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After a mysterious and widespread spell causes ponykind to vanish, Fluttershy is left behind to cope with what the future has in store for her and the remains of Equestria.

In a matter of days, the once-prosperous nation begins to descend into a harsh and unforgiving place. While cities crumble around her, Fluttershy finds herself living in a land rife with dangers and heartbreaking reminders. With nopony to turn to, Fluttershy is forced to learn to fend for herself, discover what happened, and, if possible, find a way to reverse it.

Survivor Shy is an illustrated story following Fluttershy in the weeks after a magical cataclysm. While the last pony relives her past, readers are offered a vivid glimpse into Fluttershy's mind and are led on a harrowing journey through the ruins of Equestria and beyond.

Story branches out before Season 3 Finale.

In-progress Reading by Finish Line available
In-progress Russian translation by Papilion_star available.

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