for somepony to talk to. With his friends either busy or too far away, he hires a batpony prostitute, just so he can have some company.

As he soon learns, there's much more to this streetwalker than meets the eye...

Rated T for sexual references, but no clop.

Special thanks to WingmanRed, Georg, and Kraken Hatchling for proofreading and editing

EDIT: Special, special thanks to Comrade Pony for the suggestions
EDIT: Deleted cover art.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Triggered

Sunburst might be a grown stallion, but that doesn't keep an overprotective sister like Sunset Shimmer from smacking a filly.

Cover art by Cover Designer Novel-Idea

Chapters (1)

Sunset Shimmer visits Equestria and spends some time taking care of animals with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash is apparently not good with certain animals.

Sunset discovers very quickly that what you learn from the human world cannot be unlearned, ever.

Rated Teen and Sex for a pile of juvenile innuendo, though technically no bad language. Only technically.

Chapters (1)

What happened to Big Mac after he ran off after Starlight Glimmer had made the stallion known for silence unable to stop? Cursed to say everything he had always held inside, how will Mac survive a day as every thought he has he says out loud. What will Mac do when he runs into ponies that he had always wanted to say something to, but held his tongue? Will Ponyville survive a uncensored Big Mac?

Just a fun little story I came up with as I have become completely blocked on Auction and Ghost Rider again. Also a early birthday gift to the ever so awesome Jake the Army Guy. Thanks go to Arbarano, Chief Maximus,Docontra, Jake the Army Guy, and The Masked Ferret for all the edits.

Thanks also goes out to Golden Vision and again Chief Maximus for having to deal with my ranting and belly aching.

You can now listen to this story, from two different readers!

Neighrator Pony version can be found here

DRWolf version can be found here

Featured 5/3/16

Chapters (1)

While studying, Starlight notices weird changes in Twilight when around Sunburst. She tells her to knock it off in the nicest way possible.

Spoilers for the Season 6 Premiere.

Cover art by Cover Designer Novel-Idea

Chapters (1)

One day, Twilight Sparkle discovers something amazing about her friend Sunset Shimmer.

She's a magical talking pony!

This requires investigation! Science! Possibly a full-body physical!

Or maybe Twilight will just ask her what's up with that.

Rated Teen for frank discussions about... y'know.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to What I've Become

It is highly recommended that you read What I've Become before you read this story, since this is the second story in The Humanity Within Trilogy, and you will be lost if you just plunge into this without any preparation.

Also, this story already has a sequel: What I Am!

Things have been turning up roses for me lately. I'm no longer fighting to survive, I have people that I can turn to, and I have my face back, all because of the kindness shown to me by strangers.
But will they continue to help me once they find out what dark secrets haunt my past? Will they shun me for the evil deeds that my abductors forced me to do while I was in their service? Will they continue to protect me from the monsters that destroyed my life, once they realize what kind of monster I really am?
How does one forgive a murderer?
WOOT! Feature the day it came out! (how did that happen?) 12/1/2014
Edited by Malefactory. He is fantastic at this kind of thing!
Proofread by Cantankerous. He's freaking amazing.
Also proofread by PhiliChez.
Cover Image done by the very talented PaintSplotch! You can find his FimFic account here.
And here is his DeviantArt Account!

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