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One of the downsides of being a confectioner is that Bon-Bon is busy every holiday and she has almost no time to do her own celebrating.

Lyra wants to help her marefriend - costumes, decorating, parties.

If only Lyra's common sense could match her enthusiasm.

A Breezie story written for TheJackOfTales for Jinglemas 2021!

Chapters (1)

While taking a nightly stroll through the Castle Garden, the Royal Sisters find a rather peculiar shipping container, with a most peculiar object hidden inside.


It is STILL FEATURED the next day on 12/12/2021. I am amazed.

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This story is a sequel to Dusk Shine in pursuit of Happiness

Second season of the adventures of Dusk Shine, with more characters, more villains, more drama and more romance

Chapters (12)

This story is a sequel to Triptych

There are those who say that a mark is a portion of the soul made visible to the world. That the mark is destiny, and so cannot be denied. Equestria has existed under the influence of marks for all of its recorded history, allowing the ever-changing tide of icons to guide the way.

But it could also be said that every system contains the seed of its own destruction.

There is one who believes destiny is nothing more than a trap. And there is nothing she will not do to make the world free.

(Part of the Triptych Continuum, which has its own TVTropes page and FIMFiction group. New members and trope edits welcome.)

Now with author Patreon and Ko-Fi pages.

This story is a direct sequel to Triptych. Do not read it unless you've finished the original.

Chapters (11)

Dusk Shine is sent to Ponyville to discover what is friendship. But could a colt that doesn't recognize the friendship, recognize love?

Another story about Dusk Shine and his Harem, but with my personal touch, with more humor, romance and adventure.

ps: This story contains some drawings made by me. It's not a comic, each chapter has one or two sketches showing some particular fact from each chapter.

See my other works: BigSnusnu

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This story is a sequel to To Try For the Sun

The young alicorn Celestia leads and ponies follow, fleeing south from their frozen lands.

Luna is not respected, not mighty like her sister. She can only watch Celestia slowly crumble from ceaseless labor, and the caravan rot with animosity and fear.

She needs to help, yet no one will listen.

She needs power.

(Same universe as To Try for the Sun, reading one is not necessary for the other.)

(Now with a Spanish translation here, courtesy of SPANIARD KIWI)

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After months of anticipation and fear, the war with Gryphos has finally reached Ponyville, shattering the fragile peace. Scootaloo and the other Crusaders, now separated from their families in the chaos, have holed up in the Golden Oak Library, hoping to ride out the war until it passes.
But they aren't soldiers; they're just kids, with few survival skills to speak of and who barely know how to defend themselves. With bandits and looters roaming the streets and no end to the fighting in sight, the constant struggle to survive becomes desperate as each day demands ever more from the inexperienced fillies and their dwindling supplies.
What will they do when their food runs out? Will the shells ever stop falling? And what deeds will they be forced to commit if it means they can survive just one more day?

Written for the More Most Dangerous Game contest, prompt #5: "In an Equestria devastated by an apocalyptic war, the few that remain try their best to survive or rebuild—however they can."

Also written in a single day, and it shows. You have been warned.

Artwork: "Out of the Ashes, a New Story To Be Told" by Huussii, and "Cutie Mark Crusaders Adventure" by aruurara.

Loosely inspired by the basic concept of "This War of Mine," a simulation game that depicts civilian life in a warzone. It shares no story, character, setting, or plot details, and is thus not a crossover.

Chapters (7)

It is the year 2038, and the Earth is slowly being consumed by a space-borne monstrosity dubbed the Black Tide, which is using nanotechnology to remake the planet into something hideously alien.

Erin Olsen works for Project Harmonics, humanity's last-ditch effort to find a new world before the Tide can wipe them out. But when that world is found, and it turns out to be occupied, Erin will need to find the courage to face the unknown in order to save the inhabitants of both worlds.

(Many thanks to Easteu for the fantastic cover image for this story!)

Now with its own TV Tropes page

There is now a follow-up to this story: Sunflower - Side Projects
Sequel: Project Sunflower: Harmony

Chapters (35)

This story is a sequel to Midnight Rendezvous

A sequel to “Midnight Rendezvous” by RainbowDoubleDash, itself a sequel to “We Finally Did It” by Rated Ponystar.

After Sandbar's announcement about him and Yona having done "it" provoked a lot of confusion and embarrassment, now it's Smolder and Ocellus' turn. Their own announcement about "it" creates a different kind of confusion, but still a lot of embarrassment.

Contains discussion about, but no depictions of, sexual topics.

Chapters (2)

Twilight Sparkle keeps using a specific phrase out in public to describe her 'special relationship' with her friends. Said friends are convinced it does not mean what Twilight thinks it means.

Part of the MAD verse.

Thanks to Steel Resolve and Nova Quill/Firimil for their edits and sugestions! Also thanks to DrakeyC for the story prompt and his edits and suggestions!

And finally, thanks to jhayarr23 for the hilarious cover art.

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