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I am a 20 year old brony from FL. I write stories featuring Fluttershy (BEST PONY!!!), and a few about my favorite ships, 90% being Flimjack. I also have an MLP audio series on my YouTube channel.

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It that special time of year again, Hearth's Warming. Ponies from all over Equestria celebrate by spending time with loved ones and exchanging heartfelt gifts.

However, there's one who never got into the Hearth's Warming spirit. Discord had never in his life ever received anything on this day, but there's a certain timid pegasus that plans to change that.


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This is my spin that was inspired by the Hub promo for Villaintine's Day and the film "Maleficent". Discord has lived happily in the Everfree Forest until an unforeseen event robs him of his teleportation and most of his flight . As an act of vengeance, he curses the newborn filly Twilight Sparkle to eternal sleep. Discord soon regrets this and tries to save her from her fate.
Cover art is by the glamorous ChaosQueen! I am forever grateful.

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First installment in the "Love, Adventure, and Friendship is Magic" series. Based on a rumor by John De Lancie about Season 5: What happens when Fluttershy invites a stallion to her tea party with Discord? How will Discord react? Why are the CMC involved? Who is this mysterious stallion? Cover art belongs to ARTbeta on deviantart.

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Discord is in a frenzy. Hearts and Hooves Day is tomorrow and he does not know how to confess that he likes Fluttershy as more than just a friend.

My first fanfic ever and for Equestria Daily's Hearts and Hooves FanFic Event! Yay!

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Tea and Picnics might sound like simple activities but when a certain Draconequus is involved things are never boring. Join Fluttershy and Discord as they learn more about each other from a series of outings between the events of Keep Calm and Flutter On and Twilight Sparkle’s Kingdom.

Note: This is a series of one shots inspired by the absurd situations I envisioned for a Fluttershy and Discord Duet in Chapter 1 of my fic My Fair Draconequus and also the fact that MLP:FIM Friends Comic #24 said they meet once a month for their outings. You don’t have to read My Fair Draconequus to understand or enjoy these stories but these stories will give more meaning to the duet when you actually know what they were singing about.

The next update will be in May. That story will be called "Chocolate Pies Drowning Griphons".

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MLP:FIM/Anastasia. Ten years ago, Lord Tirek attacked the Royal Family in Ponyville. While he was sent back to Tartarus, their family was broken by the loss of one of their Grand Duchesses, Fluttershy. Now, orphan Flowing Grace is on a journey to find out who she is, and who her family is, along with the help of Discord and Shining Armor. Fluttercord Shining/Cadance Celestia/Sombra.
This is a huge project! For more info, please visit fluttercordau.tumblr.com

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Fluttershy's unfortunate mishap with the Vampire Fruit Bats has made her even more immune to manipulation... or so we thought. Equestria is in danger when a dangerous draconequus seduces the innocent and sucks their blood. But this creature seems to have a fond eye for Fluttershy. Will Fluttershy tame this creature or will she fall prey to his dark, roguish charms? MLP meets Dracula... or in this case, Discordula

Cover art by ChaosQueen

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This story is a sequel to Bride of Discord

Discord and Fluttershy are blessed with a daughter named Screwball, who is gifted with incredible power that attracts the attention of the Queen of the Changelings...as well as her son.
When disaster strikes that tears Screwball's family apart, it is up to her to bring it together again.

New cover art by floppy-fluttercord

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What if Discord had not been turned to stone by the Mane 6? What if he had escaped?
It is three years later and the Mane 6 have moved on with their lives, all except Fluttershy, who cannot get the draconequus out of her mind. The others are happy in their new and comfortable lives, until their enemy returns and will only relieve Equestria of his havoc in exchange for a bride.

This has been adapted into an audio series.

Also, here's a dramatic reading by Pablo Didonna, and one by 666HellGirl1

Cover Art by Nstone53

French: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Une-Mariee-pour-Discord-La-fuite-440318295
Spanish: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10203187/1/La-Novia-de-Discord

*Bronyland Pony Awards Nominee 2013

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Fluttershy's father is captured by the villianous Discord, Phantom of the Opera! Can she save him while being pursued by the handsome and charming Prince Blueblood? What if she were to take her fathers place? Ponies meet Phantom of the Opera with a splash of Beauty and the Beast!

Plese check out a BRAND NEW 37 minute animated episode of The Phantom Opera Discord by SisterStories, it is AMAZING! - DEC 2020

Please check out this fully illustrated video of the first chapter! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjDAbUQhqPc

Edited chapters have notes in the authors comment section with a date.
FOR ALL READERS: Celestia is now Fleur De Lis in early chapters but I haven't gotten to later chapters to change it.

Everything you need to know about this Universe:

Beautiful Fanart: http://ameliacostanza.deviantart.com/art/Opera-Phantom-Discord-494273039

More Amazing Fanart: http://scribblescrabblesdabble.tumblr.com/image/87770244131
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Fanart! 4/11/2021

Follow its Tumblr at operaphantomdiscord.tumblr.com

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