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This story is a sequel to Steel Soul

Sweetie Belle has discovered a secret. She's spent a few months keeping it to herself, but the nightmares she's had have convinced her it might be time to reveal it.

Sequel to Steel Soul.

Chapters (7)

Set only a week after the banishment of Princess Luna to the moon, the realm of Equestria is in a state of upheaval. Celestia's royal guard attempt to regain control over the vast empire once ruled by dual monarchs, and the young alicorn's actions as a ruler have become a subject of scrutiny after her sister's attempted coup. Two factions have risen in the turmoil: The Knights of the Sun and The Bright Moon.

Far away from the political infighting and sword rattling exists a small mining town on the outskirts of Equestrian territory. Where once the royal guard would have no trouble fending off raids from bandits or other criminals, the panic of the capitol has caused a withdrawal of military forces to more essential cities and trading ports. Completely undefended and without a spell or sword amongst them, this town was soon overrun by a band of bi-pedal canines calling themselves the Diamond Dogs. As brutal as they are lazy, the Diamond Dogs have forced the local population to work until collapse to collect gems from the town mine.

Outraged by his inability to fend off these bandits and thieves, a young unicorn named Bone Marrow tries with all of his might to find his purpose in life - his cutie mark - and hopes that it will be enough to drive off the invaders of his home. He will soon discover that his special talent is far more than he bargained for.

((A Sequel will begin for this story as soon as I finish I Am a Pet Changeling. Stay tuned on Discord! https://discord.gg/nDXd3AB ))

Chapters (30)

One day, just like that, Celestia decides she's going to go mad with power.

Full-cast audiobook by Illya Leonov.

Edited by MrNumbers and Themaskedferret. Winner of FanofMostEverything's Imposing Sovereigns contest!

As seen on EQD and the Royal Canterlot Library.

Chapters (1)

Sometimes ponies just have a bad day. They spill their cereal, trip in the mud, have their checks bounce, and get attacked by an extradimensional geometrical entity. Villain Cube knows what that's like. He understands what they're going through. He's there for them, to listen as they bare their troubled hearts, and also to set them on fire.

Note: This story crosses over with Equestria Girls, but is set in the pony world.

Chapters (1)

Applejack is chosen as The Nightmare's new host.

It really isn't that big of a deal. Until it is.

Chapters (1)

Awake and alone, Applejack will find a way to survive.

And here's a TV Tropes page, if you're into that kind of thing.

Chapters (33)

Following his tumultuous defeat, King Sombra is flung across space and time to exit out a human's malfunctioning toaster. For weeks, Sombra monologues his revenge to destroy those that hurt him. But seven months later, when a route back to Equestria is found, does he not seem all that interested in returning.

Edited by spigo.

Prequel: The Roommate From Tartarus
Side Sequel: (Not My) Home Sweet Home

Update: labelled as complete. The last three chapters will remain as bonus chapters.

Chapters (19)

Upon Nightmare Moon's return, the leaders of other nations gather to discuss the situation.

They're not especially happy about it.

Cover art from the gallery of WingFlyte.

Chapters (1)

Ooooooh, I know how I should start the story! I do I do! It should start with 'once upon a time'! Right?


Awwww, I guess you're right, Cola. Everyone likes it the way it is now!

(Oh, and it's a story about when I was a little filly and my friends were all colored rocks! She said it needs that or else nobody'll know what it's about when they click it -- whatever that means! Cola also wants me to tell you it placed second in the TWG Contest and got on Equestria Daily!

Oh, oh, oh, oh! It even won this! I didn't even know Twilight kept a library of stories about all of us!


Chapters (1)

The black&red Alicorn with a tragic past stays confident despite the odds stacked against him. He is protective and liked by his peers. Even in the worst possible situation, he stays in control. Or does he?

*This story serves as a reminder to the fandom that the judgment of fics shouldn’t originate from superficial aspects such as cover art or presence of a certain character. Stories should, instead, be judged on their quality. Read first, judge after.

[You may also enjoy the Youtube reading and mp3 download that are available for this story. After that, you can check out AlphaPinkie review of this story.]

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Goodfic Bin

Here's what the readers are saying about it:

Wow, this was intense! I like it! ~ Mr Swanky Hat

This is interesting, very interesting ~ Drayco Meowfoy

Good plot, solid writing ~ monokeras

Hmm... I have to admit, with the premise and all the obligatory "black & red alicorn OC" elements thrown in, this was pretty impressive. ~ Dark Avenger

Bad has been far more ambitious here than by just making fun of a stupid trope: by taking it seriously, he's made a story that stands out a lot more than just senseless jokes. ~ HapHazred

Had no clue what I was reading first but then I get to the ending it all came together. ~ Dapper Guy

Really good. Shows how some people can be so brainwashed as to genuinely believe that slavery and tyranny is good, productive, order, and freedom is laziness and selfishness. ~ Europa

This story plunged me into the abyss of depression and made my insides turned outside. ~ Hungryman

Chapters (1)
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