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I am an aspiring novelist/poet who writes high fantasy/action/adventure novels/fanfics and pretty poetry.

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While visiting her hometown, a small filly approaches Lyric with a question. Unicorns have their magic and pegasi can fly, but is there anything that makes earth ponies special? Fortunately, Lyric just may have the answer.

The idea behind this story was given to me by my very special somepony, and this tale is my gift back to him. Happy anniversary, my love.

Many thanks to my very special somepony and to my friends Will-Owl-the-Wisp and Reneigh Haycart for their help with editing, and for helping to make this story the best it can be. Many thanks also to Wisp for the lovely cover art! You can find the original here

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Since her return and rescue, Princess Luna has been looking for some way to properly honor the six mares who saved her from herself, but nothing she has been able to think of has seemed meaningful enough to repay her saviors.

Nothing, at least, until she spends Nightmare Night in Ponyville, and gets to actually know the six ponies to whom she owes such a great debt. She realizes she enjoys their company, and wishes for them to spend more time with her, that she might grow closer to them.

So, in accordance with many fine and ancient traditions, and after thinking it over for a good...couple of hours, easy, she proclaims that she shall marry all six of them. Oh, and that Twilight will be marrying Celestia, too.

Now would be the appropriate time for everypony to panic.

--Cover Art Courtesy of Zemious--
--Editing Graciously Provided By BronyWriter--

NB - The sex tag is in place for sexual situations and suggestions; the story is, and shall remain, free of explicit sex.

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In the midst of her conflict with Starlight Glimmer, Twilight is shown the reason why her enemy became the way she is. She is shown her past, and the terrible tragedy that caused her to become the deadly foe she is today.

However, rather than evoke sympathy in the princess, Starlight's motivations actually cause her to have a more cynical response.

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Now, being adrift in the middle of the ocean, with no means of finding land or calling for help would be a difficult situation for anypony. For Jay, he sadly finds himself in exactly such a position. What's more, he's not alone here, as a strange mare also survived alongside him.

Well, being stuck with a pretty mare isn't such a bad thing...is it?

Art by Siansaar

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SEQEUL: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/295946/dont-worry-we-wont-bite-sequel-to-night-of-the-werewolf

"Stay away from me!" She screamed as her body changed under the light of the moon, her pupils small as pebbles, blood dripping from her hooves, and mouth as they became more wolf like. "I don't want...to...to hurt...you..."

Her body went limp as she fainted, her fur and mane frazzled, paws replaced her hooves, sharp fangs going just past her lips. Vinyl stared in shock as the wolf-like creature lifted itself from the floor with a low growl. It turned to Vinyl, canines bared. It rose its head and let out a loud, mournful howl, and attacked. Vinyl by now had been scared past her wits, and having read a fair amount of folklore herself, expected to be mauled. But instead,

It licked her...

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This story is a sequel to ABCD: Aria Blaze Can't Dance

A mishap with Sonata's new invention, and her and Sunset find themselves in a really hilarious dangerous situation.

Edited by iLuvRainbows
Cover image: Tacos by me, background added by iLuvRainbows
Background: Twilight Sparkle's Basement Laboratory
Tacos help: Taco Love

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This story is a sequel to ADHD: Adagio Dazzle Has Difficulites

2 weeks after they attempted to take over the school, and Aria seems to be getting along well with the Rainbooms.
Well, one in particular, actually.

Chapters (1)

Adagio Dazzle tries to take over Canterlot High, but many annoying obstacles stand in her way.

Random idea my friend and I thought of when we entered our school's cafeteria. No joke.
Edited and cover image by iLuvRainbows

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When Princess Luna receives news about a certain entity causing trouble for people's dreams in the Earth realm, she takes is upon herself to fix the problem.

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Upon her return to Ponyville, Applejack learns Big Macintosh crossdressed at the Sisterhooves Social to help his little sister Apple Bloom. Obviously, Applejack knows Mac's behavior doesn't mean he has gender issues. If anything, it just shows how much he cares for his little sister.

However, something else happened while Applejack was away that can't be so easily dismissed.

It's time to talk.

Written for The Writeoff Association's "Illusion of Choice" contest.

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