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This story is a sequel to My Family and Other Equestrians

Bones has been living with Applejack on Sweet Apple Acres for a few years now. His family have each found their own path and they have all settled down into their new lives in Equestria. Of course, while that may mean a pleasant, quiet life most of the time, with magically controlled weather, a steady job farming, and plenty of opportunity to expand his own knowledge of magic, it isn't without its pitfalls. Follow Bones through life's ups and downs, learning new magic spells, meeting new friends, and occasionally getting quite close to cropping up in the show, as he discovers magic of all kinds on Sweet Apple Acres.

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The Elements of Harmony find themselves facing an old evil united with one from beyond their world entirely, bringing magic so alien that Equestrian magic cannot defend against it. Yet, long ago, when the Elements existed in a different form, they summoned aid from beyond the world to defeat a similar threat from beyond.

Out of desperation, today's Elements repeat that ancient summoning, and they get – a hillbilly with a silver-strung guitar?

MLP:FiM (c) Lauren Faust and Hasbro; John the Balladeer and Rowley Thorne (c) estate of Manly Wade Wellman

And due to the grace of several fans, primarily Jordan1179, this story now has its own Tropes page: Tv Tropes My Little Balladeer

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TVTropes page yay!A human arrives with a house in Ponyville. The Mane Six, and Princess Luna must deal with this new arrival. But not everyone agrees how it should be handled, not everyone agrees on what danger it represents, or the benefit it can be to Equestria.

The inhabitant must also deal with the new rules and conventions of this new world it knows nothing about, as well as the mystery of its appearance, and the incongruities of its arrival.
TVTropes page yay!

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The young Human/Elf hybrid Dragon Rider named Eragon, with his dragon, Saphira travel on the Talia ship that goes West of Alagaesia, to a new place called "Equestria." It had been one month since Eragon killed the evil king of Alagaesia: Galbatorix, and his humongous black dragon, Shruikan. Eragon however feels saddened, because he had to leave everyone he loved behind. His cousin: Roran, Arya with her new green dragon named Firnen, Horst and the people of Carvahall(even though it has been destroyed by the Empire) Nar Garzhvog(The Kull chieftain that Eragon made friends with) Murtagh: his half brother with his red dragon: Thorn, Nasuada, Orik, Katrina, and others. He discovers that there can be friends from any part of the world. Of course, He has Saphira, Blodhgarm and his twelve elves, many eldunaris from many dragons, Including Glaedr, Oromis's dragon, and a teacher to Eragon and his dragon. Umaroth, and many other eldunaris. WARNING: If you had not read Inheritance, it will contain spoilers. Rights for the characters from the Inheritance cycle, goes to Christopher Paolini.

Rights for the cover go to Ticcy on

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Anon likes his life to be simple. He wakes up, goes to work and sometimes gets himself a good book to read while he is home. It's a routine that he likes to follow, it makes him feel like he has a bit of normality with his life in Equestria. The fact that having Celestia come crashing into his home as part of his routine should prove that his life is anything but normal.

(Thanks to PeerImagination for editing!)

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This story is a sequel to A Colt Once Forgotten

Their mission was to drop into Pakistan and retrieve a CIA asset, a quick in-and-out rescue op. But the op was more than a little odd; communication with command was immediately lost, a cloud bank appeared seemingly from nowhere, and the CIA lost its people in even an shadier way than usual. Pararescuemen Jack "Frost" McDaniel and Harris "Duke" Sky will soon learn that there is a lot more happening in this not-so-simple rescue operation than anyone could ever have known.

Preread by the incredibly talented totallynotabrony

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My name is Aedan and I'm your average run-of-the-mill guy from Missouri. I served in the Marine Corps for about four years, now I've been out for a year and I'm making a living on the edge of St. Louis. It's not the best of conditions for a guy like me to have to deal with, but I adapt and overcome. Then one Saturday morning on my daily jog I ran into something (well in truth she ran into me) I'd never thought possible. She calls herself 'Princess Luna'. She's alone and confused, but most of all, she wants to go home. And guess who the poor guy is that decided to help her.

rated Teen for talking like a Marine and some... 'Adult' situations...

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Twilight, seeing that her friend needed a little bit of companionship, decided to help him get a date.

But boy, did he aim a little too high for her taste.

Now, her and Spike need to help this putz of a human snatch a date from one of the most undateable beings on the planet, Princess Celestia.

Needless to say, they're doomed.

Cover art used with permission by Lydia-Rawr

Warning: Story will contain horrible romance clichés, cutsieness, and all around silliness.

You have been warned.

Chapters (25)

The adventures begin when Discord invites the Mane Six for a "friendly" game of Caverns & Cutie Marks. But nothing is simple when Discord is involved, and the girls are sucked into the game's world; literally!

But that's not chaotic enough for Discord's tastes, and so three Colts (that weren't Colts to begin with) find themselves thrown into a game filled with dangerous enemies, lively villagers, and terrible villains. All in the form of pastel-colored Ponies!

With 9 Ponies in play, a mad god-like being rolling the dice, and forces at work that no-pony could expect, random encounters aren't the only place trouble can come from. Will the Mane Six and the Colt Trio be able to work together to save this strange world? Or are the real villains the ones that come from within the party?

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Mathew Reese was just your average guy. He lived in a small town with his adoptive father, had a circle of friends, loved the natural beauty of the world, and had just started to take his first steps into becoming an independent.

All of that changed the day that two powerful beings combined their magic to seal away a great evil. Now Mathew is trapped on Equus as the sole human the lands have ever encountered. Everything he’s ever known has become null and void as he tries to make sense of his new life.

Follow Mathew on his journey for answers through the land of Equestria and learn the truth behind one of its most notorious evils… Nightmare Moon.

This story now has a sequel. Continue this exciting tale in Shadows Within the Heart! :twilightsmile:

Shadows Within the Light was my very first fic. Expect a degree of amateur writing. I have put this story on my list to rework it at a later date so that I can take what I've learned to make this story better. Until then, I hope you enjoy my little tale because it has been said that it's a hidden gem. :raritywink:

Be sure to leave constructive criticism as well. I welcome it and it will help me to improve. :pinkiehappy:

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