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When Twilight springs some great news on her friends, she didn't seem to notice that Rainbow was less than ecstatic. In fact, it was all the pegasus could do to not pin her down and force her to take it back! Now, time is running out, and Rainbow Dash has to make a decision. Should she take a chance? Nothing is worse than the road not traveled, right?


An Equestria Daily feature from a time when that meant something.

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Twilight has been struggling with her feelings for a certain pony lately, but when Rainbow Dash tells her friends a deep secret, Twilight is compelled to reveal her own, but sometimes you should wait a bit to say something so personal to somepony so fragile.

(Wow! I suck at summaries!)

Featured on Equestria Daily back when that meant something.

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Twilight always thought that being able to send the Princess her letters instantaneously through Spike's fire breath was the best thing in the world. Instant correspondence with her mentor and secret crush could never be a bad thing, right? Unfortunately, Twilight has a habit of writing her secrets down on flammable materials. Now her secret's out, so what's a panicky unicorn to do? Panic, obviously!

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Behind her calm and happy mask Celestia is a lonely alicorn. Once betrayed by a past love she has resigned herself to be alone forever.

But when a new love in the form of an old student is presented can Celestia let go of her sad past and take hold of a happier future?

And will the events happening around her be enough to make her realize that happiness has always been within her grasp.

Twilestia Shipping

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Pinkie Pie stands vigil over a dying Rainbow Dash.

A series of laconic vignettes.

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It's true some days are dark and lonely... If you feel sad, I'll show you that it isn't that bad. But if I'm feeling sad... who will be there to cheer me up? Oh well, it doesn't matter. None of it matters, as long as I keep smiling.

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Lyra loves Bon-Bon very, very much.

Enough, in fact, to overlook the cream-coloured, beautiful-voiced, wondrous-smelling mare's raging, overwhelming, caricatural homophobia.

This would be the state of the union; Pinkie Pie, however, being as she is, thinks all this 'unrequited love' nonsense is nonsense for silly fillies and dusty old books, and as such decides to intervene.

Background PinkieDash.

omaigawd I got put on eqd

now with a reading

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Rainbow Dash is a well-known pegasus mare in Ponyville, but her parents know her as a colt, Sonic Dash. When they come to visit, she must confront both her parents and her friends with the truth of her identity. Will her parents accept her as their daughter instead of their son, and how will her friends handle the secret she has kept from them for so long? A story about family, gender identity, growing up with the wrong body, and, of course, friendship.

Frequently Asked Questions

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When Ditzy Doo loses her job at Cloudsdale Mail and Freight, she gets a job at another shipping company... only to find out their definition of shipping has nothing to do with delivering packages! Desperate for income to support herself and Dinky, will Ditzy be able to make it as a pony matchmaker?

(Occurs between Seasons 2 and 3 of the show.)

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