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This story is a sequel to Fallout Equestria: Dead Tree

This story is an offshoot from the Fallout Equestria: Dead Tree story written by Tread Lightly otherwise known as Fiaura based on a pen and paper group we play in set in the Fallout: Equestia universe.

Chifundo a slightly effeminate Zebra Stallion Shaman, along with his companions ran headlong through the irradiated rain looking for shelter which thankfully they found in time to save the sicker members of the group, though for Chiffundo, he would also discover somepony to take his breath away.

(Note this is based upon the Fallout: Equestria PnP being published by Dead Tree Studios, check it out here:http://projectdeadtree.com/site/

To warn readers, there will be inconsistency in posting pace as it will depend on when Chifundo gets to spend time with Picline in the pnp sessions

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To most, they are the creatures that almost took Canterlot, shapeshifters able to feed on the emotions of those around them.
While this is true, it is not all there is to the story.

When the Great War began, an alliance was struck between Princesses Celestia and Luna, of Equestria, and Queen Chrysalis, of the Changelings.
The changelings, natural infiltrators since birth, would become spies for Equestria. In return, they would no longer be hunted, permitted to continue feeding as they had for countless years before their failed invasion, provided they not engage in acts harmful to the equine government or population at large.

Of course, that was simply the beginning. As the war began to escalate, Stable-Tec, the company responsible for the life-saving Stables, recieved a request from parties that would, as part of the contract, remain anonymous and unnamed.
They were asked to create something new, something that would allow both changelings and ponies to survive, and promote harmony between the races.

They were asked to create...

Project HIVE

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Nyx, daughter of Twilight Sparkle, awakes to a world torn by war and ravaged by nuclear fallout. Alone, she is given the task to write down the final days of the heroes of Equestria to let the world know of their brave exploits, but is given a much harder task-to live her life as best as she can.

But, how can one live, if one sees herself as a monster. How can one live on, when there is nothing to live for?

All thanks to Kkat for the world and Pen stroke for the always lovely Nyx.

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The northern wastelands, for 200 years covered in eternal frost after the megaspell holocaust. Life here is hard and crude. This thin line between Equestria and Crystal Empire has become a warzone between three powers: the Grand Pegasus Enclave, the Caribou Dominion, and a small contingent of the Steel Rangers.
Crossfire, a young member of the last faction, survived the attack of the pegsi as well as the other Ranger. Fearing of the punishment for "desertion", he and his new friend Magenta wander on the northern wasteland in search of the misterious "Snow Spectre", hid under the white shroud of the snow and ice.

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Broken Thorn only ever wanted to serve honorably, to work for the betterment of Equestria in the royal guard and serve Princess Celestia.
That didn't work out so well when the Balefire bombs dropped right in the middle of his first mission.
Two hundred years later he finds completing his mission to be the least of his worries. Stranded in the wastes with no friends, a pair of wings he doesn't remember getting and too many questions.
Being an Alicorn is tough.
But being the only Alicorn stallion?
Needless to say hilarity and chaos follow.

This fanfiction is based on Fallout Equestria by Kkat, whose magnificent work of fiction inspired me to seriously write for the first time in my life.

Chapters (6)

Nova, a pegasus mare, was born and raised in a place of safety and security by a proud and noble family. Stable 181, a Stable dedicated to teaching and preserving the pre-war virtues known as the Elements of Harmony, allowed its residents to live a life of peace, knowledge, and honor. But when the Stable falls under attack by a raider war party, Nova and the remaining residents are cast out into the wasteland of the Equestrian southeast.

Without a home, Nova and her fellow survivors must band together to make a living out on the surface. They must start from scratch, find a new home, learn to trade and explore, and establish a foothold in the wastes. But during her efforts to help her people, Nova comes across strange recordings and artifacts pointing to a hidden pre-war nation. And when a mysterious pony calls upon her to discover what it is that the writings portray, Nova and her closest friends find themselves cast into a war fought to claim a legacy left behind by a secret pre-war society. Nova's quest leads her to test her heart against the unrelenting force of the wasteland, to discover the meaning of the word honor, and to seek out and unlock a concealed pre-war secret, revealing to Nova that she is a part of something greater than she could have ever imagined.

(This story is set twenty-five years before the adventures of Littlepip.)

Contains scenes of gore and strong language.

Chapters (34)

This is a Fallout Equestria (primarily) and Terminator crossover.

As the war between Equestria and the zebras pressed on, many members of the Ministries conceived of desperate strategies to end it through magical and technological creations of questionable nature. One of these was Project Infiltrator, a top secret project of the Ministry of Awesome. It's goal: to create a super spy that was the perfect blend of pony and machine. But just as its first subject was ready, the megaspells dropped, destroying Equestria and creating the Wasteland.

190 years later, Crystal Eclair awakens in a world of ruin and violence, completely clueless as to what happened to Equestria and herself. Her confusion grows into horror as she discovers that she is no longer a pony, but now a cybernetic zebra. With no other choice left, she sets out to find answers to her predicament. How will she handle the truth if she finds it? Will she find friends who can help her in a world that trusts no one? And what if those who have done this to her are still out there, eager for her to serve a new sinister purpose?

PS. This is not a Prequel to Broken Steel despite what a couple of websites that link back to this story say.

(Chapters 1 to 12 Edited by Alycorn~(CF), New Editor Double R Forrest. New description credit to Double R Forrest )

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Peppermint Sparkle has been hated all her life in Stable 2. Why? She's a PegaZebra. Along with that, the only Pegasus AND the only Zebra in Stable 2. She hates her life, and everypony hates her. So when her best friend, Little Pip, leaves the Stable in Pursuit of Velvet Remedy... Peppermint decides to leave her horrible life for what could be something more outside. Follow her on an amazing journey through The Wasteland - One that will not only change her life, but quite possible, everypony's!

**If anypony would like to help in making a Cover for this, comment please!

Chapters (5)

Hidden Fortune and her sister grew up in the Wasteland, learning its dangers and doing their best to stay out of sight and out of mind of the larger world. During a treasure hunt they discover a Stable, and a chance encounter changes their world. Now the sisters must travel out of their element, learn how to survive all over again, and hopefully, discover the one true treasure of the Wasteland.

Cover art by Jordo76.

Chapters (26)

Frost Windchill is known to be a storyteller of sorts. Comfortable with telling the occasional sprite tale or legend, a child approaches him one day and asks for a real story.

And so Frost tells one- the story of his life. It's not a typical story, and there's more to it- just as there's more to the descendant of a Lunar Guard. It's a story not just of himself but the heroes he stood beside- big and small, legendary and obscure. But there's something amiss, buried lies between the lines.

After all, it's hard to kill memories when you remember everything.

(Cover done by the amazing Sw1tchbl4de. Check him out here! http://sw1tchbl4de.deviantart.com/

Larger version of cover art can be found here: http://sw1tchbl4de.deviantart.com/#/d4ovlt2)

Chapters (47)
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