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When Twilight Sparkle was four years old, her mother bought her a tombstone.

Dedicated to Regidar. He's a real one.

Edited by MrNumbers and R5h.

Patreon. Ko-fi. Picture of me looking handsome

Chapters (1)

Rarity just had a perfect date with a perfect colt! But something isn’t right.
She goes to her old childhood journal for inspiration. As she reads she notices a trend.
Hmm, she sure did write about Applejack a lot…

Chapters (1)

Starlight Glimmer presents Sunset with an ethics question while they spend time at the mall.

Chapters (1)

Sunset Shimmer has been harboring a crush on Twilight Sparkle for a long time, one she knew could never go anywhere. This became doubly frustrating after the appearance of Twilight Sparkle. But what if she has a real shot this time? There's only one way to find out, by talking to Twilight Sparkle.

Chapters (1)

When everyone else turns out to be too busy to do it, Spike volunteers to babysit Princess Flurry Heart for the day. He does his job all right for the most part, but things begin to shake up a bit when Sweetie Belle stops by and insists she help Spike take care of the baby. After some hesitation, Spike relents and decides to let Sweetie Belle help him. The day goes on and Spike and Sweetie Belle babysit Flurry Heart together, almost like their own little family.

Cover Art by Silcy, Commissioned by me.

Special thanks to Silcy and my proofreaders.

Chapters (1)

"The first thing new students of the Great Ponyville Homecoming Holiday Riot may wish to fix upon their minds is that ultimately, Mr. Rich's intentions were good and thus it could be said that in some ways, what happened was not truly his fault."

Black Friday comes to Equestria.


(Now with author Patreon page.)

Chapters (1)

As the world ends, a group of teenagers covered in blood enter Sugarcube Corner.

What follows is technically a love story.

Edited by Pearple Prose and Themaskedferret. Preread by Undome Tinwe, MaxKodan, and Majin Syeekoh.

An entry for Oroboro's Changing Seasons contest.

Chapters (1)

During the course of a sleepover at Ponyville Castle, it is revealed that neither Twilight nor any of her friends have ever kissed a stallion. Things quickly get competitive, and soon Spike, the only male within striking distance, is forced to run for his life.

EDIT: WOW! Already featured only a few hours after publishing 6/20/17! Thank you all!

Chapters (1)

Dedicated to one of the brightest diamonds I know.

Heavy is the head that bears the crown. Light is the heart that shares its burdens.

Historian’s Note: The Tarnished Crown occurs three weeks before the events in the Season 4 Finale, Twilight’s Kingdom.

Cast: Rarity & Twilight Sparkle
Introducing: Amber Spark

Cover Art: Little-Tweenframes (SciSetDaily)
Rarity Header & Section Breaks Design: Novel Idea
Rarity Cutie Mark: Black-Gryph0n (Yes, that BlackGryp0n)

Beta Reader & Editor Credits
Ebon Quill - Audio Director & Quest Designer on The Manehattan Project
Little Tinker - Master of Systems at Poniverse & Scripting Engineer on The Manehattan Project
Beltorn - Commenter-at-Large on FimFiction
Cursori: Reader of Many a Pony Word
Monochromatic - Patron Saint of RariTwi
Painted Heart - Wife of the Author :pinkiesmile:

Word Count: 11,000 Words
Version: 2.6

Chapters (1)

All the castle staff of Canterlot know that when seven-year-old Twilight Sparkle has a problem, the correct answer is always "Let Celestia handle it." But this time? Celestia's student has come up with a theory that she wasn't quite expecting.

Yeah, this needs fixing.

Just a short little something that hit me out of the blue and demanded to be written. Not my usual cup of tea; criticism welcome.

Special thanks to Super Trampoline for pre-reading!

Cover art used with permission from mysticalpha.

Chapters (1)
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