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Fifteen foals (and one dragon) believe that they are in for the adventure of a lifetime after a mysterious mare tricks them into playing a game for the future of their world – a game played with one-on-one combat between metal monsters the size of mountains. But all is not as simple as it first appears, and saving Equestria may come at a far greater cost than any of them can bear.

(Art by blu-red. Comments will contain spoilers.)

Chapters (19)

From far-off lands, the Mouse King and his knights infest the Everfree Forest and terrorize Ponyville. Twilight and company try to deal with them peacefully, and they don’t seem to be evil, even though they fight, steal, curse, and have no respect for public property.

They also keep whispering about “a game." Could this game spell trouble for the ponies?
Follow Hauteclaire, the Mouse King's bard and punching bag, as he puts up with his bizarre, sadistic, and diminutive King; Porthos, a drunk the size of a carriage; Marcus, his know-it-all and hack poet brother; Godiva, a violent pony-fanatic; and Knebryter, a pony head on a stick. Not to mention the nosy ponies, friendship, bad jokes, decapitation and pretty much everything else that pisses him off.

Mystery, Action, and "What in Equestria" moments await.

Story and art by Lost Marbles

Edited by the amazing AlicornPriest

I'm looking for more pre-readers! PM me if you're interested.

Special thanks goes to:
YOU, the reader, for taking the time to read, comment, critique, and (I hope) enjoy my work. I'm always happy to hear what you think.
Daemon of Decay for proof-reading.
Abcron for editing and proof-reading.
TheWraithWriter for pre-reading
Ravencrofte for his advice/inspiration.
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HapHazred for their review
The Dapper Guy for their review
Winter_Solstice for their review.
TheBandBrony for looking at the story.
Pusspuss for art advice.
The prereaders at Equestria Daily

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Poppy was a simple unicorn that was content with taking care of her flowers. But when her mother died of an illness that many consider incurable, she went on a quest to find the cure for herself, no matter where it might take her.

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This story is a sequel to A Cold Day in Canterlot

Horn Valley is a sacred place to the Changeling hive. Legend says that the large, spiky protrusion on the canyon's western cliff-face is the horn of the goddess, Queen Papillion, trapped under the rocks during a land slide. This sacred ground contains some of the hive's only fresh water in the harsh desert environment, so when the dragons come, looking to take the land for themselves, the changelings aren't going to give up their holy land without a fight. (A little clarification, this story takes place 12 years before the events of the show and Shadow Strike doesn't have a lot of things he has in my other stories with him. He doesn't speak in haiku and he doesn't have deception, because he learned how to do that AFTER deserting)

Cover art by the amazingly talented Swirling Line

Chapters (2)

Twilight never wanted this. All she wanted was to live a happy life with her friends. Though she can’t even have that anymore now.
It was a simple spell, just a small alteration she made to make it better, to let her peek into the future. How could it have all gone so wrong. Why did fate have to be so cruel

Pre/proof-read by: sbloom85 and Kraken Hatchling

Reviewed by:
The Pleasant Commentator and Review Group (Deathpony45)

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Rainbow Dash has been suffering from strange nightmares for the past week, that have been keeping her up all night. She decides to wake herself up with a quick morning flight...

This is a fan-made story for the Silent Ponyville series. It isn't canon, but it IS meant to fit into the canon.

Cover art by Naar Puni

Proofread by Legioner8

Currently in the midst of a massive rewrite, because the old chapters were nearly a year and a half old and I was very unsatisfied with them. Just like the LAST big rewrite. Except hopefully not completely terrible this time.

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Pinkie Pie is a very strange pony. She looks like a normal earth pony, but somehow she can do things beyond the scope of even powerful magic. This breaking of the laws of nature also seems to be unique to her alone, and it makes one wonder... Is she really a pony at all?

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