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Equestria is facing a bit of a problem. A weight problem that is affecting everypony, and indeed everycreature. Seemingly by no fault of their own, everyone seems to be gaining 20 pounds of fat every day. Regardless of any exercise or dieting, the weight piles on day after day. Will Twilight and the gang be able to stave off their ever-growing temptations, or will they give in to their ever-rising hunger brought on by this insidious curse?

This is a 6000 word commission for Fatblack

This story contains:
-Weight Gain - Chubby to Blob sized
-Slight romance

Chapters (3)

It's Nightmare Night. Luna gathers a great deal of candy from across Equestria, but makes the mistake of eating it all before bed...

About time I posted here, huh? Here's a little something for Halloween. Hope you enjoy!

Chapters (1)

Sea Fluff's plan to have a nice dinner with a friend was going well, until Ashy brought out the second course... and the third... and the fourth... and so on.

Can Sea escape her feeder? Can she even move?? Does she even want to???

[Contains weight gain, immobility, and slob]

Gift story for Ashy and Sea together, based on a wonderful picture I'm not sure if I can link here or not

Chapters (1)

Urban Wave is one of the most well educated urban planners that Equestrian has ever seen, and is at the forefront of a new school of thought when she graduates from the Philydelphia School of Urban Planning. She is perfect to settle a dispute between the ruling sisters: is classic design, or modern planning, better for Equestrian?

Unfortunately for Urban, her resting curse emerges once again to humiliate her as she treks across Equestrian and her body gets her in all sorts of situations.

Contains: Magical weight gain, fat butts.

Story commission by Urban Wave/Linds: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/lindsaypl/

Chapters (2)

Princess Celestia is a busy mare. Her life is stressful, and the downtime often too short to enjoy before it ends. The stress has led her to develop a habit of over-eating, and while Princess Luna remains the bigger sister as far as mass goes, Celestia's obesity adds to her stress as daily tasks become harder and she worries what her subjects might think of her.

So it is that Princess Celestia decides on a vacation to get herself back in shape, but it does not proceed as she had hoped.

This story was the first-place entry for a private writing contest.

Chapters (1)

Mrs. Peachbottom finds a charm that turn into something more than she ever thought.

A Torture Fic For Whoever think's Chickadee is Scootaloo's Mom, when she isn't!

Warning: Weight Gain!

Chapters (1)

One night, as Cheerilee is grading her students' papers, Apple Bloom arrives at her home and shows her a new contraption: a portable oven that holds many different items and keeps them warm at the same time. Cheerilee is selected to sample some of them, and soon, Cheerilee finds herself sampling more than "some" of the treats.

This is written specifically for the group My Not-So-Little Pony. It is meant to appeal to the fat/feederism fetish. This is a warning.

Chapters (1)

Celestia finds herself in a strange land, covering in a sheen of shimmering white. She has no idea the adventure she's about to experience.

A little story I wrote. Includes Celestia, candy guro, and slight vore and weight gain. Enjoy.

Chapters (1)

Redbow Rose is your average journalist, happily married and perfectly fit. When a spell misfires and hits her, one of these things will change drastically.

Contains: Overnight weight gain, stuffing, and a loving fat lesbian marriage.

Sex tag for fetish content. Alternate universe for changes from the normal show.

Chapters (1)

When the changeling queen Aurora comes to visit Twilight Sparkle to discuss the future of ponies and changelings, the life style of Twilight and her friends has a bigger effect on the changeling than she could have imagined.

Contains: Weight Gain and belly rubs.

Chapters (1)