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The latest addition to the Sparkle family, Morning Star, takes to Ponyville in the care of her big sister, Twilight Sparkle. Well behaved, talented with magic in her own way, Morning also suffers from Twilight’s former affliction; she has no friends, but it’s more by choice than by chance.

Happiness isn’t all she'll bring into Twilight’s Ponyville life. Will the secrets this little filly carries change the relationship between Twilight and her friends?

Take place before season 3. In this story Season 2 does not happen in the order of release (Twilight's birthday is after the Christmas pageant for example)

Sex tag is mostly for adult ponies talking about sex.

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This story is a sequel to Tales From the Crystal Empire

In an Equestria much different from what we know, Princess Luna has ruled the young nation fairly for several years now and has recently earned her cutie mark when she raised both the sun and moon together.

Now though, a letter has come from the Crystal Empire, a country that is still little known of. It seems that the reigning monarch's daughter is soon to come of age, and her mother is eager to help establish ties with Equestria.

Now more than a little curious, and also eager to establish ties with a country that is much older than her own, Luna accepts the invitation to the young mare's Royal Crystaling.

But Princess Mi Amore Amicitia is much more than her mother let on. A fact that will shock and surprise Luna when they finally meet.

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This story is a sequel to Incarnate

It has been 100 years since Princess Twilight had recreated the Lunar Lock mirror to Earth following its destruction. While Twilight had seen to the affairs of Equestria with the occasional assistance from Celestia and Luna, Sunset Shimmer had been living and raising a family on Earth only visiting every 30 moons and avoiding the ever growing quagmire of Canterlot politics. It is a blissful existence for Sunset, but sadly, nothing lasts forever.

One night Sunset receives a dream visitor who she did not expect and a warning of the approaching doom of Equestria by ancient creatures. Sunset must choose between either remaining in her self imposed exile or returning to the world she abandoned including facing her family and friends in order to help save them.

Some might think it an easy decision.

It is not.

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In Legend of Evefree Twilight was worried constantly that Midnight Sparkle would return and possibly take over her again if she used her magic again. Whenever someone asked her or told her about it she'd not want to talk about it at all, especially if Sunset or her friends asked her since she wasn't sure if debating whether or not to talk about it would help her. But what if she did talk it over with Sunset and how would it go? Would she end up regretting it or would it somehow fix the worries she's been having over her magic?

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This story is a remake of the Equestria Girls Speical "Forgotten Friendship"

Sunset Shimmer. We all know her for how hard she has worked to become that girl we all know and love, and more than that, so do her friends. Until they didn't! Everything she had worked so hard on has been erased, gone as if she never existed! No one remembers her, except for the once horrible and tyrant girl she once was that made people suffer and afraid of when she ruled CHS. But what if not everyone had forgotten? Would the help of a single person make it different? Would they be able to solve this memory loss mystery and track down who caused all of this and fix it before it's too late!!!

Cover art by ilaria122

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On a night where Princess Luna decides to not go into the dream realm due to no nightmares occurring, she decides to take Megan Williams over to the castle and share her deepest and darkest secret to her even if it could get her into trouble. At first, she is told that there is common ground between them, but then is almost brought into a shock to find why she wasn't around for so long. Could sharing this secret make Megan feel more or less for Luna after knowing about it?

Proofreader: Majestic_Donut

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My name is Celestia.
This book is my memories of my time with Twilight as her teacher.

I do not know how you have found this journal. But what matters now is that you have. Perhaps you are Twilight, looking through my belongings. Perhaps you are a complete stranger. But all I wish, is that after you read this, put the book back where it was.

I hope you did, because I'll need it in a week.

Written by iAmSiNnEr

Chapters (3)

What will become of Nightmare Night without Nightmare Moon? That's what Ink Blot, a timid young journalist from the Canterlot Chronicle wants to know. During her interview with Princess Luna, the two ponies develop a budding new friendship.

After experiencing a particularly disturbing dream, Ink Blot turns to her new friend for answers. Luna's reluctance to provide answers puts their new friendship to the test, and risks revealing a terrible truth about Nightmare Moon that Luna has kept hidden for years.

Originally written for the May 2018 Writeoff, "The Other Side"

Chapters (3)