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This story is a sequel to A Robust Solution

When Rainbow Dash finally agrees to come along with Fluttershy and see a butterfly migration, the blue speedster expects a relaxing, even boring camping trip, not a journey of discovery regarding the true natures of herself and her foalhood friend.

Takes place around the 15th of October, YOH 1500, right after "Call of the Cutie" in the TV series.

This is a sequel to "A Robust Solution" in the Flutterarc, but you don't have to have read the other story first.

Now has a TV Tropes page!

Chapters (4)

Twilight can't sleep. She's not slept a full night in two months and it's all because of this feeling she has. All she can do is lay awake and think. She's been falling asleep hanging out with her friends and she's constantly drowsy. This is just one night of the many that she's laid awake and thought of her feelings.

A short one-shot story.

Sex tag is for just a couple brief mentions of sex.

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On the outskirts of the Everfree, interstate trucker Long Haul picks up a strange young woman and gives her a ride across the river.

Very much inspired by Blackmore's Night's "I Guess It Doesn't Matter Any More," a song about a Hitchhiking Cute Ghost Girl; and -- of course -- by Story of the Blanks.

Now with an entry on TVTropes.

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The black&red Alicorn with a tragic past stays confident despite the odds stacked against him. He is protective and liked by his peers. Even in the worst possible situation, he stays in control. Or does he?

*This story serves as a reminder to the fandom that the judgment of fics shouldn’t be based on superficial aspects such as cover art or the presence of a certain character. Stories should, instead, be judged on their quality. Read first, judge after.

[You may also enjoy the Youtube reading and mp3 download that are available for this story.

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Here's what the readers are saying about it:

10/10 ~ Flora Blossom

Wow, this was intense! I like it! ~ Mr Swanky Hat

This is interesting, very interesting ~ Drayco Meowfoy

Good plot, solid writing ~ monokeras

Hmm... I have to admit, with the premise and all the obligatory "black & red alicorn OC" elements thrown in, this was pretty impressive. ~ Dark Avenger

Bad has been far more ambitious here than by just making fun of a stupid trope: by taking it seriously, he's made a story that stands out a lot more than just senseless jokes. ~ HapHazred

Had no clue what I was reading first but then I get to the ending it all came together. ~ Dapper Guy

Really good. Shows how some people can be so brainwashed as to genuinely believe that slavery and tyranny is good, productive, order, and freedom is laziness and selfishness. ~ Europa

This story plunged me into the abyss of depression and made my insides turned outside. ~ Hungryman

Chapters (1)

YOH 1490 (Ten Years Before Luna's Return): Eight-year-old Rarity is in danger. Twelve-year-old Applejack is sure that her own parents can save her friend. They're the bravest and strongest mom and dad any filly could have!

But sometimes, even the brave and the strong can fall.

This story is directly based on part 3 of Core of the Apple by Neterrang. I urge you to read that whole comics sequence, starting with part 1. It's one of the best MLP fan comics ever written.

Addendum: This story is now AU (because AJ has different parents) as of "The Perfect Pear." Sic transit gloria mundi.

Chapters (5)

Scootaloo doesn't get to see her mother as often as she would like. So when Celestia announces a contest where the prize is the chance to be a Princess for a Day, Scootaloo sees it as an opportunity to make her mother notice her.

The idea for this fic was originally done by Matt11 (you can read his version Here), I asked if I could try my hand at his premise and he agreed, so here's what I came up with.

Prologue, Chapter 1 and 2 edited by RandomSomepony4357 and Nuki Mouse

Chapter 4 edited by This guy

Chapter 5, 6 and 7 edited by Notapony (Yes I know that this story has a lot of different editors)

Chapter 8 and 9 edited by TheGreatEater (The list keeps growing)

Cover art done by choedan-kal and posted with permission.

Chapters (10)

This story is a sequel to Twelfth Equestriad Interview

YOH 1548 (forty-eight years after Luna's Return): When High Concept deliberately runs the wrong ad for Rarity Enterprises' Succession campaign, who shall ride to Rarity's rescue?

Well, who'd you think?

This is a side story to Twelfth Equestriad Interview. The first couple of scenes are adapted from part of its Chapter 4: "Second Break," from which it continues and on which it expands.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Like Shattered Glass

When you take the blame, you'll take the pain. Scootaloo took the blame.

Rated for scenes of abuse and mild language.


UPDATED 12/22/2014.

Chapters (12)

Spike loves Rarity.

He just has a hard time saying it.

Written for The Writeoff Association's "Things Left Unsaid" contest.

Chapters (1)

Rarity is dying from a rare medical condition. Twilight's other friends are getting older. Princesses Celestia and Luna will no longer speak to her. Yet, the Princess of Friendship refuses to make new friends.

Twilight Sparkle has an unconventional solution for dealing with loss. Come take a walk backwards through time, and see the truth through Twilight's eyes.

This story was rated Most Controversial in the finalist round of The Writeoff Association's "Out of Time" contest.

Chapters (5)