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Diplomacy has failed. Six years have passed Equestria's crowning of the princess of friendship, ushering in a supposed unprecedented age of peace and harmony. The concept of warfare is, to most ponies, nothing more than an unfathomable legend. They have let their guard down.

An unknown enemy has seized the opportunity to attack Equestria with terrifying new weapons of war, bent on taking the fertile land and restoring an ancient order. The valiant efforts of the Royal Guard have given Princess Twilight and her arcane scientists time to research and develop a response to their attackers, and the time has come for that response to be implemented. Utilizing weapons and tactics borrowed from another world, five squads under the command of Princess Luna will infiltrate the forests of the Equestrian Northwest to destroy a revolutionary magical matrix that Twilight refers to as the "radio" - a tool that allows enemy ponies to communicate across vast distances instantly.

Nightmare Two is comprised of three foalhood friends who, rather than be separated from each other in the draft, volunteer to become one of the five Nightmare squads. With their bodies forever altered to suit the needs of their mission, the three young mares join legions of ponies armed with powerful weapons to partake in a horrifying new breed of warfare - Equestria's first in over one thousand years.


Heads up, folks. If you wouldn't mind leaving a comment alongside the thumbs-down, I'd appreciate it. This is my first foray into fan fiction and although it's a hobby I nonetheless wish to get better. :)

Got some FAQ's for you guys as well!

- Alternate universe in which the events of "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" did not occur. (As much as I loved it! :D)

- Numerical age tends to vary with headcanon, but the CMC here were just getting started with their adult lives when the draft went into effect.

- The war is pony v. pony, utilizing firearms and the Equestrian equivalent of a tank. The underlying headcanon is that ponies used firearms similar to muskets and tracked armored vehicles akin to our tanks in times of old, and what the enemy currently employs is essentially the natural progression of these technologies.

- There are no real-world weapons or equipment i.e. "Panzer IV," or "M16 assault rifle." Particularly acute details such as the caliber of weapons are also absent.

- Technology is based on that of WWI with some WWII elements. Firearms are primarily bolt-action.

- The "radio" spell matrix functions as what we know to be a radio, but is not identical.

- All four of a Night Mare's legs are permanently replaced by the augments.

- Night Mares are female. Stallions proved unable to properly animate the limbs.


Hold up, now - fanart? You guys rock. Like, for real. Thanks a lot!

1. A great YouTube video coming from The_Pegasus_Box. Thanks, bud!
Check it out!

2. Click here for the collection on DArt.

3. https://derpibooru.org/740375?scope=scpeac921b191f688d04521575f31608785cbc3bbaa1

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This story is a sequel to Path of Kindness and Blood

As written in prophecy, after a thousand years of banishment, the two faced princess shall return and change the world. Pureblood thestrals and their clans are awaiting her return, ready to support her.

Fluttershy, the decades old pureblood thestral, sought refuge in Ponyville after death of her parents. She’s faced many trials and hardships while forging many friendships and forming a small clan of her own.

Now, as the night of the two faced princess’s return is dragging near, it is up to the young pureblood and her friends to face her. Will they help Luna to surface and convince her to lead thestrals down the road of peace, or will they fail and Nightmare Moon will lead them down the path of conquest?

To make matters worse, Moon Shadow, the most powerful pureblood, may have plans of his own.

List of proof-readers:
7th Outpost - Prologue
EternityFlame - Prologue, chapter 1 part 1 and 2
Ankaru - Prologue
Word Worthy

Feather Note

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This story is a sequel to Secrets of a Royal Guard

Duty, honor, and loyalty above all else. That was what Silent Knight had been told ever since he was a colt. They had guided him all his life and he was more than ready to follow in his father’s hoofsteps by dedicating himself to the Royal Guard. Then he discovered something else he had never expected: friendship and love. He learned that he owed these values not just to his job, but to his wife, his friends, and his family. Unfortunately, he learned that too late.

