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When Arceus brings his Pokémon and trainers to Equus, some end up in the Northern Mountains. This is the story of what happened next.

This is my own side story for the story, A New Word and New Way by zeusdemigod131 and is a crossover with my other story, Snow and Wind. To those familiar with this story, I'd like to inform you that, while I will be using the same culture and characters found in Snow and Wind the storyline is completely separate as it is set in an alternate universe.

And to those who've read, A New World a New Way, I will have humans who've been turned into Pokémon. However, I will not be using humans from the video games or anime because A) I am not and gamer and have never played Pokémon and B) I thought the anime sucked and I will leave it at that because I don't want to go into full rant mode.

The humans I will be using will mostly hail from the Pokémon Adventures manga.

Chapters (2)

After the defeat of Tirek, Instead of receiving a castle; The tree of harmony goes haywire and causes a mass eruption of magic all over not just Equestria but the entire world. Arceus, viewing this decides to help Celestia and the other world leaders to transport their subjects to the Pokémon world. With little to no knowledge of the Pokémon World and the loss of their homes, can the inhabitants of Equus live in harmony with the Pokémon? Or will it end up in utter chaos and war breaks loose. Only time can truly tell. Read to see the creatures of Equus adapting to the Pokemon world and creating bonds, which the likes has never seen.

Status: Cancelled

Basically the reverse version of A New World, a New Way. If you haven't read it before. Go check it out, it is a must read :pinkiehappy:

Special thanks to zeusdemigod131 for giving me permission to write this story. Also, some of his characters will make an appearance in this story.

[Adventure] [Slice of Life] [Comedy] [Mystery] [Drama] [Romance] [Crossover] [Alternate Universe]

((Contains elements of: Super Mystery Dungeon, Gates to Infinity, Explorers of Sky, Stormy, Light and Blazing Adventure))

((Contains spoilers of Super Mystery Dungeon)) So if you don't want to be spoiled, I suggest not reading this story.

I also have a group now. Click Here

Cover art made by SilverWolfFTW. If you have any questions and some free ideas you wanna say. For free to mail me. :twilightsmile:

Remember if you want to create a side story or even add in some ideas, feel free to message me about it and I'll see what we can do. :raritywink:

((Note I: No humans will not exist in this story.))

((Note II: I am taking bits of the anime, manga, games and even some head canons.))

Chapters (10)

When a normal, run-of-the-mill Officer Jenny gets knocked out whilst in pursuit of a known criminal, the last thing she expected was to wake up on a different world, and in a different body. But that's exactly what she got, and now she has to cope with the locals and her new powers. Luckily、she isn't alone, but that doesn't mean things are going to be any easier...

This is a side-story set in zeusdemigod131's A New World, a New Way.

I have absolutely no self-control.

Chapters (8)

Allen was a skilled Pokemon Trainer who who had traveled much of the world, wanting to see it's wonders and maybe one day find a place to call home. But then, Arceus was freed from his prison and Allen was swept away to a strange new world.

Now Allen has to find his team to be sure their safe and discover what in the world has happened to the Human Race.

An expansion of zeusdemigod131 story

A New World, A New Way
Edited by SilverWolfFTW
Cover art by: No one at the moment
Rated Teen for mild language.

Chapters (27)

Clara Devita was a Pokémon coordinator that was recognized throughout the world as a prodigy in the art. It only took her several years to achieve goals that most coordinators could only dream of. Many of them viewed her as an idol where she represented the coming new age of Pokémon coordination. However, Clara had a secret. A secret so great that not only would it brand her a criminal, but it would also destroy her dream.

Prepared to spend the rest of her life hiding her secret from society's scrutinizing eyes, Clara continued to live her life with the constant fear of being caught, that is until she and her team are whisked away to a new world by the all powerful Arceus. There, Clara will have to face new challenges in her new much more plush body, in order to keep doing what she loves best.

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A crossover with A New World, a New Way

Chapters (10)

Turned into a Pokemon, John, a International Police officer, find himself in a world of Ponies.
However none of his skills will prepare him for what he has to face. For a darkness looms all around the Crystal Empire, and it is up to him to both save Pokemon from this new world... and to save the world from this Darkness.
This story is a spin off to the "A New World, A New Way" by zeusdemigod131

Please leave a like if you enjoyed my story. It really helps my progress.

Chapter 1 to 11 Pre-read by: Dragaen

Chapters (22)

This story is a sequel to A New World, a New Story

Lea lived in her home in Johto with her family of pokemon. Just when something was going wrong, everyone seemed to fall asleep, and Lea soon followed.
Waking up, Lea found herself an Umbreon, but no one she knew was around. Instead, a winged Ponyta and small Rapidash find her and make her miserable. But after her eventual escape, the former human has a lot more to run from.

This is a side story to: A New World, a New Way
If you like this, check out the original story, or some of the other side stories. If you want to create your own side story, read the original first to get the full story.

Big thanks to Zeusdemigod131 for pre-reading the some of the chapters from the story, and helping a little with it.
editors are Arcticbrony, Goggari, Archeo_Lumiere, and (shoot i need to find them again)

Chapters (53)

Seth Crescent, an infamous Pokemon Trainer is suddenly whisked away from his home in Unova to a strange world filled with pastel-coloured ponies. Confused, lost and wondering where the rest of his precious partners have gone, the human-turned-Pokemon is rescued by Apple Fritter, a kind Earth Pony living in Canterlot.

She takes him in and offers Seth a place to stay while he finds the rest of his friends. Action, adventure and romance await as Equestria and the world of Pokemon are intertwined.

This is a side story to Zeusdemigod131's A New World, a New Way.

I'd like to thank him for giving me permission to write this, I'm having a lot of fun doing so.

I want to also thank Tdnpony and ZeusDemi for editing as well as the multitude of authors I kidnap ask to help Pre-read.

And thanks to Bubba for my new coverart. It's awesome!!

Also, the main series has a TV Tropes page. Go check it out and add to it!

Edit - I added the sex tag due to jokes and references made.

Chapters (56)

Alice Maximilion and Jonathan Trace are two childhood friends from two very different backgrounds. Jonathan, born into a long line of police officers is striving to be the best he can be at his job. While Alice, born into a long line of Phantom Thieves, continues her family legacy as the mysterious Phantom Thief Fox.

How will the two friends, one unaware of the other's secret, fare when a forgotten God appears and takes them and a majority of their world to a new world?

Rated Teen just to be safe

Title picture is by xBUBBA1995x

Featured 17/05/2016

Chapters (28)

A Sidestory for Zuesdemigod131's A New World A New way.

Construction worker Jacob Arrow, whom prefers to be called "X" was just a small time construction worker in Kalos which his pokemon team as both employee and family. The team does the job, gets paid, and chill out at home.

Meanwhile, young changeling Nell is struggling to find her own way, hopefully one that distances her from her brood sisters, and is about to depart on a short journey as a merchant.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. When Arceus' master plan is kicked off, Nell and the strange family known as ShadowFox construction must survive the chaos the Alpha Pokemon unwittingly caused.

Editing by the amazing TDNpony.

Cover art by me. Currently a Work in Progress.

(9/8) Featured! Many thanks everyone!
(10/26) +1 feature!

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