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He arrived in Canterlot four years ago with a sack of bits, good eyes, and a greater vision. Now he's the sixth-richest CEO in Canterlot, the third strongest Grandmaster in the Pro Magical Duelling Circuit, and the most handsome, in his personal opinion. But behind the charming smile of this Gentlepony Adventurer lies a dark secret: When not selling enchanted armours or food imported from alternate worlds in his supermarket chains and fast food stores across Equestria, the well-connected, creative, unforgiving and absolutely brilliant Unicorn known as Silver Star has been running a rather profitable side business: Donning disguises and conning the richest, stupidest, and most corrupt monsters around the world and across the multiverse out of everything they own. Sometimes, the Canterlot Police Department, the secret multiverse-mapping "Map Club", and that law firm he bought will pass the cases they deem "Impossible" to him. Other times, he seeks out his own prey, or the wounded and helpless will come to him for aid. The risk, the rush, the thrill of a good plan executed perfectly, or better yet, salvaged despite unforseen complications... It's incredible.

But when even gold loses its lustre, Silver Star - formerly Star Apple - must make new bonds, reconnect with his family, and embrace friendship. But what does it mean when feelings start to appear in a heart he had believed to be beyond even the warmest touch? And when something is traded away... is it possible to get it back?

In the heart of Ponyville, oblivious to the machinations of Canterlot in his absence, as a disaster of his own making prepares to tear Equestria asunder, Silver Star Apple is going to find out.

But those pleasant slice-of-life adventures are put on hold when a new threat to the world rises. 21 magical cards have hidden themselves around Equestria, and the underground Diamond Dog Empire isn't the only group trying to collect them. Gather them all, and none can match your power. Can Silver and his new best friends find them in time?

Chapters (6)

Flash, a young poor stallion growing out of a hard life on the streets joins the ranks of the royal guard. In spite of a predisposition against the elite and rich as corrupt and extravagant elitists, he enjoys his new job, until, as fate would have it, he runs into Princess Celestia's personal protege, Twilight Sparkle.

(Sex tag is for suggestive themes)

(First Three and 1/2 Chapters were written by Pirate King Fowler, the rest is my own work.)

Chapters (15)

A new pony in Ponyville has everyone confused as to where he came from, he's a weird one all right, he frustrates the HAY out of Twilight Sparkle. He even makes Pinkie Pie seem sane half the time. But that's fine with him, optimism keeps his spirits up, even if his past isn't the best there's ever been. In fact his past is probably among the worst, but it doesn't keep him down.

Hoh shit: http://puu.sh/9XoeS/0b6064ac12.png

Chapters (11)

Hellex finds a filly and decides to take care of her

Chapters (2)

A Crossover with the Darksiders Universe.

The number of the Horsemen shall ever be four.

Death, War, Strife and Fury.

Merciless, powerful and feared by many.

A cursed fusion of angel and demon. They had grown weary of the destruction of so many caused by their brethren. And so they turned upon the ancient Charred Council.

Thus, the Four Horsemen were born.

Join Death as he falls through the Well of Souls. Only to wake up in another world.

His siblings had somehow gotten involved. And so they followed him. Unknowingly.

The journey, so far...

**Author's Note**
A bit of gore here and there, but nothing that gruesome. But I put the tag to be safe.

Chapters (6)

When a colt attempts to assassinate Celestia things go incredibly wrong and now he has to bring honor to his name by finishing what he started. But what happens when a certain purple unicorn starts to worry for his sake?

Chapters (25)

Kevin Wright, a 21 year old human male and a huge fan of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, is teleported to Equestria during a horrible lightning storm in both worlds. Unfortunately for Kevin, he was in the middle of driving, and the first place he appears in Equestria, is in the air a few feet above and to the left of Twilight Sparkle's house. this is Kevin's mental narration during this event, and the random shenanigans that follow.

My first fanfic, which is a HiE self insert story. The whole thing began due to me staying up way to late, eating too much sugar, and generally being insane. I've then decided to keep it up after the polite and positive reaction it seems to have received from people. Due to me still struggling with trying to write on a regular basis, and also because I'm going to try to write more than just this story at the same time, I can't really promise when this will update. All comments, criticisms, suggestions, etc, are much appreciated!

Chapters (3)

This story takes place at the same time as A Tale of a Blazing Heart by ArkosTheGuardian


CloudRunner has been living in Manehattan for as long as he can remember... So obviously he's gotten a crush on somepony, for 4 years to be exact,HoneyVoice, a perfect pony which he had thought that she'd be the one, but unfortunately one day CloudRunner found out that she likes somepony else and that he disgusts her. That experience led him flee from Manehattan for good, but what happens when his broken heart leads him to Ponyville?

Chapters (8)

The body of a young bride is found hung over the side of the S.S. Water Glide. Private and Twilight are sent to investigate her death right when she was announced to be engaged to a young prince. Things are hardly as they seem when a pony from Private's past makes her appearance. While investigating Private falls overboard in a terrible storm and is saved by a forgotten race of ponies, dubbed Seaponies. The lost tribe is in search of one of their own who left them. The twist? She left because she fell in love with the very same prince who's bride was murdered. Was she responsible? Or are there darker forces at work here?

Chapters (7)

A fire breaks out in Sweet Apple Acres, mysteriously created out of nowhere. Private and Twilight investigate only to find out that two mysterious dragons have taken roost near Ponyville. They claim to be Spike's long lost parents. As Private and Twilight investigate the real cause of the fire they'll have to face the fact that Spike may want to leave them. Spike is torn, while he grew to love Ponyville, his parents showed him equal love. As the town grows suspicious of Spike he'll have to make a choice. Either leave with parents of his own kind, or stay with the ones who raised him.

Chapters (7)