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When Lalna's thumb slips while holding the remote to the nuke under Rythian's castle, the explosion opens a portal. A strange, swirly, rainbow portal. It takes them to Equestria, and leaves them there as ponies. Will they learn the magic of friendship, or strangle each other before they have the chance? Is this just some cruel joke for Princess Luna's entertainment? The world may never know...
Takes place in my Rainbow Dash and Vinyl Scratch universe, but before Feelin' Princessy.

Chapters (3)

A nuke has been set off in Duncan's castle. No one knows who set it off, but what everyone does know is that a strange portal has opened up where Blackrock used to be. Zoeya, being the curious cyborg she is decides to jump in. Rythian, and Teep, being the kinda adopted big brothers they are, jump in after her. The tomfoolery that ensue will be almost catastrophic...but not quite.

Rated teen for occasional swearing and such.

Chapters (3)

Zoey had been experimenting in Blackrock with a Technomagic Teleporter. It would combine Science and Magic to send the user into another dimension, like the nether or End. However something went wrong and Rythian shielded Zoey from the blast and was sent into the magical land of Equestria.

Crossover with YogscastRythian's Blackrock Chronicles

Now being edited by Paton Pending

Cover art made by the talented YogsGen on deviantArt

Chapters (1)

Twilight's teleportation spell messes up and her along with her friends, Spike, Tirimor, and Galaddae end up in a strange land known as Minecraftia.

With both Steve the miner and Enderbro the Endermen, it is now up to our favorite ponies and dragon to survive in this new world while they try and figure out a way to get back to Equestria.

But it seems things will be more difficult, considering evil is coming into Minecraftia.

My Little Pony © Hasbro, Lauren Faust

Minecraft © Mojang

Xephos, Honeydew, Peculiar and other characters belong to Yogscast.

Tirimor and Galaddae being to me.

Chapters (5)

A group of popular Youtubers are thrown into an unfamiliar world.

With very little knowledge on the world around them, they must find their friends and stop the evil that's covering Equestria with sand.

But the enemy is all too familiar to them, and they can't defeat him and his army alone. They can't let The Dark Lord take over the world, they must succeed, for if they don't, then they will never
return to the place they call home.

This isn't a game were you simply re-spawn if you die. If you die here, then it's over, and Equestria will be doomed to suffer the results of their failure, for the rest of time..

But three hero's stand out above the rest, the three that weren't captured the moment they arrived. It's their duty to find the ones they care about, and stop Israphel once and for all!

But before they go anywhere, they have to find each other..


Yogscast fanfic I thought of a while ago, decided to start writing it out.
Written in first person, with multiple perspectives throughout the story.
Rated teen for swearing and possible violent scenes later on.

Chapters (8)

This is the story of Lewis and Simon along with their friends, they will go through the tedious troubles of having their pony duplicates in their lives. Whether it be Jaffa shortage, toilet too big, or *GAAAAASP* Maybe even they discover videogames!

Read to find out!

Collab with my awesome friend Pen Brush! Check her out! She is a awesome girl and deserves all yo respect!

Chapters (7)

This story is going to act diffrently, it will be multiple Episodes. Meaning difftent stories, diffrent chapters. In one.

When a lightning storm gave the yogscast members mystical powers to travel between worlds in thier sleep...
but its not a power, when it turns out to be a curse. If they die or suffer injuries from the other world, it will happen to thier pysical bodies. So they must find a way to break this curse without dying, because that will be horrible.

Simon, Lewis, Duncan, Hannah, (Rest of them here...)

Chapters (5)

A lost race of an ancient creature reemerges from the mountain of Canterlot, chanting they make their way through Canterlot and towards the mountain opposite of Ponyville. Nothing will stop them, nothing can. They will make their way to their Mountain Keep.

(This is only a parody of both My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the new Yogscast's Diggy Diggy Hole.) This was made only for entertainment purposes and a lost bet.

Chapters (4)
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