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The love of a pet can be strong enough to shake worlds. Years ago, a companion was lost, and unleashed rage left a trail of revenge across dimensions -- but none of it was ever enough to gain the greatest prize, and so every accomplishment was ultimately hollow. Love did not return.

But now, after so much time, he's found where that love resides. It's just that it happens to be in the home of another. And with only a few more steps to take before reunion, the moment when he finally knows love again...

Don't worry. He's prepared to be fully reasonable about it.

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Violence tag is for horrible things happening to demons. Which they deserve. They know what they did.

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3 AM is a tough time to be awake. Thankfully for Spike and Rarity, though, they don't have to be alone as well. They write each other letters. Rambles from them both. Whatever it takes to get through the night.

Then the letters stopped.

[Cover by Theretroart88]

Dedicated to the greatest soul-sister a brother could ask for, RarityEQM.

This story was more for me than it was for you and I'm sorry for it. Give me some time and, when I'm better, I'll write a story that better reflects you. I miss you, soul-sister. And I love you. Could use your guidance on what I should do about you.

One of these damn days, I'll stop being so selfish, and find a better way to pay tribute.

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Chrysalis and Cadance have been engaged in a battle of wills against each other for longer than either can remember, but little do they know they're both fighting for the same reasons.

Thank you to Red Parade and Seer for pre-reading and editing.
Written for Seer. Thank you for inspiring me to try crazy new ideas. You inspire me and bring me joy!

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It's strange how a single change can create a massive difference in somepony's life.

Somewhere in a different world, Twilight Sparkle is thrust into an unforeseen destiny with the most unlikely (and possibly unstable) group of friends to fight the forces of darkness and bring the magic of friendship back to Equestria.

That's if they don't kill each other first.

Inspired by Lets Do This’ “Not Exactly Friends” series

Cover art done by Kids-In-The-Corner

Check out the rest of the series here:

Part 2: Pony Tails

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Time travel is not a simple case of following someone back to stop them from committing whatever evil deeds they plan on. To stop a change to the past, one must prevent the traveler from going there in the first place.

Twilight and Spike failed to do this, but that's okay.

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Ronald Lee is the systems administrator for one of the largest fan-made online games in the world. Though nothing new has been produced for MLP for decades now, fans old and young continue to flock to the online version of Equestria they're building together.

Of course he knew that the programs they wrote would grow more intelligent over time. With cheaper hardware and better AI, this was always expected, and a user experience allowing for content similar to the show to be produced in real time for every user was always tantalizingly close.

Then Starlight Glimmer started talking to him.

This story is a prequel to Synthesis, and doesn't require knowledge of that story. You may want to check it out when you're done here, however.

This story was commissioned by Two Bit, who also helped edit because he is an absolute mad lad. Sparktail helped too.

Cover by Zutcha

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This story is a sequel to Continue?

After learning the shocking secret that a highly helpful "Continue Screen" exists beyond death, Twilight Sparkle is even more surprised to discover it comes with the ability to relive and explore her past adventures.

It even comes with an added difficulty option. But is Twilight Sparkle truly ready for her life's greatest battles on Hard Mode?

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Jay Jepsen has recently found success as a children’s book author with his debut, “The Monster From My Closet,” the story of the unlikely friendship formed between a boy and a creature he found lurking in his room one fateful night. Returning to his old hometown, he is given permission by his childhood house’s latest owner to revisit the place he once called home. Upon finding his room, he decides to wait around to catch up with an old friend...

Closet pic found on Google, credit for Discord head belongs to MLP FiM: Discord Puppeteer by AlexCroft1991.

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After Cozy Glow is caught and the world is saved, a single mare has the nerve to blame the hero of the hour for the near destruction of Equestria.

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Forgiveness is complicated. Sometimes you need to distance yourself from the person who harmed you to let things cool down for a minute before you can even think about the idea with a clear head.
Unfortunately that's not something Princess Twilight considered when she asked her human friends to befriend the person who made their lives for the past few years a living hell immediately after her biggest attempt to destroy everything they held dear.
But there's something different, something... magical about this lonely girl hated by the entire school, and Adagio wants to keep her close so she can figure out what it is.

Featured: 29/04/2020

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