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Finding herself unable to sleep, Princess Celestia occupies her mind by penning a letter to Twilight Sparkle. But for a weary princess, the mind has a tendency to wander...

Written for Equestria Daily's Writer's Training Grounds #7.

Dramatic readings available courtesy of Goombasa and PhantomBrony.

Cover art by unknown artist; modified version by Goombasa.

Chapters (1)

The children of Ponyville are growing up and join us as we take a look at their lives five and ten years later from their stint as teenagers to their journey into adulthood. We begin a week before the best night ever for many hot headed teens...prom night.


Five years later Spike, Scootaloo and their friends are now teenagers and are headed for prom.

Ten years later they're now young adults and a few of them are getting ready for the surprises that come with that transition.

Rated Teen for crass behavior, lewd conduct, minor adult situations and general what the f**kery.

This is what happened five and ten years down the road after the events of Stray Ardor and Something More.

*Also if anyone wants to make new cover art for this fic, I'm open to suggestions.

Chapters (16)

There really is no excuse for forgetting something as important as a hoof-written law. But Celestia forgot. And now, a thousand years after she wrote it, a law comes into play mandating that Celestia take a two-month sabbatical from her duties as Princess of Equestria.

So what happens when she has to step down for a couple months and leave Luna by herself in the bloody gladiator ring that is Equestrian politics? What happens when Celestia has to disguise herself and mingle with the populace of Ponyville without them knowing?

The short answer to that would be "a string of hilarious chance encounters, sisterly banter, romantic mishaps, and a political coup that was decades in the making."

The long answer, of course, is this story.


Rated Teen for swearing and sexual humor.

Cover image is by enma-darei

Chapters (5)

EDIT: Sequel is now up! Flying Forward

Rainbow Dash has done it again. She's crashed and hurt herself. But this time it's not just physical injuries that her and her friends have to deal with. Rainbow Dash's brain was severely traumatized so it's up to her friends to nurse her back to health. But can they deal with this new Rainbow Dash?

Warning: Contains mental age regression and everything you would guess that goes with that.

**Featured 5/14** I can't thank you all enough!

Chapters (12)

As long as there have been humans, people have disappeared without explanation; and as long as there has been militaries, there have been those who go missing. In 1986 I was one of those who vanished into the land of Equestria. At the time I was flying an F-14 Tomcat with the U.S. Navy's VF-84 fighter squadron. But life has a funny way of getting in the way of our plans and causes us to create new ones. My story was one of many. Along the way I got to know many famous people and help improve the nation of Equestria. I now write my story and hope you enjoy.

~James Jones, Royal Equestrian Air Force

New side story here.

Chapters (41)

This story is a sequel to Playcolt: Behind the Scenes

Syko is assigned to interview the Great and Powerful Trixie, but that's not all on his mind...

Chapters (5)

As the Zentraedi launch their relentless assault on Macross Island, Captain Gloval makes a desperate decision; to make a hyperspace jump to outflank the alien fleet. However, something goes horribly wrong and the ship warps across the galaxy to an unknown planet... along with Macross Island.

And the planet is not uninhabited.

With no hope of returning home in their lifetimes, the crew of the ship and the people of Macross Island are in seemingly poor straits.

Disclaimer; I do not own Robotech, Harmony Gold, MLP; FIM, or any of their productions or other such stuff.

Chapters (4)

Princess Celestia wanders the lunar landscape, alone, trapped by an unknown magic. She follows a set of hoofprints that are not her own, which lead her towards the dark side of the moon.

What she discovers there may be more than she can handle.

A 30-Day Challenge story, with a new chapter guaranteed once a day, every day, for a full month. Inspired, in part, by Austraeoh.

Chapters (32)

The night of the Canterlot Wedding. Everypony was happy. Dancing, singing, chatting, drinking, and lots more. But as the night draws to a close, something happens. Not good. Not bad...yet.

Twilight had her suspicions. Everypony else had dismissed it.

Everypony had thought it was over...but the battle has only just begun.

Chapters (11)

When a nation is starving, it must expand to feed the populace.
Sometimes, this means war.
Sometimes, war is lost.
But a good leader will not accept defeat until Death himself commands them, and will fight for the survival of their people even amid a crushing defeat and abject humiliation. A good leader will not quit.
A good leader is willing to wait.

Chrysalis is one such leader.

Chapters (1)
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