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Yo! Ello people! Let's get right to the point. My favorite pony is: Applejack! Favorite Princess: Princess Skyla or Princess Luna f your talking the show -.- and Favorite CMC: Sweetie belle/Scootaloo!

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Cheese Sandwich has always been shy, hopefully all that changes when he meets a certain pink filly.


Alright, picture is by: MyataTheCupcake!

The picture was requested by: Bronycooper!

I really hope you guys like this story!!!! It took forever but it's out!!! Hope you like Bronycooper!!!!!!!!!

Here is the blog with all the rules and info about the picture story thing I'm doing!

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Before her father died, Applejack made him a promise: She would watch over the farm that had housed her family for generations, and keep her own family safe. After one promise escapes her clutches, she will vow to keep the second until she is able to continue the first.

WARNING: THIS IS AN APPLEBLITZ!!!!! I know it isn't the most popular pairing but my fave pairing is Appledash but it feels weird writing about two girls :fluttercry: Please, please, please, please, PLEASE, do not down vote if you do not like the pairing, PLEASE! Vote down if you don't like how the story was written, and then please tell me what I did wrong.

It's a bit rough in my opinion but please rate it fairly, and tell me so I can improve my stories.

Cover art is NolyCS's

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Applejack had said that she wouldn't baby Applebloom no more but when she runs away to a place of bad memories at the worst possible time, Applejack decides she went to far and grounds her. Applebloom, furious with her sister, make a wish that will help her understand more about her strong, dependable, and honest sister, or at least she think she is.

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Skyla is a pony filled with wonder and adventure but is always kept within the castle walls but never let out, finally when she is let out trouble strikes. this is the story of Princess Skyla.... (at least in my head)

alright the characters in here are: Princess Twilight Sparkle, The mane 6, Flash, Oc's, Skyla as other, King Sombra, Queen Chrysalis, Spike, and some changelings.

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