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My captor was kind, to a point. They provided me with a comfortable private suite, three meals a day, and tried to accommodate any of my needs within reason. It was a far cry from being locked away in a dingy dungeon or straight up killed, but I still was a bit wary about the true intentions of this alicorn. 

A gilded cage, however, is still a cage.

Edited by UnamusedWaffle.

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to Redemption

Sometimes, events occur that take us on a completely different, and unexpected path. This happened to Ryan Williams one chilly morning, who took a stroll as a broken man and returned home as a father. But no one, man or alicorn, can ever claim to be able to know where our paths will take us, or even when they will end.

*Cover art isn't great, but I can't commission anything like the last story, so you're stuck with it, suckers.*
**It's supposed to be a stained glass window**

Special Thanks to the following fantastic peoples;
Cosmic Rush
Prismatic Stetsons

12/3/21: Looks like it made the featured box. Nice :)

Chapters (2)

A son saves his father, and both are whisked away. In their journey, a new world is found. New friends are made. A new threat rises. A new power is uncovered. And the first chapter to a new legend is written. Part one of the "To Walk the Sky" series.

Co-written by Nasubrony and proofread by the Psychopath.

Chapters (7)

A horse appears semi-regularly. A magical horse. Mainly she comes to relax and take up space. She's polite and friendly but it did take some getting used to.

Still. Worse things have happened.

A reading by Straight To The Point Studio.

And by me.

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Jack came to Equestria.

Unfortunately for Jack he came to Equestria tens of thousands of feet above the ground.

Jack very promptly died in Equestria.

This is how falling works.

Chapters (11)

Rover the Diamond Dog has been pack leader for years now, protecting the Diamond Dogs near Ponyville from all manner of threats. He’s made mistakes, such as the time he thought it would be a good idea to kidnap a unicorn to help find gems. But those mistakes don’t change his responsibilities—their pack has a sacred charge, one he will see fulfilled no matter what.

Takes place immediately following “Dog and Pony Show”

This story was inspired by this thread! Probably read the story first, because it’s going to completely spoil what this is about.

Pre-reading by the patient Bitera and Sparktail. Cover by Zutcha.

Chapters (2)

Anon has been forced into Canterlot's throne room. Even worse, Princess Celestia is inside of it. Crying silently.

Welp, there's only one real solution here.


Now's the time to hope this isn't a crime of any sort, and that he isn't sent to the sun anytime soon.

First publicized story- would definitely appreciate criticism.

And being completely honest- this was made in under an hour. A product of sudden inspiration.

Edit 5/17/19: Christ, featured less than an hour after it was posted and generally liked- i'm honoured. Glad you all enjoyed my silly little story!

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Princess Celestia was going for an incognito stroll through the town in order to unwind from court, that was until she came across a small oddity of a shop called 'Cliff's Craft' on Elder Street.

So, she decided to pay Equestria's only resident human a visit.

[E] Means it has been professionally edited.

Mild violence, swearing and sexual themes.

Please note: In this story ponies (and others) are similar (anthropomorphic) to humans. Though ponies (for example) are generally shorter, have fur, magic, cutie/destiny marks, and the extra appendages like wings or horns.

Also shout outs to:
PurpleFloof for editting!
Dekaskittalz for proof reading!
Vongoalyken for the advice!

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Admittedly, Luna should have told somepony, but it was such a unique opportunity.

Author's Note:
Feel free to leave constructive criticism in the comments. I literally live for it. Even if it's a bit harsh, after reading it I might get a little upset, but I will just simmer silently about it for a few days before ultimately deciding that you probably have a point.

The source of the cover art can be found here:


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Celestia's dinner parties have one very simple rule: don't boop the Princess. Anthony has regretfully forgotten that rule.

Now, with Luna's aid, he is on the run for his life.

The epic conclusion to the "Anon-thony" trilogy.

Chapters (1)