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When humanity is on the brink of destruction, they shine brightest. When men have nothing left to lose, they put everything on the line. When the children of Adam have everything taken from them, they return the favor. With interest.

I've read a few TCB fics with humans winning, but I don't think I've seen it done this way. Enjoy the ride. First serious fic, will still have a few jokes though. I can't take anything too seriously. Hope you like it.

Edit: Popular stories bar on the same day it was posted? wow o.O

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He is a Pegasus stallion and Lieutenant of the Royal Crystal Guards,
She is a Changeling and a spell caster to the Hive Guards.
When both meet only love will shine in their eyes,
and only love can stop a battle.

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A three arced story that begins slowly as partially Comedy and Slice of life and rotates more towards Adventure and Dark in later chapters.

Some school fillies have to deal with school crushes. Others with bullies. Sometimes they have to deal with both. But no filly has ever had to deal with an Evil Tyrant being bound to their shadow and have the power to control their every action. This, of course, seems to be no big deal for Sweetie Belle who seems to even enjoy the stallion's company. Though the feelings aren't mutual. The small filly reminds the old king too much of a filly he used to know... Though it's strange the only place he'd seen her before are in these strange dreams of his. Recollections of a past he can't remember.

Perhaps Sweetie Belle will awake in him that version of himself before he was a Tyrant. Before he was labeled evil. A time from when he was a father. Perhaps she will help him forgive.

First featured on 9/4/2014!

The cover art was sketched by me and colored by the very talented Midnight Sonare

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Holes between demensions take form within Equestria, as a massive leak of magic seems to seep out of their kingdom. Princess Celestia is curious about a certain demension that she wishes to keep open, and not to seal up. Beings known as humans made her, along with the rest of the ponies, curious about these new beings and their world.

So the story now takes place within the city of Manehattan, as I seek a better educational opportunity within it. I come across a certain pony however, an earth pony who calls herself Roseluck within my first class. She runs her own flower shop within the city now, after she decided to start a store within our world. I am quite fond of the new changes ever since that event took place, and I have to say that life seems even more enjoyable. From a small town in Georgia after living there for years and workIng there, i decide to pursue my own path.

(This story is addressed to readers in 1st person)

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This story is a sequel to Queen No More

Twilight Sparkle made the most foolish and selfless decision possible. She saved the life of Queen Chrysalis. The dynamics of Twilight's relationships begin to change as Chrysalis introduces the changeling hivemind to her pony caretaker. Chrysalis' only hope was to relieve her loneliness, but events begin to unfold that will change Equestria forever.

Nothing is stronger than the power of redemption...

1. This is the sequel to Queen No More but there is a time jump between its end and Hive Alive's beginning.
2. This is Alternate universe due to the fact that this story will run off of a disparate timeline. Events forward of season 2 may be similar OR significantly altered.
3. There is mention in Chapter 3 of an old changeling tale titled As a Star. A version of this has been written by Farseer.

NO MORE UPDATES: The story is complete. A sequel has been made: Queen of Equestria.


Updated outer cover, inner cover, and description!
2 new HD wallpapers!
Hive Alive 2013
Hive Alive 2014
New extras collection, Hive Alive Moments, including...
Too Hot
Perfect Marriage
The Hive Before Halloween
Take Two
Shy My Heart

Featured May 24th, 2014 and on every chapter release since then.

Art by BlackWater (that's me)

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Dash has never been happier now that Scootaloo has her wings and can finally start training for the Wonderbolts. Only problem is, Scootaloo has no intention of joining and now has to tell her sister the truth and risk disappointing her forever.

Pre-read by Manaphy and Stygian359

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After a fatal injury Rainbow Dash is given a second chance at life. Although it comes with a much darker and troublesome position than she was prepared for. She must struggle against this new role and discover a peace for herself and others as she learns that not all gifts are good ones. .

A tale in which a pony must come to terms with the possibilities of death as it is and not only as it seems. for within the confines of a new role one may discover for themselves that they are more than what they do. Sometimes it takes the help of an old friend to finally come to terms with reality.

Chapters (2)

Inspiration, cover art and pictures in the story all courtesy of the PMV of the same name by the talented Loveless Nova, used with his/her permission and blessings. If you haven't already, check out the PMV - If I Were a Pony. It is awesome.

Queen Chrysallis died in the aftermath of that ruinous invasion of Canterlot. But Tartarus would not be my afterlife, and death not my reaper. No, Ponyville is to be my purgatory, and my socially-inept roommate, Moon-Butt, my rather overly-enthusiastic reaper. I now live on borrowed time at the whims of my layabout of a roommate. To earn my freedom I must be able to not only prove that a changeling can live as a pony but also earn affection as one. But in between trying to get used to the notion that friends aren't food and learning to join the flash mobs in song and dance, I find that there is more to being a pony than meets the eye.

That was the good news. The bad news? I swear by the Ancient Ones, this useless sloth I have to share a room with is simply using me as an excuse to be an incompetent freeloader away from her sister's watchful eyes. You know everything has gone hooves-up when I'm the voice of reason. But bills need to be paid, bits need to be earned, and I have to somehow save up enough to move out of this flat. For my sanity's sake.

Featuring the editing talents of: Not A Hat, and Brad The Brony. Be sure to thank them by checking out their pages and giving them a follow/liking their stories.

Now with an epic official soundtrack from our friendly neighbourhood musicians. Please be sure to check out their music and give them a like and subscription as thanks!
Across the Seas By Citric Acid

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It has been months after Ditzy's return from the zombie infested Earth, and all has been well in her life. ...Until now.
Once again she finds herself thrown into the cruel and horrific zombie apocalypse, however this time someone came with her. Now she must once again face the horrors of the apocalypse alongside friends, family, and newcomers, all while fighting to survive and find a way back home. But with endless hordes of infected, and even the military in her way, will she be able to make it back, much less survive?

For those of you who dont know, this is a direct sequel to Left 4 Derpy. Give it a looksy if you'd like to read and/or know more.

Fecler~ Its finally here guys! Hope ya'll enjoy. (Luna knows, you sure have been asking for it.) :twilightblush:

(proofread by TheYellowBro and Zaponator)
(special thanks to SteampunkBrony for assisting with the cover image)

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