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Twilight Sparkle gathers her friends after receiving a rather distressing letter from her mentor, Princess Celestia. She's not happy about the contents, at all.

It seems her friends all went on some magical adventure without her. And now they're all in a lot of trouble.

Sex tag and Teen rating for some crude humor.

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Buried beneath the Dragon Lands, there is a city. It rots, and it bleeds.

And it breathes.

A writing exercise inspired by the magnificent Lost Cities, written by Cold in Gardez.

Enormous thanks to Undome Tinwe, without whom this story would probably not exist.

Audiobook by Illya Leonov!

Audiobook by Jman14102!

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The School Of Friendship a place to mold the minds of the future, in this case a group of friends who have a talent for causing trouble.

From Double Dragon Dares to sneaking out at night, this group of friends will have many memories to carry with them through life.

And just as many write ups as well.

But hay!

It's high school!

Cover Art By Jhayarr23

Made Popular on 3/28/18

Featured On 3/28/18*4/26/18

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Pharynx is forced by his brother to take Ocellus to a carnival. He discovers that the experience is unbearable. Will he make it through the day?

Rated T for Pharynx mild swearing.
Cover belongs to someone on DeviantArt called FanaticPanda.

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There are many things Yona likes about living in Ponyville compared to Yakyakistan - her friends, the comforts of modern pony living, the busy streets. The heat is not one of them.

Coming from the Frozen North, she is not designed for heat. During the summer months, her only hope for keeping cool is something else they don't have back home: ice cream. As long as she can find some, that is.

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Fluttershy. The Element of Kindness.

A friend to all living things, big and small. Her great love for animals does not know any boundaries. There is nothing on earth that will keep her from showing love and compassion for the innocent creatures that come to her cottage.

Then the black cat arrived...

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The Mane-Event, a popular stage show in Manehattan, has acquired a rare creature they intend to use as part of a new act. Their typical animal handlers prove inadequate for the new job so they invite Equestria's best to be the caretaker-- Fluttershy. Moving to a new city requires the inconvenience of finding a new place to stay, however. What fortune that Trixie, one of the primary acts of the Mane-Event, just so happens to have free space at her apartment.

And then the Element of Kindness lived with the Element of Egotism.

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