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Name: Anton Ilario
Troop Number: #35863756-878
Location of Birth: Elysia Secundus, Elysia Prime
Date of Birth: 2.456.922.M41
Unit: 158th Elysian Drop Troopers
Rank: Trooper (Field Chirurgeon)
Previous Campaign: N/A
Current Campaign: Second Offensive against House Lysimicus forces on Veyland Sinestre.
Status: MIA (Believed KIA)

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Imperial Thought of the Day: Suffer Not the Alien to Live.

Chapters (17)

Unknown to most inhabitants of Equestria, members of an alien people have come to live among them. Also unknown is that they're there involuntarily, in the dark as to why and how they're there, transformed into members of the native species.

What many ponies do know, the ones who live in Canterlot at least, is that there's a new venue open in Equestria, very exclusive, but not for the rich elite, nor the cultural avante garde. In fact, there seem to be no rhyme or reason to determining who is allowed and not allowed in on the premises, and despite many petitions to have the discriminating bouncer fired, things go on as usual in this strange new club.

Shout out to billymorph for planting the idea for this story in my head with his own story, The Humans in Equestria Club.

Chapters (5)

In the beginning, The Great Weaver brought together the world, from the mountains to the forests. Stitching it together, the Great Tapestry connects all living and nonliving things.

The Changelings found themselves especially connected to this Tapestry. Legend says that the first Changelings fell through the world as it was woven together, only to be caught on the First Weave beneath it all.

But what happens when something else is caught in the Weave?

Prince Phasmatodea, son of Queen Chrysalis, remembers what it was like before he hatched. He remembers being a human. He remembers dying. And he fully intends on avoiding another death.

But being gifted a new life does not matter when one failure, one false step, will lead to your untimely demise in the Changeling hive; for Prince Phasma must survive his toughest adversary from the start: Mother Dearest.

Cover art as of 1/18/21 by Nixworld

Chapters (118)

This is a story about a sheep.

A little sheep, locked away in pony prison. Obviously, he doesn't want to be there. But then, he's had to do lots of things he didn't want to. Still, no one to blame but himself for getting caught...


A sheep who despises everyone and everypony. Especially ponies. Stupid ponies, never knowing when to leave well enough alone. They're always sticking their muzzles where they aren't welcome.
Oh, he's under no delusions he's just as guilty on that front, he just doesn't care. His hoof was forced. Stupid ponies. Why couldn't they leave him in peace?
Too bad those are the same ponies with the keys to his cell, and now they want something from him. No doubt it's going to be something horribly life threatening...


But we're not there yet in the story! So, before we go any further, a word from the author/delusional scribbler. Forewarning, this won't focus on the mane 6, and is about OC's, and the Luna Night Guard. Now, onto the rest:
1st, This will be a long, loooong story, with slow plot building and character development. If that is the kind of thing you like, please go ahead. (Might end up making it into multiple stories)
2nd, First story, please tell me what the heck I am doing wrong and point out grammar and stuff.
3rd, I'm writing this story for fun. That's important. "I do as I please!"
And finally 4th, Story is currently T, might change it to M for blood and gore later on.
Editor in chief kind of guy who I am very grateful for: Sweetolebob18

Have fun hopefully!

(And I own nothing, MLP and all associated products and agencies are not my property)

Chapters (84)

Without any other options, an uppercaste unicorn hires a "human" -- an exceedingly rare and unfairly attractive species -- as her bodyguard. Her mission is to travel across the lands of a pre-unified Equus to reach Equestria and reunite the alicorn filly in tow with her sister. When most of everypony between sees the filly as an abomination needing to be destroyed, the human quickly earns his pay.

This story takes place in the RGRE (Reversed Gender Roles Equestria) universe and has been converted to prose from its original greentext state.

Chapters (6)

I don't know what I am, but I know where I am. Equestria, magical cartoon uptopia. A place that's basically a dream come true.

So why is the only thing I care about finding another drink?

Art by WhinyChimera13

Featured June 4, 2021. Thanks y'all!
Again on June 17!
Also August 17
And August 26

Chapters (6)

The hiatus should be over when i get back between September 2021-December 2021. Sorry for the delay but life happens.

Phoenix, a college drop out with no motivation or drive beyond trying not live on the streets, is set to ship off for the military till a chance encounter changes his fate. When he is offered a way to restore his motivation by going to Equestria of all things he agrees believing it to be a nothing more than a joke. Upon opening his eyes he soon realizes that he truly is in Equestria but as a filly of all things.
Placed into a life he didn't want, hes forced to confront his own flaws learning what he never could on Earth.

Inspired by:
Anon3mous1 Greenhorne's Trust once Lost
Minalkra's Oh to be old again
and most substantially by Boopy Doopy's Mind over Matter

Chapters (28)

A young man lost in the hilly embrace of a mountain sleeps the night away under a knot of tree roots. When he wakes he will find himself thrust into a strange new environment, the Everfree Forest. With only his pack and his experience as a Boy Scout to aid him, he must survive, make sense of his surroundings and with some luck, ultimately find his way home. What does one do after wandering beyond the edge of the map? And better yet...

What if you are not alone?


I have been reading fan fiction here for a while and wanted to give something back.
My first fiction ever so constructive criticism is welcome. Fair warning, it takes a while for me to write a chapter so expect gaps between updates.

Rated teen for strong language

Awesome cover art by Carnelian. Seriously, the guy has major skills with how fast he drew this up.



Chapters (14)

Four years after unhappily departing Equestria, Grizelda Behertz—known to her few friends as Gilda—has at long last begun to turn her life around, returning to the Griffon Kingdom to begin a new career as an Auxiliary Guard soldier. But even as she finally finds purpose and begins her slow rise through the ranks, her life—and that of the entire Griffon Kingdom—will shortly be turned upside-down again.

For the race known as humans, whom Equestria opened a portal to but three years earlier, is finally visiting, sending an Ambassador along with a military escort. Bordered by enemies and in need of new allies, can the Kingdom find common cause with a bipedal race of primates that is somehow both completely backwards yet incredibly advanced? Can Gilda learn to like their oddly interesting yet infuriatingly ignorant civilians who come from a culture completely unlike her own?

And what will become of all of them when an ancient enemy called the Cloven of The Sun emerges, invading and intending to wipe out the entire Griffon Kingdom?

Set in the Gentlemanverse, this is both an update and continuation of the original Feathered Heart by the great and sorely missed Fimfiction author Demon Eyes Laharl, containing all-new chapters that fill in gaps in the old story, and eventually continue it from where it left off. The continuation will be written so it will work with either the old or new version of the story. If you have questions or concerns, please read the introductory blog.

Original Story Author: Demon Eyes Laharl
Continuation Story Author: Firesight
Prereaders: AJ_Aficionado, Silentwoodfire, and Silverblade5

Cover art by Dvorgaz on Deviantart, cropped from the original.

Chapters (13)

Commissioned and conceptualized by Venerable Ro
Cover art by Jowybean

In another time, in another world, a dragon's egg is a rare treasure, one that can shape the fate of nations. In a desperate bid for possession of one, two opposing powers send it tumbling through worlds, where it inadvertently lands in the possession of a young filly named Twilight Sparkle. Now, rather than being raised at the center of a war, a dragon named Saphira gets the chance to grow up as the youngest member of the Sparkle family, with all the privileges that come from being directly under Princess Celestia's tutelage... and all the challenges, as well.

What kind of place will a dragon from another world make for herself in Equestria? Only time will tell.

A crossover with the Inheritance Cycle, specifically Eragon.

(For commission info and prices, check here, check out Patreon, or contact me directly via DM!)

Chapters (6)