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Big Mac doesn’t say much. That’s just his way. However, when a routine medical exam reveals he’s going to lose his voice, he decides he’d better get his last round of speaking in while he still can. Saying a few last words to his friends (and asking out a certain schoolteacher) is all he planned on doing. If only he understood the full repercussions of opening his big mouth.

Featured on Equestria Daily!
Reading by DRWolf: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

The original version of the story took 12th place in The Writeoff Association's July contest, "A Matter of Perspective"

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As Princess Erroria walked home from school that faithful day, she could hear a strange cry coming from a near by well. As she peered into the well, she saw an unusual pink creature.

"Don't worry, I'll save you." Princess Erroria stated.

Cover art by Jacob Bading

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Okay so I decided that I will do a Scootadopt first instead of a SoarinDash scootadopt right out the gate.

Scootaloo is once again an orphan, for the third time, after a fire kills her adoptive father she begins to loose hope that she will ever be happy. But she soon finds there really is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Ya, I know that last bit was cheese. Any way, this is going to be very sad so viewer discretion is advised. It should also give you allot of feels.

To sum this up; Scootaloo's third father is killed, she gets bullied, she gets depressed, Rainbow realizes her true feelings for scootaloo, RD adopts scootaloo as her daughter promising to care for her no matter what, and it has a happy ending. (sorta...)

Named after the song American Noise by Skillet

Editor: Rainboom H Harmonia

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When the Cutie Mark Crusaders are sent to Kanto due to Sweetie Belle, they decide to become Creature Catchers! They find many familier faces, and some new ones, and they must band together to stop a new threat from destroying both worlds.

Chapters (2)

Derpy doesn't understand why ponies don't accept her. After losing everything she ever loved, only the power of friendship, and love, can she become understood, and finally be accepted as normal.

fartartartar edited this whole story, and added many details. Go check out his page :pinkiehappy:

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On a trip to see Apple Bloom and the crusaders, Babs brings two young blank-flanks interested in joining the small club, but one seems to hang back from the excitement.

Chapters (4)

It has been ten years since Tirek was defeated, and now the Cutie Mark Crusaders are all grown up. Sweetie Belle has a foal named Emerald. Apple Bloom is engaged. And at the same time, Scootaloo is waiting for her response from the Wonderbolt Academy. Want to know more? Stay tuned!

Thanks to xStellar_Bubbles for the artwork!
And thanks to FelineFluff for editing AND big shoutout to her as well for writing the first, third, and fifth chapter.
This is going to be a thing where I write all of the even numbered chapters and she writes all of the odd numbered chapters. We hope you enjoy it!

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Rainbow Dash, after suffering a severe accident involving a high powered fan, refuses to return to the hospital to heal her broken wing. Instead, Twilight takes her in and makes her a potion to heal her wing. In an unfortunate accident, the potion swaps Rainbow's wings for a horn! As Twilight searches for a cure, she tells Rainbow that she may have to live with the horn for a while.

*Thank you to sapoltop on Deviantart for the photo: Uni Dash*
Featured on 6/22/14!!! :D

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The mane six are holding a silence contest. The winner gets princess duties for a week, courtesy of Princess Sparkle.

What are each ponies' reasons for wanting to win?

What complications arise due to six of Equestria's most important ponies refusing to speak?

What is Spike's take on all this?

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Lemon Zest and Sour Sweet decide to open up a lemonade stand one day. As their first day in business drags on, they tackle some pretty senseless customers.

These ponies are two Shadowbolts from the upcoming EG movie Friendship Games.

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