War has broken out between the gryphon kingdoms and Equestria is stuck in the thick of it trying to protect their ally, Nordanver. As Silent marches off to war, he must contend with the guilt that battles within him. He played right into the claws of Sudramoar's sovereign, and now he must leave his newlywed wife behind so that he can pay the price for his foolish actions.

Knowledge of the Quill & Blade AU is recommended to understand this story. It is a direct sequel to Secrets of a Royal Guard.

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Journals. Everyone keeps one, even if they call it by a different name. An autobiography, some online blog, or even fading memories in the mind regaled as tales to grandchildren, it's always recorded somewhere for someone to see or hear one day. And whether or not it's truth or fiction, it's always unique in delivering an individual perspective on life.

Celestia politely asked Sunny, her mirror pool duplicate, to write about her life experiences in one such journal.

Unfortunately for her, Sunny wasn't very good at following directions.

This is a side story to Letters from an Irritated Princess.

While knowledge of the whole series is not required, it is highly recommended that one has read the events beyond the Slice of Life Letter to have a better understanding of the circumstances. Otherwise, reading this might be confusing.

Correction: It will absolutely be confusing. Also made a small title change that should, in theory, be simpler.

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This story is a sequel to Crystal's Wishes

Love had finally happened to her. Crystal Wishes married the stallion of her dreams and couldn't be happier with her life... until she discovers why ponies treat military spouses with so much respect. Life after the happily ever after isn't as easy as she hoped it would be when married to a royal guard.

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All of our favorite YouTubers have randomly dissapeared to a strange and unknown place...

Twilight Sparkle has no idea what to do when dozens upon dozens of ponies tumble from the sky into the center of Ponyville - one thing is obvious, though, and it's that these ponies were not ponies from the start. Now, Twilight needs to figure out where to send these ponies, how to get them there, and learn more about the creatures they once were.

This is one of the hardest tasks Twilight has ever attempted, but she can do it with the help of her friends... Right?

OMG... The popular stories page on the first day? Seriously?! Thank you guys so much!!!!!!

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My attempt at a more serious 'Luna meets Neil Armstrong' storyline. What would really happen, both on the moon and on Earth? Inspired by 'The Eagle has Landed' by CyanBlackStone.

Princess Luna has found herself on a very different moon after some strange force interfered with her banishment. She doesn't know what the metal objects that keep orbiting and sometimes landing there are, but she wants to find out. Meanwhile, Neil Armstrong believes that being the first man on the moon will be the crowning achievement of his life. Hoo boy, is he ever in for a surprise.

For those who are interested, the most excellent Zanec has provided this link to an interactive Apollo 11 site.

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'You'd all still be living your miserable lives thinking you're "better" than everypony else if it weren't for my magical abilities! I brought you friendship! I brought you equality! I created harmony!'
'But we aren't equal. I can't fly, or cast magic!'
All it took was one idea, half formed from a pony, to bring the entire mob around. Realising their error, they looked to the wings on their back, the horn on their head. Cutie Marks were one thing, yes, but if it required a unicorn to cast it, where an Earth Pony or Pegasus could not, how could they be considered equals?
That was how it started.

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Diamond Tiara's joy at her newfound outlook and friends is shortlived. Exiled to her bedroom while her uncompromising mother decides what to do with her, she can only listen in as Spoiled Rich tells her too-meek-by-half husband Filthy EXACTLY how useless his daughter is. Then, there's a sudden knock on the door... and Tiara's adventure is about to begin.
Set after the events of 'Crusaders Of The Lost Mark'.
Now rated T for some disturbing scenes
Beware of SPOILERS in the comments.
Great new cover drawn, completely at their own behest, by the very talented robsa990. What a nice chap he is.

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Sonata wants to show Aria how much she means to her and what better way to do that then to buy her a Valentines Day present. But it seems Aria and Adagio are gone for the night and she see's a note that will forever change her.

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