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This is a story about Rarity's hips.

(All good stories are.)

An entry for the Appledash Contest #5: Second Chances. Edited by MrNumbers.

Chapters (1)

Far to the north, in the Crystal Empire, Princess Cadance has a ceremony known as the blindfold wedding, and ponies come from all over with the hopes of finding a mate. Somehow, Princess Cadance has her ways and means, and her blindfold weddings have a curiously high success rate, given what they are: two strangers who have never met getting hitched with one another.

Furious Funnel, a tornado wrangler by trade, decides that it is time to do something else with his life. After saying goodbye to his bosom companion Braeburn, he heads north with the hopes of finding a bride. He might not get what he wants, or even expects, but he’ll get exactly what he needs.

An entry in the Weedverse.

Stink Sentry.

Chapters (17)

This story is a sequel to The Commander's Compromise

Chartreuse Le Feu, now in the apprenticeship of her dreams, is assigned to be a helper to Chalcedony, a blind crystal pony who can see into the thaumaturgical spectrum of light, but can’t view mundane objects. After being introduced to one another by Sunburst, they go out to visit Chalcedony’s favourite tearoom.

Along the way, they meet a pegasus colt of the nocturnal variety, and he’s a bit down in the dumps...

The day is just full of surprises.

An entry in the Weedverse.

Chapters (5)

Chartreuse Le Feu, a filly with a knack for shield magic, decides to become Shining Armor’s apprentice. She has plotted and planned for many years on how to accomplish this goal. Now, having finished primary school, she works to make this happen.

Shining Armor is in for surprise.

An entry in the Weedverse.


Chapters (7)

One day, just like that, Twilight decides she's going to die.

Edited by Pearple Prose, MrNumbers, and Themaskedferret.

Chapters (2)

Set only a week after the banishment of Princess Luna to the moon, the realm of Equestria is in a state of upheaval. Celestia's royal guard attempt to regain control over the vast empire once ruled by dual monarchs, and the young alicorn's actions as a ruler have become a subject of scrutiny after her sister's attempted coup. Two factions have risen in the turmoil: The Knights of the Sun and The Bright Moon.

Far away from the political infighting and sword rattling exists a small mining town on the outskirts of Equestrian territory. Where once the royal guard would have no trouble fending off raids from bandits or other criminals, the panic of the capitol has caused a withdrawal of military forces to more essential cities and trading ports. Completely undefended and without a spell or sword amongst them, this town was soon overrun by a band of bi-pedal canines calling themselves the Diamond Dogs. As brutal as they are lazy, the Diamond Dogs have forced the local population to work until collapse to collect gems from the town mine.

Outraged by his inability to fend off these bandits and thieves, a young unicorn named Bone Marrow tries with all of his might to find his purpose in life - his cutie mark - and hopes that it will be enough to drive off the invaders of his home. He will soon discover that his special talent is far more than he bargained for.

Chapters (18)

Twilight knew that there would be times she would find herself in over her head. When Princess Celestia decides that her proximity to a Village Hidden in the Everfree makes her a perfect candidate for participating in the village's introductory tour and citizenship ceremony, the young alicorn finds out just how little she really knows about her own world.

Quick note: I've been having difficulties with my formatting since the update so if it's messed up or anything like that let me know. I'll try to fix it ASAP

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to Divine Entertainment

Atlas, Discord and Starswirl have safely arrived in the newly founded Equestria. The ponies that came before them already built up quite a few flourishing cities, setting aside their differences and living together in harmony.

Close to one such newly founded town, Atlas built what he personally insists on calling a "secret lab" where he conducts research and experiments to gain a better understanding of runic magic. Assisted by his adopted son Discord and his scholarly friend Starswirl, they'll have to recreate this lost art if Atlas wants to be prepared for the foretold showdown between the greek gods. All while keeping an eye out for the events that are supposed to bring the true Equestria into existence.

This sequel story will focus mostly on Atlas' research into runes and the timeline that is known to him. Therefore I've decided to replace the adventure tag from the last story with slice of life, although there might still be some adventure-y chapters.

Cover Art by Navanastra, go check out his awesome stories!

Join the Discord, where you can discuss the story, but also just make new friends!

Divine Universe, the FimFic group all about the Divine Entertainment universe!

Research! Arc:
Chapter 1 - 4
9’208 Words

Travels! Arc:
Chapter 5 - 7
12'858 Words

Research 2, Research Harder! Arc:
Chapter 8 - 11
7'920 Words

Chapters (15)

Twilight Sparkle, having endured the events of 'Ink,' now needs a little downtime and foalsitting sounds ideal. After all, what's the worse that could happen? They're just foals.

Foalsitting is the next best thing to starting a family, and Twilight feels that she's ready for that, too.

An entry in the Weedverse.

Chapters (23)

When Twilight Sparkle opens a magical book taken from the Moochick's Study, she gets pulled into the middle, along with Sumac Apple. But if Twilight is going to somehow finish this story, she's going to have to start from the beginning.

The beginning is a long ways back.

A lore-heavy entry in the Weedverse.

Chapters (8)
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