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Octavia has hit rock bottom. After the Gala and being forced to play that song, she was cast out by high society. Now she must gather the shreds of her pride, only to have to swallow them to work under the only pony that seems willing to hire her. Now it's time for her to make a name for herself all over again, and she's determined to make it no matter what, even if she has to start over from Scratch.

Chapters (17)

This story is a sequel to Dash of Humanity

I'm stuck in Equestria, which reminds me of the dark ages. Instead of internet and fast-food, I have Rainbow Dash. She's been asked to help me learn to fit in... I'd like a refund.

I suppose we got off to a good start, aside from being told that after all I'd done I'd never see Earth again. So long as I can look on the bright side of life, and not get arrested for running pranks on everypony with Dash, I might just survive long enough to find my purpose in Equestria. So help me, however, if I get any vegetable related cutie marks I will choke a Princess.

Cover Art by JinZahn
Sequel to Dash of Humanity
Edited by: Selbi, Abcron, Cassius Litner, Seven Fates,
Refro, BronyWriter

Chapters (17)

This story is a sequel to Wanderings of a Non-Brony

After the six year journey around the planet in Wanderings of a Non-Brony, The human TD Harrison Powell finds himself in Equestria for good. He sees no choice but to settle down in Ponyville, ready to live the rest of his life as best as he can.

This is his life.

Edited by Marioland1 and Strike89

Chapters (45)

The Pegasus that once lived inside me is dead. This book changed my life. Now I'm its slave to change the world.

...And I like it.

Inspired by the album ‘Agony’ from ‘Fleshgod Apocalypse’.

Huge thanks to:
- kcday for the cover art!
- Abcron for pre-reading and editing!

Chapters (1)

Ponies get older over time. They slow down. This is a part of life. But Rarity, Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie can keep pursuing their dreams as they get older. Rainbow Dash can't. This is her last chance to be a Wonderbolt, and despite working her tail off, she's not getting any better. In fact, she's getting slower. She just wants things to be fair. She wants one last chance to achieve her dream.

She wants to be faster.

This is what happens when she gets her wish.

A three part story.

Featured 10/7-10/9/13. Posted to Equestria Daily on 5/2/14.

Now with a sequel.

This story is part of Twilight's Library because of Skeeter the Lurker.

Twilight's Library Ribbon


It also won Skeeter the Lurker's medal.

Skeeter the Lurker's medal

Entry for the Writer's Group Contest & the Rainbow Dash Contest.

Winner, 2nd place, Rainbow Dash Contest.

Voted in by Twenty Great Stories on 11/3/13.

Voted in by The Royal Guard, March 2014

Edited by: SpaceCommie, Cola Bubble Gum

Artwork by: 2135D

An earlier draft of this cover art was featured on EQD.

Chapters (3)

I'd heard about the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic from my college roommate who is way too into the show. Disturbingly so, actually, but good gravy I would never watch the darned thing! What am I, five? I've got better things to do with my time than watch a silly little girl's show. However, that didn't stop... something from transporting me into the world of the show, so here I am... in Equestria... trying to get home. This is gonna be interesting.

Special thanks to GuyFace, Jack Kellar, Storm Shaker, Spiffy McSquee, and Goober Trooper for helping me with this one!

Chapters (26)

Twilight told her friends of her adventures in the Human world, but she didn't tell them everything. One dark secret haunts her still.

Hamburgers are delicious.

Chapters (2)

Curious about Five Score? Come check out the story that inspired so many side fics that FimFic had to make a rule banning any more of them!

Even though MLP:FiM ended a few years ago, my friends and I still loved the show. Stories, merch, fan art, I loved it all. Things started to get a weird though when I found myself with a cutie mark appearing on my leg. Humans aren't supposed to get cutie marks, so where the heck did this come from? And what's going on with my hair?

There is also a Mature rated version of this story. People who want to read the Mature version (which has more colorful language, nudity, and occasional light clop) may do so by clicking here. It's not a clopfic by any means, but it does have some explicit sex scenes.

Look what random people on the internet are saying about Five Score, Divided by Four

-Shadow Reaper

I'll probably never be able to clop again if this keeps up.
-Dash Attack

One of the best things to come out of this fandom.

This made me change how I think about fictional worlds, imagination, and even reality

The only story on FimFiction to have me literally shaking with excitement.

Five Score master editor:

Five Score proofreaders:
Comrade Sparkle
Rustle my Jimmies

Chapters (38)

A spinoff of TD's Little Rarity and yes, you definitely have to read that one before you get this one.

Takes place in the middle of TD's Little Rarity. After TD and Rarity are captured by the government, the FBI transports them to a secure location. However, word gets out thanks to a news chopper that a magical pony might be on Earth, and the convoy is attacked and Rarity is taken.

And boy is TD pissed off about it.

Written because I had a dream like this, yes, with Rarity, and I woke up before I could see how it ended.

Chapters (9)

After Pinkie Pie stole Rango's PCP, Ron Paul and the Beatles travel to Equestria to retake what was rightfully theirs. But with the evil Romney and the devious Obama hot on their trail, will they be able to enjoy themselves? Or will they have to resort to asking the ponies for assistance.

-A collab with Inspectah Dash and totallynotabrony in honor of the 2012 Presidential Elections.-

Chapters (1)
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