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We are both the maker and the destroyer, our will bends and makes realms or agents whom act in our stead. Many fear us for we try to bring change weather great or small due to our scattered reasoning.

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Here I am, thrown in as a changling Queen far before the Canterlot invasion, watch as I- A: make my whole race terrified of me B: overthrow a changeling god! C: die, a lot. D: all of the above.

What do you think?

.....wait a minute.

(Open for new cover art)

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to Consequences

Flying is a lot like life. Keep beating your wings and hope not to hit something at terminal velocity. Being an Alicorn doesn’t make it any easier.

Especially when you are trying your best to keep it hidden.

Since the defeat of Tirek, Blank Page has been trying his best to keep his sudden case of Alicorn hidden from the general public.

Because honestly, who would want that much responsibility?

Coverart by Sipioc

Chapters (43)

[WARNING: Contains ear scratching, belly rubs, and blushing cheeks]

Anonymous is sent to jail for his most heinous crimes of bullying in the second degree, there he meets a mare working as a prison guard called Cookies 'n Cream.

Written originally for the Anon in Pone Prison threads on /mlp/, which is where the OC Cookies 'n Cream (Pictured) comes from.

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Emperor Mateus, emperor of the Palamecian Empire wakes up in a strange new world. Having been defeated not once, but twice by the hands of Firion and his rebel gangs. But instead of returning back to hell after his second death just like he expected, instead he suddenly finds himself drifting off through the void and dragged to a new and unfamiliar world with an even more unfamiliar body as well.

His mind somewhat warped and altered from his previous experiences, he now has now the chance to start over from scratch in a world that seems to be oozing with magic. But don’t be fooled by his now somewhat altered ego, he still is the Emperor, highly intelligent, cunning and extremely powerful (even though at the beginning his magic is weakened)

Now that he is here and given another chance in a new world filled with new possibilities and conquests he will make sure to not repeat his previous mistakes ever again while getting his…han-hooves…on a new empire. He is going to show this new world what true dominance is.

The Emperor is back and hungry for more power.


(Authors note: The current cover art is only temporary, I will create a more dedicated cover art if this fic is being received well.)

Chapters (23)

It has been a year since Princess Cadance had become the ruler of The Crystal Empire, a year that has primarily consisted in political pacification, economic stability and the recovery of the history of the Crystal Ponies, which was erased by Sombra, any attempt of remembering how it was before Sombra raised to power is met with mental blocks that not even the best unicorns can undo.

But news flies of a secret chamber being recently discovered in the Crystal Palace, filled with objects and books that not only date before Sombra but also tells of a moment in the history of the Empire that may explain why Sombra was so decided in erasing their history.

First story, please tell me what needs to be fixed for the improvement of not only this, but ay future story I may create.

This story happened between 3rd and 4th Season, no EG.

Cover image made by mr_minati, if you like it go ask him for one (as a commision of course)

Special Thanks to:

Swift Lance for editing the Prologue

Chapters (11)

Who is he?

That, is the same question every living being on Earth, and Equestria has wondered.

This is because he isn't a politician, or a leader, or any mastermind. He is just... human.

Unfortunately, mistakes were made, and now he is the winner of 'The Raffle'; the biggest event in history. The poor human is now thrown into the middle of both worlds, and is the most famous person of the century.

What nobody understands, is that maybe 'ordinary' is what the galaxy needs.

(Major hiatus until further notice. I'm seriously trying to fix it, but I have no idea when everything will be finished. Sorry for the inconvenience ;_;)

Chapters (6)

John is alone on this world and has not seen a single soul in a long time. His only companions have been the ghosts only he can hear. Driven by guilt, he goes from town to town, searching and doing the only thing he can do:

Give the dead their final rest.

Discord once gave him a gift. It was given in grief. John has yet to understand what this gift means. He has lost track of time and madness and sanity wage a constant war in his mind.

For John, the greatest terror in his heart is facing the Goddesses.

He's about to meet one of them.

Cover art by mylittlesheepy

Direct link to the unaltered art here.

Chapters (2)

Inspired by a conversation with Lord of Dorkness and Moongaze14, blame them.

After making a blind jump from the Nevernever, Harry Dresden ends up in Equestria, surrounded by attractive females; given his track record with the fairer sex this would be a terrifying proposal even if they weren’t obviously inhuman.

Now trapped until he can find a safe entrance back into the Nevernever, he must attempt to play nice with the local powers (all attractive females), explain his magic to the pre-eminent scholars in the field (all attractive females), and avoid the malevolent forces that seek to use his knowledge for their gain (all attractive females).

Chivalry, it can get a guy killed.

Takes place after Book 11 "Turn Coat" in the Dresden Files, and the beginning of season 3 and beyond.

Pre-readers are Lord of Dorkness, Moongaze14, and Appletank
Wlam (as of Chapter 3)

(Sex tag is for sexually charged situations; actual nookie may or may not happen and will include a ratings change)

Tags are: Anthro, Human, Crossover, Comedy, Adventure, Sex?

Character Tags will change with Arc

Featured 2nd Sept, 2016 - 5th Sept, 2016.

Chapters (4)

Queen Chrysalis likes it when I boop her on the nose. It helps her relax. However, one day, Princess Twilight Sparkle bursts in, thinking that Queen Chrysalis has put a spell on me.

Surely, when I explain to her that I boop her, she'll understand. Right?


Inspired by a delightful flash game that can be found here.

Featured on August 28th, 2016. This is as unexpected as it is amazing.

Chapters (14)

This story is a sequel to Normal Life

Cause and effect. Opposite and equal reactions. If a butterfly... You know how it goes. The point is that your actions, large or small, have consequences. If they turn out good or bad is often not up to you. Especially when you live with the Princess.

But fear of the consequences is not a reason not to act when you need to.

Next story can be found here: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/361744/secret-of-flying

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