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Wallflower is bored, alone, sad, and hungry, just like any other day, but when she goes to order food, a sushi restaurant gives her an offer that would fix these three things. With the cutest deliverer.

Inspired by the artwork from the talented BranewashPV (who's also responsible for Balloon To The Moon), and written for Sunflower Day, also known as Scampy's Birthday.

Edited and pre-read by the very cool people Gay For Gadot and daOtterGuy

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Delivery Ponies, the best new thing of modern deliveries!

Through fresh meals, telegrams, surprises, you name it, these lovable li'l creatures will make sure they leave you 100% satisfied with their snuggly services! Just select the "Pony Package", and we'll make sure you get what you need faster than you can boop the "Place Order" button.

They only accept cuddles, huggles, boops and more as tips. :heart:

~Featured 4/25/22; 4/26-28; 5/2~

Leave a comment and like for them, they work very hard for us all. ❤

WARNING: selecting the Pony Package may result in never-ending squeeing, sore cheeks from smiling or high-risk of contracting diabetes.

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After the slumber party at Rarity's, the humane 5 are shocked to discover that the pictures that were taken during the slumber party have been posted on Anon-A-Miss's page for the whole school to see. pictures that were taken using Sunset's phone.

Naturally the girls assumed that Sunset was Anon-A-Miss and when she didn't show up at School it further proved her guilt. But when they visited her apartment using the spare key Sunset gave Rainbow Dash in case of an emergency, they discover a very ill Sunset resting on her bed.

Pushing their anger aside to aid their sick friend the girls soon discover that Sunset is not Anon-A-Miss as whoever it is made a post while they were watching Sunset.

Now as they figure out who Anon-A-Miss could be, Sunset's fever continues to get worse and when her body starts flashing red, they realize that whatever Sunset has is beyond their world's ability to treat.

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Part of the MADVerse.

Tired of Sunburst hitting it off with all her friends, Starlight brings in expert of social interaction Sunset Shimmer to coach her through the difficult process of getting him to sit down and just play tons and tons of Dragon Pit. It goes about as well as you’d expect.

Thanks to Nova Quill/Firimil, and
Steel Resolve for their edits and suggestions! And a big special thanks to Nova for the cover art!

Also thanks to Somber Star and nuclearcore for some more edits and Jarkes for the story prompt.

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Set After Episode 1 of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Princess Feneca is one of the last Psychion Fae in the universe, the last of a race of creatures that brought prosperity to countless worlds and fighting for her life within the Everfree Forest as The Skeleton King's Citadel of Bone looms over her world. Wounded badly and with Nightmare Moon's return only days away she fears for the safety of her friends in Ponyville and yet all is not lost, for The Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce has arrived.

Gore tag for mentions of various injuries.

A story that combines elements of both MLP FiM and SRMTHFG to create a narrative for a cartoon about a kid and five cybernetic monkeys fighting a lich, a cartoon that I believe has not been given the respect and admiration I think it deserves.

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He was always the antagonist, but he never hurt anyone. They were used to foiling his outlandish schemes, but he has gone away and now those who stopped him are left to cope.

In loving memory of Stefan Karl Stefansson

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Entry for the 2018 Sunset Shimmer "Journeys" Contest.

In a place where pegasi don't move the clouds and no princess walks beside the moon, a young researcher hides early gray beneath her fiery locks. The bags under her eyes are worn in; the friendship she once knew the product of a halcyon childhood. Loneliness makes strange bedfellows, and hers may be the strangest of all. Yet therein she has found a companion - one to whom the gift of her heart is real, and whom she can only protect by vowing never to see again.

Sunset Shimmer travels on a night train, fleeing with her unorthodox partner to their final destination. Only a few hours remain - can she truly let go of everything she has left?

Story Specific Cover Art by: legendaryspider

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Twilight Sparkle invites a bunch of her friends over to a slumber party… No, not that group of friends… The ones who’ve maybe dabbled in some light conquering or wholesale destruction of planets.

Part of the MAD verse.

Thanks to Tired Old Man, Nova Quill/Firimil, and
Steel Resolvefor their edits and suggestions and xxMarkingxx for the adorable picture!

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Trixie's line of work is dangerous. But she's a careful showpony, and that's why she's only died a few dozen times in her career.

She thinks this is normal.

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Ponyville is no stranger to people dropping in unannounced, but even the Elements of Harmony probably weren't ready for a four fingered yellow biped to literally fall out of the sky. His name is Homer J Simpson, and his chance arrival will forever alter the course of Equestrian History in ways beyond their imagination...or maybe not.

It's also just as likely he's going to drive somebody (er, somepony) up the wall as he struggles to adapt to a society where clothing is optional, television is nonexistent, and the closest thing to alcohol is apple cider. All the while trying to find a way home. Will he succeed? Will he get back in touch with the man he used to be before twenty nine seasons worth of content turned him into a hollow shell of his former self?

Hell if I know. Should be fun to watch though.

Inspired by the story 'A Homeric Epic in Equestria'

NOTE: Takes place at the end of the Tree house of Horror Episode 'Homer Cubed' as an alternative ending.

1/12/2019 My first one thousand viewers! Thank you all so much :twilightsmile:


8/13/2020 I finally reached one hundred likes, thank you everyone!

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