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Concept Art

The Block Kingdom, a foreign empire outside of the reign of Celestia and Luna, has asked that a Royal Representative of Equestria come to visit. In order to help him develop his social skills and public relations, Princess Luna has sent Dusk Shadow to meet up with the Block Kingdom's Princess.

Fun, games, and general chaos will certainly happen. What else do you expect when you have a kingdom controlled by smart little fillies and foals?

Dusk Shadow, an overly serious, and not well-known Prince of Equestria is not exactly happy about his task. However, duty calls, so he accepts his responsibility. From there, what started as a simple visit becomes something he never expected, and a change he needed. He will learn things that he was unaware of before, and rediscover what he lost a long time ago.

If you actually enjoy these kinds of things, and read the story, feel free to leave a rating and a comment/suggestion. Prejudiced ratings or rating just because you don’t like what the story is about, and not the writing itself is just immature. And when a babyfur calls you immature, you really should think about it.

- I do NOT ship with canon characters.
- My OC is my Ponysona, I based him off of myself. Anything that happened in his past has direct correlation to something that happened to my own. He's not made dark to be 'cool', it's how I am myself.
- I accept constructive criticism, but not flat-out hate and negativity. Difference: Constructive Criticism: “This is what I liked…. Here’s what I didn’t like and how you could fix it…” Negativity: “This is stupid, why is it like this? That makes no sense, it’s just stupid and wrong.”
- I do suffer from a number of issues (PTSD, depression, inferiority complex, etc. All formally diagnosed by various psychologists and psychiatrists), so that may carry over in how I write or interact with my readers. I apologize if I may seem nasty at times.
- Because a lot of people don’t READ, I had to include a bunch of disclaimers

Thank you, Zubric, for roleplaying this with me to iron out some details.

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WARNING/ALERT/DANGER/CAUTION: This story contains age regression/diapers/etc. Please do not continue on if you do not enjoy this.

Twilight receives a mysterious letter, accepting her into Fantasy Omega’s Academy of Lora. What will happen during her time there? Who's the Headmaster, and why does nopony ever see him? Everything is not what it seems at F.O.A.L. Academy!

Academy Motto: To re-learn what was lost long ago

Thank you, Zubric, for roleplaying this with me to iron out some details.

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Imagine waking up in a familiar pink Pegasus's body, in a place you have never been in before. Turns out it is Lauren Faust's house, in 1985.

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Well, hello there! The name's Floyd, Pink Floyd. You know, like the band? Anyway, I used to be just a guy named Floyd but now I'm stuck inside of Pinkie Pie. How you ask? Discord. It's always that jerk's fault. Anyway, better get on with this before I go on a tangent. So, I'm a film student, trapped in Pinkie's body. You all got that? Good. Now why don't you pull up a chair and listen to how my life got flipped-turned upside down. I promise, you're gonna like it!

Inspired by Fluttershy, Flutterguy, A Dash Of Humanity and is edited by m2pt5. Sex tag is just for innuendo, no actual clop. Made popular list on 3/29/15. Featured 9/29/2015

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I tried to have a normal day today. When I got turned into Princess Luna from a cartoon , I realized that this day would be anything but simple. But that's not all! I have her sister to worry about, these "Elements" I keep hearing about, and I have the original Luna in my thoughts, yelling away! Combine all that with no way to go home, and you got yourself a bad situation. What could possibly go wrong?

I know the Human In Equestria has been done to death, including the turned into an existing pony thing, but I, and a few others, have been surprised that no-one did one of Princess Luna! Nevertheless, here you go.

As always, tell me how I can improve the story a bit, constructive criticism is allowed, and have a good day reading my story!

EDIT 1 I will eventually do a rewrite to fix grammar, OOC, and other thing that have been brought to my attention. However, I will finish the story first.

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Have you ever woken up in a place you don’t recognize? Like when your neighbor kidnaps you during the night only to leave you on their couch? No? Me neither. I would however, have to say that if you multiplied that feeling ten fold then you would have a rough approximation of how I felt waking up on the moon.

Longer description in the works - Szulu

Character Tags will be updated as needed

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Tom an Average Joe, saves a girl from an attempted rape. But he is fatalily injured and blacks out, only to wake up in a strange place in a body of a horse. A horse known to the locals as Nightmare moon.

Edited by Izanagi

Cover Art done by SwedishRoyalGuard http://www.deviantart.com/art/Nightmare-Moon-372321197

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Luna feels dread, knowing even before her banishment, both her night and herself have never been appraised by ponies. This changes however, when she realizes that her sister's student has feelings for her AND her night. This story is sad, due to the dread that Luna feels throughout the entirety of it. However, it does have a happy ending!

It's also a LunaLight/whatever the shipping is called for Twilight and Luna

EDIT: Forgot the url to source, Silly me!:pinkiehappy:
Here's the link: http://chio-kami.deviantart.com/art/Commission-Silent-Night-496508082

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Troy is a Gryphon who moved to Equestria to pursue a new life; however, his seclusion has left him feeling unsatisfied with how his life was going. All of that changes when he becomes involved in a storm prepping job outside of Ponyville for Princess Twilight Sparkle. Before the storm, Troy finds Canvas, a badly injured Earth pony, lying on the ground near death. As time goes on and wounds start to heal, how will the Gryphon's life change as he helps the stallion struggling to regain control of his life?

I want to give a big thanks to Bad_Seed_72 for her assistance in editing and proofreading. Also, major props to JackAnarchy for the cover art.

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This story is a sequel to Brushed Away

Despite being one of the few Gryphons living in the land of Equestria, Troius Clawston couldn't be happier with how his life has been. Along with having good friends and a stable job in Weather Patrol, Troy is happiest about his life for one reason: Canvas, the Earth Pony artist that he saved and befriended, who grew to become so much more.
However, before the two can begin their lives together, Troy has to overcome a new challenge in his life. Something he never thought he would have to face until now...

Telling his family.

Because of strong Gryphon values which look down on alternative relationships, how will Troy's family react when they discover he's not only with someone of a different species, but of the same gender? As traditions clash with taboos, how will the Gryphon handle telling his brothers and parents, while still staying with the stallion he cares about? Can he keep everyone together, or will family bonds break under pressure?

The cover art was made by High-Roller2108, and I want to thank Bad_Seed_72,Shadow Hawk, and Zyrian for proofreading this.

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