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I thought I'd seen every piece of fan work imaginable, until I found my first Fan Fiction. The creative side of me exploded in a glorious fire ball of rainbow flames!!! Now I'm here.

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The Producers have long been the bane of the Top Gear team's existence, sending them off into the most dangerous and hilarious of situations in the name of good television. Now follow Captain Slow, Hamster and Jezza as they are sent off again into the unknown as some of the first humans to set foot (Or wheel) into the land of Equestria.

Oh, and the Government isn't exactly on board with this one either...

Teen for language and sexual references.

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Twilight's Cuckoo Clock stopped working, so she took it to Time Turner to have it fixed. It turns out to be an ancient artifact covered with seals and filled with mechanical impossibilities. What secrets is the library's Cuckoo Clock holding? ((NOT a Dr. Whooves Story))

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When Carrot Top discovers that her coltfriend is cheating on her, her first reaction is to kick him to next Monday. The fact that at the moment her coltfriend is attending Blueblood's birthday party doesn't seem to convince her otherwise.

The good news, her friends are all there to get her out of trouble.

The bad news, her friends are all a bunch of sociopaths.

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