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    - February, 2015
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Princess Celestia and Luna hear the legends of the Holy Sword Excalibur, and try to find it to help protect Equestria. It doesn't go exactly as planned.
This is a MLP/Soul Eater Crossover, so it would help if you have seen Soul Eater before. If you are interested it is on Netflix.

Chapters (2)

A great force with an even greater mind has resurfaced, and will reclaim what is his. Celestia must deal with the return of Nightmare Moon, but now the triangle demon is at large.

(Bill Cipher displaced)
(Under reconstruction)

Chapters (12)

I hate being trapped here... I've been stuck in Tartarus for a thousand years with no visitors. Though that's not what bugs me.

What REALLY bugs me is that I don't know if my brother is alive.

I tried helping, I tried being the hero, and I tried saving ponies, yet failed. And because of that, I'm in here.

I'm not making the same mistake twice.

Another Displaced story. This one is about Lee/Venom's sister!

Chapters (8)

Lets never talk about this ever again

Three brothers go to a costume convection as the hedgehog trio. As you can guess they got what they deserve. Now in a world of techno colored ponies the three become who they are.'

We're Sonic Heroes

I thought we agreed never to call ourselves that!

Co-written with Jake Witt.

Chapters (2)

So, I cosplay at a con, and I buy some souvenirs. All pretty normal right? Not! Instead of having an awesome time I end up in Equestria with no idea what i'm doing. Makes me really want to go and demand a refund, too bad the world doesn't work like that!

So! Join me as I deal with being a displaced, defeating evil, playing pranks, and failing at life! Who knew that getting cool powers could come with so many problems.. should have been Spiderman then I could use his line without sounding cliche.

~So my second story EVER, this is of course a Displaced Story. Also the cover image is the gauntlet... if anyone reading this has artistic talent a better pic would be incredibly welcome. Current cover art is done by zeldawolffang but if I get others I may rotate them or put them to a vote to determine the best one for the story! So don't be afraid to send me any that you make!~

~Special Thanks to StarChaser01 He has been a MAJOR help with this story so if you like it pop on over and give him a THANK YOU!~

~Also a major thanks to all who commented on my thread seeking help on the Displaced group!~

P.S Hey Archive! Does this look any better?

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If you think you know me, then you are truly mistaken.

Back where I'm from, I was forced to go with my classmates to a museum filled with costumes and clothes. It wasn't quite my cup of tea until I met a woman who told me that she could tailor something for me for a small fee. So, I asked for a scarf that resembled the burning flame of a phoenix. After receiving it though, things began to go south (Mostly because of my emotions back then). My life was already a living hell and ending up in another world was the last thing I would've expected.

But as I would find out, my life experiences and the things I've learned in the course of my long life have forged me into the being that I am. The tortured phoenix with a burning heart and spirit.

I am Ember Valkyr. The flame that will be the last thing you'll see.

Displaced story following the perspective of one of my own characters this time. One that I came up with. Thanks Fiction Fanatic and ElementBrigade (along with many other people) for your inspiration.

Credits to everything shown. Artwork made by me. It's a partial League of Legends crossover because of one of the characters, but that's it.

League of Legends belongs to Riot Games

Chapters (18)

Once upon a time in the magicless land of Earth, I was a simple geek on my way to comic con chosing to cosplay one of my favorite literary characters, Eragon.

Such a pity I never made it.

One meeting with a quite odd fellow, a purchase I wasn't entirely sure I wanted, and I was in Equestria holding my receipt.

No returns. No exchanges. All sales are final.

Chapters (2)

Yeah okay, so here's the deal: One moment I'm going to my third con along with my group "Fantasy Wing" and the next thing I know, I wake up in a field in a different world. On top of that I seem to be in a Equestria that's been fused with "The Twilight Zone"!! What the F*** is goin on?! It's times like these I understand why people smoke. Cause right now I sure could use one, only problem is I don't smoke.

I hope I can survive this without my "Other" half surfacing and cracking the planet in half.

Black Alice is from DC comics

Chapters (6)

Hey, names Lee. I turned into Venom after buying something from a Merchant, and now I'm stuck as a statue in a land of racist, Technicolor ponies...

Oh, and I don't have a body...

Well... Crap.

I just wanted to go to Comic-Con! But no~ I just HAD to have that black Scythe... GAH!!!

And to think. This could have all been avoided if Celestia was smart.

I wonder who my next host is going to be? Heh...

Hero Displaced story! Because I can't be all evil with my stories.

Chapters (18)

Going to Equestria is something great.
Going to Equestria with awesome powers is even greater.
Going to Equestria with those exact powers that you wished for your whole life? Best. Thing. Ever.
Going to Equestra as an invisible spirit that nopony can see or hear? Not so great...
Welcome to my life, at least I can cheer ponies up when the're down. SNOWBALLS A PLENTY!!!

This is a Displaced story about Jack and 'his' version of Equestria.
I do not own the cover art.

First featured 2015/03/06

Chapters (18)
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