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Princess Celestia: Goddess of the Sun, ruler of Equestria, beloved Princess of ponies. She is loved by all, and loves all in return. A calm and wise ruler, she sits on the throne in Canterlot, maintaining peace and harmony throughout the land.

What most don't know is that her past is much darker: She was once a commander of legions, a warrior and scientist of unmatched skill. Thousands of monsters and abominations fell to her forces, slain in the name of an old leader, one entombed within his own throne. Free of her old form, free of the powers of Chaos, she was cast into a new realm, in a new form, with a new lease on life.

She is the God Emperor, Eternal Ruler of Equestria and Lord of the Imperium of Man.

Has a TvTropes Page. Please contribute.

Comments contain spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

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This story is a sequel to The God Empress of Ponykind

One thousand years ago, Luna, Warmistress of Equestria and sister of Empress Celestia, fell to the powers of Chaos and plunged Equestria into a brutal civil war. The Traitors were defeated, but not before Luna made the ultimate sacrifice and was sealed away in the Immaterium with only the soul of a slain Primarch to keep her company. For a millennium she has been locked away, waiting for a chance to return to her home and her sister.

Now, she has been freed from the Immaterium, and as she takes her first steps in a new Equestria, one ruled by the powers of Harmony, only one question remains:

Does Equestria still need the services of a Warmistress?

Comments may contain spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Also Tropes. Please contribute.

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to The God Empress of Ponykind

A message rings through the Warp: "The Game is broken, only Destruction remains". Celestia hears it, fearing for the lives of her former subjects and those of her beloved ponies. Unwilling to sit idle, she has chosen a dangerous path: return to the Imperium, take up the mantle of Emperor of Mankind, defeat the coming storm, and save Mankind once and for all.

With Twilight Sparkle to aid her, Celestia faces new challenges and new enemies. Her forces are scattered, her people assaulted, and the enemies of Man grow stronger with each passing day.

The Time of Heroes is gone. Now comes the Time of Ending.

Sequel to God Empress of Ponykind. Reading that first is strongly recommended.
Rated T for 40K related violence, but that might change at some point.
Comments contain spoilers. You have been warned.

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Sunset Shimmer has always been a hot-headed, impetuous girl. She's always been prone to making snap decisions, and later finding herself regretting them. It was exactly this temperament that had brought her to the human world, penniless and alone. When the opportunity to get back on her feet presented itself in the form of a stranger's outstretched hand, she leaped at the chance.

This is the story of a woman who has made many bad choices, and the life those choices have made for her.

Tags, and even rating, may change as the story goes on.

Thanks as usual to Magello for the cover art!

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Fluttershy is absolutely terrified.

She just dreamed the perfect dream.

Happy St. Valentine's Day, folks

Proofread by Themaskedferret and TheBritishPony.

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Idol Hooves holds a special place in Equestria. He's probably the only exiled changeling to serve in the Royal Guard, or at least, that's what he expects, as exiles don't really broadcast that fact. However, it's well known that Princess Celestia loves all of her little ponies, and her guards perhaps more so, and that makes it one of the best ways for a changeling to discreetly feed.

But how does a changeling even get there, let alone get exiled in the first place? For that matter, why would it ever go to Canterlot? Set a number of years before the series proper, before Luna’s redemption, Idol details how he was exiled, the ponies he’s met, and the series of misadventures that led him to joining the Royal Guard, and should continue a good ways into the series, as something of an alternate perspective.

Soon, he’ll have to deal with a boisterous new princess to serve and a royal wedding in the works bringing a third to power. Will his old instincts bring this new life crashing down around him? What precipitates Chrysalis’s ill-fated assault on Canterlot? Is it really so wrong for a changeling to enjoy good craftsmanship to an obsessive degree?

New cover art provided by the fantastic Carnifex

And a TVTropes page here.

And an Ask Blog of questionable canonity!
Out of Idol Curiosity

Fanart by Norad2! Major thanks! Short For a Royal Guard

Art by Egophiliac of Idol and his Daring Duckie Please don't tell him what that brush is meant for.

Rating updated to (T), it's a bit darker than (E)
Comedy Tag added as well
And changed the character tags a bit.

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Pegasi aren't the only intelligent species which can fly, and the Wonderbolts recognize that. There is no racial restriction placed on the open tryout sessions and over the centuries, the team has had a few unusual members. They have proven methods of working with griffons, self-levitating unicorns -- anything known to get in the air might find their place.

However, it's probably safe to say nopony was expecting a minotaur-sized duck.

(Written in celebration of the revival.)

Now with author Patreon page.

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Crime was easy before Princess Twilight and the First Five ushered in a golden age of Harmony. Back then, any idiot could plan a robbery, just like any rat could sneak through the cracks in wooden granary walls. But now that everything is cloudstone and clearsteel, with magical countermeasures over the few remaining holes, it takes a different breed of rat to survive.

"Slippery" Jimmy the Grey is one of the rare few ponies who can still slip through the cracks — even with the legendary Rainbow Corps on his tail. Now he's got a billion-bit heist planned in the gleaming skyscrapers of Cloudsdale. If only he hadn't made the mistake of stealing from a dragon …

Now with a reading by Illya Leonov and Scribbler!

* * *

This is a crossover with Harry Harrison's Stainless Steel Rat novels, but it assumes no knowledge of the series.

Winner of February's Writeoff Association competition! * Featured by Equestria Daily! * Featured by Seattle's Angels!

REVIEWS: "Highly Recommended" by Titanium Dragon; "Recommended" by Present Perfect; rated "Why Haven't You Read This Yet?" by PaulAsaran

"The Iridescent Iron Rat was not only my favorite story from the most recent writeoff... it's my favorite story of anything I've read in months." —Sharp Spark

"What a ride it is. This story is made of awesome moments." —Casca, Seattle's Angels

"[A]stounding on so many levels. … If there’s one story from this round you have to pick, make it this one." —Corejo, Seattle's Angels

"Absolutely beautifully done. It fits the style and feel of the books to a perfect T." —Themaskedferret

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There are no new cadets being trained, the big annual Wonderbolts party extravaganza isn't until this weekend, and Spitfire will only be away from the Academy for three days.

Fleetfoot is definitely ready for this responsibility.

Except she's not.

Somepony is totally getting fired.

A just-for-fun exercise in correspondence. Reading on a small screen is not recommended.
Preread by the ever-so-talented Ponky.

Featured on Equestria Daily!
Apparently hit the feature box for like twenty minutes!
JohnPerry confirms: is a fic!
You Might Like This--May 2015 Spotlight!
Featured in EFNW's Fanfic Spotlight #34!

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When Wreck-it-Ralph finds a villain character who seems to have gone Turbo, he finds more than a handful in the handful sized sprite.
For one thing, she has no idea what game she comes from.
For another, her code seems completely foreign to the Arcade.
For a third...she's absolutely adorable.
Having only just finished cleaning up after King Candy's mess, this little Nightmare could be a problem...or the greatest blessing Ralph has ever received.
And shadows from the past move behind the scenes...

Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: Now with cover art by KittyCoverArt.
Edit: Now with fan art at the end of the first chapter.

Chapters (36)