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Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle, one a student of Celestia, the other just getting started, are yanked from their homes by a mysterious magical mirror. Now trapped on Earth, their lives forever altered, they do their best to cope. To learn. To join Starfleet, and, someday, to return to the home they lost.

Updates once a week. Preread and editing work performed by Blue Horizon, Grand_Moff_Pony, and witegrlninja. Thank you all very much. :twilightsmile:

Featured as of April 5th, 2021! Thanks all.

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After work on a bad day, I saw a pair of hoofprints in the snow. So I followed them. That's why I'm talking to you.

How much do you want to know?

Everything? Alright then.

Content/Trigger Warning: Redheart finds something dark and the more spoiler text you read, it spoils the ending, to give you a non-spoiler warning it's grim and depressing, and the spoiler warning includes descriptions of discovering a suicide

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It is Equestrian tradition that, when a pony comes of a certain age, they are given a magic timer that counts down the days until they're destined to meet their soulmate. Rarity was very excited the day she got hers.

She just hadn't expected it would be counting up.

Short ficlet based on a prompt I got on my Tumblr blog. Original prompt was to write a drabble set in a universe where "timers are set on the wrist of every person once they are a certain age, slowly counting down until the day they meet their soulmate".

Cover art by Maximasmac !

Now with Russian translation!

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When the time came, choices needed to be made.

Consequences be damned.

These are a series of short vignettes set in the Negotiationverse by Rated Ponystar. Windows into events briefly mentioned throughout the long journey of Equestria’s tumultuous time on planet Earth. From their encounter with the humans to the war that followed, bear witness to the choices made and the ripples that nearly destroyed Equestria.

You can read the original story here

Check out the Negotiation-Verse TvTropes page here.

(Featured 2/6/2021)

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With a name like Schadenfreude and a special talent for either finding or setting off all those little nuances or annoying ticks that just drive ponies mad, you'd think he'd spend most of his time in prison. On the contrary.

He's Prince Blueblood's butler.

Actually, he does get thrown in the dungeon a lot.

Here's just one of those instances.

(New cover art by the fantastic TodayIWriteFanfics!)

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This story is a sequel to Schadenfreude

Schadenfreude. A name known throughout the castle, and frequently spoken in conjunction with the phrase "Oh, hell no." He's annoying. He's an expert at annoying the crap out of ponies. And he's Prince Blueblood's butler.

He also loves his job.

Join Schadenfreude as he regales with the tale of how Princess Twilight tries to correct his Cutie Mark.

It's a doozy. Or not.

(New cover art by the fantastic TodayIWriteFanfics!)

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This story is a sequel to Schadenfreude 2: Schadenfreude Harder

Schadenfreude is a simple pony. He enjoys the little things. Taking up as much room on an elevator as he likes. Sleeping through movies. And being a general annoyance to everyone around him.Of course, this leads to everyone around him disliking him on principle. Which only makes him smile wider.

After one too many "incidents" at his normal job, his employer takes it upon himself to "volunteer" him to work at the castle. As a butler.

For Prince Blueblood.

You can imagine the kind of shenanigans he gets up to now.

See that [Incomplete] tag below? Yeah. It's happening.

You asked for it. Sequel to Schadenfreude 2: Schadenfreude Harder, and the train wreck that started it all, Schadenfreude.

(New cover art by the fantastic TodayIWriteFanfics!)

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Did you know Fluttershy was made Royal Game Warden of the last remaining Royal Game Preserve in Equestria? Of course, she only has that title because the newly winged Twilight needed something with which to defraud the government, and that "preserve" is, due to centuries of neglect, actually the Everfree Forest, but that's not really important.

Until, of course, the Griffon Ambassador showed up at her door demanding her services as a hunting guide for his lunch.

Then it was a little important.

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This story is a sequel to Sunbeam

Long days at the shop are made at least somewhat more bearable by friendly voices on the phone, and Kat is no exception. That she’s far more competent than most parts people is the cherry on top.

We work on fleet trucks, mostly, and a few company cars and favors for the boss cars. So when Kat called and wanted me to look at her car, I didn’t know what to expect.

It wasn’t what I was expecting.

Now with a reading by StraightToThePointStudio!

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Mainstay's life was like an old shoe: worn and uncomfortable, but familiar. Nopony went on grand adventures in Smile Harbour, there were no lost magic artifacts or rampaging monsters, just the daily chore of reaping the sea and whiling away a quiet evening at the pub. But Mainstay is sucked into a maelstrom when one of a hoofful of humans who emigrated to Equestria buys the house nextdoor! With his peaceful life dashed on the rocks he flounders in this strange new sea, trying to find something, or somepony, to hold onto.

Trigger warning: Lots of swearing, some violence, mentions of suicide and self-harm, and a little vaguely described intimacy.

epub: The epub exported from FimFic won't render some of the fonts correctly -- at least it doesn't on my Kobo. Please download a corrected version here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=15TqKiYMwN_QV7Dq05WD_BTYn4ZRZ10mS

Pre-read by Nevran Sarif, Cross Lament, and Crystal Wishes.

Photo used for the cover, courtesy of pxhere.

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