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Edit 14/3/2019: Had to remove the Drama tag because I wasn't allowed to save edits to the description due to too many tags due to the new rules.

I was enjoying a quiet day at work, when I suddenly find myself in what I can only describe as what a person high on drugs would see, before a blinding rainbow light slams into me and knocks me unconscious.

Upon awakening, I find something very off, not only about my surroundings, but myself. For one, I seem to have become a small horse and a female one at that.

I also seem to be in a forest of some kind. Hang on. Is this the Everfree?

Oh, great. What do i do now?

Well, having powers on par with a Chaos Lord certainly might come in handy. Let's see what i can do with them, shall we?

Sex tag for sexual references and teen for teen reasons, plus a lot crass swearing.

And, just be warned, that random tag is serious. Random shit will happen in this fic, so be wary of that when entering and DO NOT expect anything to just be normal at any point.

In Popular Stories 31/12/2015. What a way to end the year!

Featured 24/7/2016. Okay. Honest to God did not see that coming.

Featured again 31/7/2016. Wait. What?

Featured 5/8/2016. Someone's pulling my leg here, right?

Featured again 26/8/2016. No. Wait. WHAT?

Despite everything, got Featured 16/2/2017. Just hope the next update does this justice

In Featured 2/07/2017. Um... How? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad, but... how?!

Seriously? Featured 23/7/2017?

Featured 28?7/2017. .... Um, HOW?

Featured 4/8/2017. Wait, HOW?

Chapters (61)

Twilight Sparkle gets the chance of researching and questioning the first live specimen of a changeling since the Canterlot invasion three years ago.
Twilight goes in with a scientific mind and wants to figure out everything about these evil bugs, as clearly they have shown themselves to be nothing but cruel in the past. However, in an attempt to find a cruel primitive being, she instead finds something she did not expect.
A teacher.

Story Tags and notes: There is going to be no explicit sex in this story, but gender, sex, and general reproduction will be a subject, as well as love, affection, morality, society and any other subjects that boggles my mind.
This story is something I made out of a combination of my own headcanon for changelings, and with my frustration, yet love, for philosophy, which I study at writing moment at university. This story will have slow updates, but I will work on it. This is as much a work for me, as it is for you.
I hope you´ll enjoy.

Chapters (3)

A portal on Earth is recently discovered leading to another dimension entirely. A strange land inhabited by even stranger creatures. And for the humans, that's... really lame, actually.

Chapters (4)

Twilight is ecstatic, and can't wait to share her wonderful news with Celestia.

She just hopes that Celestia will share in her happiness.

Primary Cast: Princess Twilight, Princess Celestia

Preread by TheWraithWriter.
Edited by Level Dasher.

Chapters (1)

Twilight is an expert when it comes to magic. Everypony knows that.

What they don't know is, that doesn't include knowing how to heal burns, sew tissue back together, reduce swelling, fix broken and/or dislocated bones, deliver babies, hoof out shots, cure cancer, use lab coats, walk around with a cane - you know, doctor stuff.

However, that doesn't stop them from coming in and asking for help.

Featured on October 16th... really?

Short review by Singularity Dream

This fic is a kind-of sort-of parody to the many fics that include curing the many misfortunes/illnesses via Twilight Sparkle.

I am writing this in an attempt to get my inspiration back up at full speed. If this does well, I may do more.

Also, for me to get better development out of this, and because it fit, I'm using unicorn Twilight instead of alicorn

Chapters (5)

When a human appears in Equestria and is considered a threat, he is forced to flee from everything in the new land with nobody to help him while he is chased by colorfull ponies that want nothing but put him in a cage.

Chapters (34)

Your sandwich. Your lovely, obviously succulent sandwich is finally done.

Then Rarity eats it.

Chapters (1)

Applejack’s talents extend far beyond her family’s namesake crop, and until now she’s been content to keep that a secret. Whoever heard of a farmer that used advanced math, anyway? Today that’s going to change. Today she’s showing the world the other fruit of her labors, no matter how much it hurts to remember planting the seeds.

Edited by Dizzy Daze and Horizon

Audio Production by Scribbler
Featured on Equestria Daily!

Chapters (4)

Off shoot of: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Off the Record.

Alex is teleported 3 months in to the future, where he finds that winter has passed, and Rainbow Dash is gone.
Now, he and Spike must set out to Manehattan in an effort to make things go back to the way they used to be.

On the way, they meet all sorts of new ponies. From a cheeky butler, to a creepy middle aged pony named Cuddly.

Can they catch the Rainbow before they run out of time?

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Celestia's New Assistant

He makes Discord look sane. Most ponies resent him. He is the most chaotic thing to ever live.

Will he save Equestria? Will he doom it? Will Citrus Fruit be involved? More then Likely. Beware, he is...The Human.

"I simultaneously want to know what's going through your head when writing this, and don't want to know what could inspire this." -Love the Changeling

"MOST. RANDOM. STORY. EVER." -jackofalltradez

"I mean... stare too long into the abyss and the abyss stares into you, and the abyss has skittles apparently" -ShadowsAndDust

Chapters (5)