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Maud Pie is adopting Cozy Glow.

She isn't particularly interested in unpetrifying Cozy first.

Featured 8/11/2020-8/13/2020!

Reviewed by PresentPerfect with a rating of Recommended!

Now with Russian translation by RadioGlitch!

Chapters (1)

The charming prequel to A Twilight Sparkle Story

The short tale of how I was trapped in a diabolical plot by a certain purple pony, and conclusive evidence that Twilight Sparkle may in fact be deranged.

Chapters (1)

Since his release and redemption, Discord has gotten to know Fluttershy's friends very well but he's never done the same with her family. As they're important to her (and she's important to him), the Lord of Chaos takes it upon himself to make the introductions.

Unfortunately, he decides that the best place to start is with her brother, Zephyr Breeze.

Created for the May Pairings contest

Featured 5/28/2020 - 5/31/2020!

Reviewed by PresentPerfect with a rating of Highly Recommended!

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During a diplomatic visit from King Thorax, Princess Luna discovers that, inexplicably, his brother Pharynx hates her lavender. And for that matter, potted plants in general.

That won't do, of course – even if Pharynx is the new Changeling Prince – and so she'll need to teach him a lesson.

And one lesson won't be enough.

Featured from 18/05/2020 to 20/05/2020, peaking at #4 in the box.
Featured on Equestria Daily! Also featured in Equestria Daily's 38 Fanfics to Read for Luna Day 2020!
9/10, from My Little Reviews & Feedback.
8.8/10 and 8/10, from the Reviewer's Mansion.

Edited and proofread by VoxAdam, pre-read by Valtyra. Thanks, you guys :twilightsmile:

Written for the May 2020 Original Pairing Contest.

Cover by hosikawa_choco.

Author's Commentary

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Following the events of making his newest book and reading it in person at the bookstore, Ahuizotl relishes in the adoration and devotion of his newly found fanbase, even if he wittingly or unwittingly managed to outcompete Daring Do and Caballeron's collaborative effort that's sitting across the street from him.

One might say after hearing his side of the story that he's finally not misunderstood by others anymore. Everyone knows the real him now.

Or...do they?

Could that really have been the truth he was telling?

Note: Edited by Norm De Plume from 3/8/20 to 3/13/20.

To discover the status of this story and the sequels, click here:
Official Status on the Sequels to “A Moment of Truth”, and the Story Itself

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This story is a sequel to The Most Chaotic Night Ever!!!

Their first Grand Galloping Gala together was certainly an enlightening experience for Celestia and Discord. The pair began to understand each other, realized how much they liked being friends, and even weathered difficulty of Discord's (unrequited) confession of love. In the years that followed, the sun princess and the chaos master continued to develop their deep friendship. These days Discord even teaches chaos classes at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, and Celestia's no stranger to his chaos dimension. And the two still date potential romantic partners (Celestia discreetly, Discord openly and always teasingly mentioning his lady friends to the princess). Everything's going so well between these two dear friends...

...So why can Celestia barely sleep ever since Discord left a few months ago to go traveling for summer vacation?

But perhaps the sun princess knows the answer to that question and is finally ready to admit it to herself and to Discord. And perhaps it's time for their relationship to change once more.

A most chaotic courtship is ready to commence.

(Set a few years after season four, roughly at the end of the series.)
Featured as of June 2017--yay! :yay:

Next (and final) sequel: The Most Chaotic Life Ever!!!

Chapters (9)

Gallus wants to ask Silverstream to the Amity Ball their sophomore year without embarrassing the both of them to death. Silverstream wants that, too, but neither of them has any idea how to even talk about what they want without causing the aforementioned death by embarrassment.

Fortunately, the Spirit of the Tree of Harmony wants to help. Though "fortunately" might be the wrong word...

My entry in Miller Minus's Young Six Story Contest, this story got first place! And much thanks to Pascoite for giving it a good going-over beforehand.

Chapters (3)

Being seventeen is hard--especially if you happen to be a Princess.

I'm Princess Celestia, but everyone calls me Cece. My life has been crazier than normal lately--my big brother Blueblood is a selfish jerk, my best friend Twilight just moved away to Ponyville, and, oh yeah--Nightmare Moon turned out to be my long-lost somethingth-Great Aunt, Princess Luna. No biggie.

But, no matter how my life is going, I'm still Princess. I've gotta keep it together. Somehow. I can make it at least until the Grand Galloping Gala in a month-and-a-half... right?

A new AU, Season 1 AU, in which Celestia is mortal, and the same age as Twilight. Keep reading for shenanigans!

Rated Teen for brief-but-strong language in later chapters, and some crass dialogue. Otherwise, it's a pretty "soft" Teen.

As always, this story is written and edited. New chapters will post every morning until completion.

Edited by Eruantalon and Orsuros.
Cover art done by LeafBunny!

Chapters (32)

This story is a sequel to Midnight Rendezvous

A sequel to “Midnight Rendezvous” by RainbowDoubleDash, itself a sequel to “We Finally Did It” by Rated Ponystar.

After Sandbar's announcement about him and Yona having done "it" provoked a lot of confusion and embarrassment, now it's Smolder and Ocellus' turn. Their own announcement about "it" creates a different kind of confusion, but still a lot of embarrassment.

Contains discussion about, but no depictions of, sexual topics.

Chapters (2)