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This story is a sequel to Show Business

When Twilight and Trixie started a relationship they knew there would be challenges if it was going to work. Luckily they at least have magic, so the unlikely couple can keep in touch while the traveling performer roaming Equestria. Invade their privacy and read their mail as we see how they kept in touch over the course of their relationship.
Meant as an addition to my previous work Show Business starting right after chapter 5, so it might not make sense with out the context. Going to run along side of the original story, though I'm not sure how consistent it's going to be. Timeline might end up jumping around if I get different ideas, so I'll probably make sure to indicate where the letters take place as more chapters are added.
As always let me know what you think. This is just going to be a little side project so it might be influences heavily by suggestions.
Will get the teen rating since it will probably be referencing things that happen in the original story.

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[Equestria Girls/Bully Crossover]

Canterlot Academy is hailed as one of the best private schools in the country, but the people who say that are only talking about the academics and not the social elements; random acts of violence, vandalism, rampant bullying, segregation, tribalism, elitism, and that is just a fraction of all the problems plaguing the place.
That is the world Sunset Shimmer found herself in after she crossed the portal back in Equestria, and to make things worse, in order to blend in with the hairless apes that happened to be the dominant species of this alternate reality, she was turned into a hairless ape herself; in order words, she had no horn to channel her magical energy and cast the spells she had relied on for so many years.
How can an unicorn-turned-human survive in a cruel world completely devoid of magic?

Warning: This is an Equestria Girls fanfic with Equestria Girls characters that takes place in an universe similar to that of the game "Bully", so playing it is NOT mandatory in order to follow the story.

Chapters (8)

Amidst the beautiful and unforgiving city of Canterlot, where prejudice is rampant and passion even more so, two women forge an unlikely bond and explore the answer to a simple question: is selling your body the same as selling yourself?

A series of vignettes. Will try to update every few days or when I'm able to. Extensive amounts of research (and several interviews!) went into the creation of this fic so as to portray the topics in sensible and respectful ways.

Chapters (38)

Adagio can't quite seem to hold a job, and she can't exactly figure out why. Even though everyone knows it's because of her voice. Desperate, she receives the help of someone unexpected— Sci-Twi. Can this unlikely pair keep the former siren employed? Only one way to find out.

Cover art by my good friend faith. sex tag for humor. Featured 10/12/18!

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On the coldest night of winter, Trixie is wholeheartedly certain that her wagon would be able to keep her warm, but... she was wrong. Luckily for her, Starlight knows a very snuggly way to keep her warm.

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She wish they would remember their bond of friendship.
Sunset Shimmer and her friends separated since they graduated from high school.
They haven't talked to each other in years.
They have gotten new friends and carried on with their lives.
But one day, Sunset Shimmer remembered the deep bond they had, and tries to rekindle their deep friendship.

Edited by the awesome Malozi. Check his stuff out. You will not be disappointed.

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Starlight Glimmer starts receiving tomorrow's newspaper today.

She doesn't know where it comes from or why it comes to her. For better or for worse Starlight finds herself in possession of powerful magic, and only has twenty-four hours to change the lives of ponies she's never met.

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A chance meeting brings Twilight Sparkle face to face with her magical arch rival, Trixie! But our magical heroine has come prepared with more power than she has ever possessed before! There's just one small problem.

Trixie hasn't the faintest idea what the cute purple unicorn is talking about.

In fact, nopony does.

Granted, Equestria has seen a good number of catastrophes in its time. But is it possible that they all forgot this show-pony's wrath? Is it possible that said show-pony has forgotten as well?

Or is it possible that Twilight has just gone a little bit more insane than usual?

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A week after transferring to Canterlot High, Twilight meets Trixie and immediately develops a crush. However, even after overcoming some of her social anxiety with the help of her new friends, the shy girl still struggles with confessing her feelings to the magician, let alone pursuing them.

Will Twilight be able to get together with the girl of her dreams?

Now being edited by Phaoray.

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Applejack plans to ask a special somepony out on a date, but a certain ivory unicorn refuses to downplay such an event. After all, AJ is finally showing some love interest for the first time in her life—it's crucial for everything to be perfect! She'll need the perfect outfit, setting, and pitch if she plans to get the perfect pony, right?

Which is why Rarity will do everything in her power to help Applejack on scoring her first date, despite the heavily implied protest from the apple-bucking mare herself.

art credited to Whitediamond

Chapters (2)