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I'm that kind of guy that started a rock band, and was the first one kicked out due to over playing the drums.

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Soarin knows it's almost Valentine's day, and remembers his old crush Rainbow Dash. Ever since he had moved away five years ago, he hadn't seen her, or even get to tell her goodbye. With hope that she'll write him back, he decides to write her a love note.

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Meet Pinkie Pi. She's a nerdy-genius scientist with a lot of smarts about things nobody besides her and the other smart ponies care about. Now, meet Twilight Sparkler. She is the super-fun pony party planner of town. These two are spending today together; it can't be that bad.

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This story is a sequel to Summertime Sadness

Three new students show up one day at Ponyville school- right in time to start the new year. But what if they're more magically than they appear?

Join Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom as they battle against mysterious forces, learn about Equestria's past, make new friends- and even a few enemies.

Wrote during season 4.

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