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Heard any of the stories of people disappearing from the middle of convention inside a crowded room with hundreds of eyes watching them fall through a portal or in a flash of light. Well guess who joined the club!

Well now I'm stuck as a statue of the garden of two technicolor pony princesses because they don't like strange being landing in the middle of their magical pony gala and giving them a middle-finger-salute before running away.

I'm not sure if they know what that was anyway...

Rated teen for strong language and other future things like violence or very crude humor. Early chapters rated terrible for bad writing and poor grammar I can't find


A Displaced Story
[Fullmetal Alchemist]

PM if interested

Gravity of the Situation by DJSkywalker


Chapters (7)

Not every wishing star is real, nor do those that are have any real power, but when three friends wish on one that meets both criteria, they end up in Equestria, missing more than a few years of maturity. Tossed into a new life because of a blotched attempt at wish granting, coping is going to be the first challenge they face in a world that isn't quite what they expected.

[Image made using generalzoi's pony creator.]

Chapters (17)

Octavia has always been obsessed with the occult, specifically vampires. She dreams of being a creature of the night, soaring through the air, sucking the blood from her victims.That's all it ever was though, a dream.
Or at least it was until she met Vinyl Scratch. Now Octavia is the servant of the all powerful vampire. In return for services rendered, Vinyl will make Octavia's dream into a reality.

A reality Vinyl wants no part of, but she does have to admit, Octavia has her uses.
artist megarexatera

Chapters (12)

Maria Mohar writes MLP fan fiction. Then, one fateful day, she finds herself in the world she had only dreamed of visiting. And now, she finds herself in love with her favorite character, Discord. As terrible as this summary might sound, it's a rollercoaster of emotion, and balances on the verge between Fiction and Reality. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it. (Edit: This is partially inspired by Bride Of Discord by DisneyFanatic2364)

Chapters (36)

Well... I don't know if I can describe what happened to me, all I know is that I'm in Equestria.

...As a tortoise...


Pre-read and Edited by frieD195.

Chapters (4)

Dave has had a rough couple of weeks. His girlfriend dumped him, his mom died, and now he lost his job. He wanted some time to relax but a being from another world has a different idea.

Not mention an evil sense of humor.

Featured on 9/24/2015
edited by RC2101_Copey and PixelFluttershy

Chapters (17)

Doomie, like most of his brothers, hasn't eaten in a while.
So, when a random pink pony asks for him to "do her"
and intercourse love is the tastiest kind of love out there,
and the pony herself looks pretty pretty:
How could he refuse?

Author's diary: DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAR diary. There is not enough Doomie pie fanfics out there....That is all.

Chapters (14)

Nightmare Moon returns and is hit once again with the Elements of Harmony rendering her a mischievous little filly.
Much to Nightmare Moon’s annoyance, Anon thinks she's cute as all hell and is the only one willing to put up with her antics and evil, so Celestia tasks him with reforming the bundle of misery and mischief.

Cover Image is by EvetsSteve, may he rest in peace.
Chapters 1-21 were converted into prose from my greentext stories with the help of Nav/WhatMustIDo

Chapters (99)

Proof Reader Credit goes to New Dawn

also taking OC's just give good Physical Descriptions and personality other wise i may just fuck up your OC

In the year 10687, in the land of Equestria, a young dark gray, dragon with purple eyes, named Merith, wanted to be different from the rest of his kind. But not to the extreme of no longer being considered a Dragon.

So he embarked on a journey to find the land beyond the land he knew as home, and this is his story.

tags and stuff will be added in on the go

Chapters (5)

This lovely character and wonderful story arc, belongs to the talented RarityEQM.

I'd like to Credit her for the Character, Arc and Art.- And for the opportunity to be able to write a character I find simply darling.
The city of Manehatten is home to a innocent young filly with a special gift, born with near invulnerability and a unbreakable will.

Diamond Dancer sets forth on a adventure through the city, renewing relationship's with old friend's, finding other's she can call a family and uncovering a path, that will place her on the road towards her destiny.
Made Popular on April 27th, Thank You All For Reading.

Chapters (3)
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