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Sunset Shimmer is excited to spend Christmas with her friends, until Twilight tells her that she'll be leaving to visit her extended family this year. Thankfully, talking to a distant friend, Sunset realizes there is another celebration she can think of before Twilight leaves.

Written for Mist for Jinglemas 2021

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Fluttershy has seen her share of tribulations and tragedies in her time taking care of animals. She realized that the thing she hated the most was to see them suffer; especially when there was no guarantee that they would recover from an ailment. Fluttershy knew the kindest act she could ever do would be to release those animals… and ponies, from their misery. She would be their Angel of Mercy.

Be sure to check out TheLostNarrator's full-cast reading of this story on her channel!

(Special thanks to Danny's Art Den for the artwork!)

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No one told Lily that when a fairytale opportunity arrives, it is probably too good to be true. Now she is just a sinking ship, nothing more. This is what happens when a prince and a florist meet.

Cover by Itssopanda

Editing and revising by Thornquill, AShadowofCygnus, and Obabscribbler

Thank you to all of you once again!

TW: mentions of abuse

Featured: 4/18/20

Audio Adaptation by Cloud9

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“Sometimes, you can’t have the family you want. Even if you’d give anything for it.”

For Sunburst, risen from obscurity to Court Wizard of the Crystal Empire, life has taken an incomparably good turn. Shining Armor and Cadence have almost become a second family to him, and Princess Flurry Heart like the daughter he never had.

Hoops, by contrast, has lived life on his terms since day one. With flight school behind him, his career in the professional leagues ought to be all but guaranteed—if only the pros would let him in already.

And when Sugarcube Corner burns down, it should not affect either of them.

Yet, when façades start to fracture, their connections to Ponyville's model family will threaten even the most sacred bonds. Before long, Sunburst, Hoops, and the Cakes will all have to decide if the past can be buried again, or if the old, comfortable stories just aren't enough anymore. In only one way, they are all alike: To get what they want, they are all willing to risk shattering every life around them—and maybe even their own.

Original story concept co-developed with Astro Brony and Obabscribbler. This story would not exist without them.

Special thanks to my beta readers: Luna Farrowe, Neighrator Pony, Chaotic/Sojourner, and AShadowOfCygnus, whose encouragement and guidance made publishing this a reality.

Cover art by UrbanQhoul.

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The Millennial Summer Sun Celebration is only a few years away, but Rarity’s fashion career seems to be ending before she can begin it. Now, she has one last chance to find a place for her talent.

But as she works to create the boutique of her dreams, a forgotten piece of Ponyville’s past is waking up. Secret memories lie forgotten in dusty basements, unrighted wrongs scratch at locked doors, and Rarity finds herself caught up in a history that may be doomed to repeat itself.

For although she is the first to set hoof in the Old Town Hall in thirty years, she can’t help but feel that something inside was waiting for her.

A slow-burning, atmospheric horror.

Now with an audiobook by AShadowOfCygnus! Find Chapter 1 here!

Special thanks to Neighrator Pony, GutiuSerenade, and ObabScribbler for pre-reading and feedback!

Cover art by Amiki.

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There is a story that has been passed down from generation to generation. An old pony tale about a gruesome story-teller that was used to scare foals into listening to their parents.
What if I told you the story of The Lost Narrator was actually true?

A little Halloween special for you all here on FimFiction.

Dramatic Reading can be found here!

Cover artwork provided by LiiflessWolf

Special Thanks to Magpiepony, GutiuSerenade, and Obabscribbler for helping with prereading and editing.

Make sure to check out the sequel to this story: A Beloved's Curse

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While in the Ponyville Psychiatric Ward, Lockheart receives a visit from a friend.

Full Cast Dramatic Reading can be found here.

Beta Reader: Obabscribbler

Cover art for this story was provided by PurpleRoselyn

Very special thanks goes to Magpiepony for helping with character concepts and development.

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Applejack has fallen ill lately. Worse yet, her condition only seems to be getting worse by the day. Can her family and friends uncover what's wrong? Or will the farmer succumb to this strange disease?

Inspired by a story from my youth. Not a romance fic, but there is a shipped pairing in-story.

[Special thanks to ObabScribbler, TheLostNarrator, and Thornquill for pre-reading!]

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